Thursday, July 11, 2013

UtopYA 2014... Take Me To Your Reader INFO and GIVEAWAY

So... I didn't get to attend UtopYA this year, we had a family vaca come up and it was not to be missed. I did however sneak down for the day (Thursday) and got to hang out or chit chat with some amazing peeps for a bit.

The Always AwesomeSauce Nancy Straight, M.Leighton, Amy Bartol, Tiffany King, Adam and Carol Kunz, Chelsea Fine, Heather (Uno) Self, Heather (Tres') Hildenbrand, Angeline Kace (although I never would have guessed it was her), Nikki Archer (vampsandstuff blog), and many more...

I DID get to FINALLY meet Addison Moore, Megan Curd, Hope Collier, Elizabeth Isaacs, M.R. Polish, Misty Provencher, on and on :)

OK.... The really SupaDupaCool part I got to see Janet Wallace again ... You know who she is right? She created this whole Amazing Indie Con that has EXPLODED into the stratosphere! It has gotten so big that it will now be held at a NEW and BIGGER location....

The Millennium Maxwell House Hotel - reserve your room online now official Partner of the con

You can order tickets now for First Contact Prices … but do it before July 31, 2013!! Tickets will go back on sale in the fall but for higher.

NEW in 2014:
Friday evening Book Signing event…with a surprise twist!
Saturday night dance party after the Awards!
Sunday afternoon Write-In…with prizes!

Now... I will be at UtopYA 2014 come hell or high water :) That's just all there is to it... You want to go … I know you do SOOOOOO I get the honor of doing a GIVEAWAY!!!

How can you enter?? WELL... Rafflecopter below and has easy peasy options, but I have thrown in a Share The Love option... Share the graphic *post it on your facebook, twitter, pintrest, google +, blog, etc. with a link to this page That will get you a whopping 10 entries! Whooo

DEETS: You will get a Ticket to the Convention and Awards Ceremony (NO hotel or travel expenses included)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I flip your reviews into my magazine on Flipboard, Book Reviews, all the time. I can't wait to meet you at utopYA!! Here's hoping you pop by my table and say, "Hiya!" :)


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