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Inescapable Read A Long Chapters 11-15

Chapter 11 Paradise Lost

C:  Have you ever studied Bosch’s paintings?  They are crazy..check out the left panel that Evie is so intent on studying..AM: Painting = Foreshadowing!!!!
SG: No I haven’t but ya know it’s freaky! and I so totally agree with ya AM

C: I love that Evie always gets those flutters when Reed comes near..could you imagine having something like that?
Oh the way Reed lifts her and carries her to an empty room and the way he allows Evie to work everything out in her head (all the angel stuff that is).

AM: Is it me or are Evie and Reed completely honest with each other! It’s so unusual, how open they are with each other, despite the little things he cannot say yet.
SG: I loved this about them... It’s like they can’t help it. Which lets face they have amazing chemistry!

C: *Falls to floor* Reed can hear Evie’s heart sing!  Sing people!  How dang romantic is that...I hate her! *Cries in the corner*

AM: Chele you’ll be okay. This is why we share! Lol
SG: *pats Chele on the head* girl it’s all good just go with the how romantic part! Guess what I did when I got to this part... yeah you guessed it *Swoon*

C: So much is explained to Evie in this chapter, finding out she’s an angel and then understanding the soul mate thing geesh, I think I would have just passed out.
SG: There is only so much one girl can handle … right? Well Not our Evie, she takes it like a champ if you ask me!
AM: “There is one thing I have learned in all of the time that I have been here, and it is the best lesson I can teach you. It is this: never presume to know the mind of God.” Wow. Good Advice Reed. Love it!

C:  Well yes for angels and humans ;)

AM: “Human women are much too fragile, too breakable; one would have to use extreme restraint to…” *Looks around sheepishly.* Um... Break Me!!
SG: *rolls around* Oh hey wait a min. No REED!!! over here!! Me look at me!
C:  LOL!!  Seriously!

AM: Is anyone else reading this chapter and is excited by all the Angel Lore?? (Geeks OUT!!!)
SG: Right here this girl! (Geeks Out with AM) Reed is going all out
AM: “I want those thousand years with you, Evie, you have no idea how much I want them. I want a thousand years, and then I want a hundred thousand more.” -Reed *Passes Out*

SG: Can I just say....

C:  *Falling to pieces!!*  I would be putty in his strong capable hands!

AM: Russell is her soulmate!! Doesn't anyone else feel like this is a big deal?? While Reed has been alive for years, so has Evie and Russell BUT they have been together!!!! (Don’t scoff on #TeamRussell Lol)
SG: Well here is my thought on that... and this is what I was thinking while pondering the Soulmate thing... Yes, Evie and Russell have been together all these lives before and yes *been together as well* but, BUT I don’t think Reed and Evie have ever crossed paths on earth or in Paradise, because if so well.. you see what would have happened!

Chapter 12 The Portrait

C:  True story- I’ve never been asked to sit for a portrait but I can imagine it would be tedious!  Unless of course Reed was sitting there gazing at me with his mega hot green eyes!
SG: Never been asked either... but umm if Reed was gazing at me I don’t really think I could sit still... *waggles eyebrows*
C: Reed calls Evie his girlfriend *waaahhhh!* Oh snap, he also said “she’s mine!”  I like a little jealousy in a guy.
SG: LOVE LOVE the Alpha male *rawr*
AM: Girlfriend!!! *Yells Loudly*

C:  Here we are with some more foreshadowing..if you haven’t read these books before take note..I won’t give it away but something interesting in the story of Persephone!

AM: Persephone is an interesting dilemma. Ladies and gents, who would you pick? Your mother/Family or Hades/Lover? Russell or Reed? Or someone else? *Smirks*

SG: I love the Persephone story! I’ve always found it very interesting.. and yeah what would you do if put in that kind of situation? **pssttt AM quit that!!! someone else is TAKEN**

C:  Evie finally grasping that she has a choice to make here between Reed or Russell, angel or soul mate..why can’t we all be so lucky ;)

AM: OMG Chele, I pondered the same thing, but I think being emotionally torn by more than one love would be incredibly difficult. Lol Maybe we’re the lucky one’s. (NAHHHHHHH! Lol)

SG: I think that some *ahem* people can relate to this... being in love with more than one person? YES totally can happen when you are young .. been there done that. It is very emotionally draining and very rewarding at the same time. I love how I can connect with Evie this way b/c she does love them both!

C:  At dinner we catch yet another glimpse of Evie trying to protect Reed from danger.

C:  Shall we all now take a moment to absorb the most romantic declaration since Mr. Darcy spoke his love for Elizabeth Bennett.. “..the affection that I feel for you cannot be measured on Earth, or in Paradise...” says Reed to Chele.  *Chele swoons and wakes up*  Okay so he said it to Evie but still I love him!

AM: Hahahaha, I thought I read the wrong book. Lol Chele’s new name. “Delusional Chelly.”
SG: *in a puddle of goo* over here **Oh Chele needs to write some Reed FanFiction!

Chapter 13 Coldwater

C:  As we start 13 we find that Reed and Evie are spending lots of time together talking and bonding.  I’m actually kind of disappointed that I don’t get to actually share these moments with them :(

C:  Freddie!  Starting to look cute too.  We haven’t had a whole lot of Freddie time, yet.

AM: Freddie!! *Argh!!*

SG: I really think at this point Freddie is a really cool guy :) Geeky and just cool

C: Is it funny that Evie wants to get Russ a firewall so bad?  

AM: Is her way to show she cares and wants to protect Russell. *Awe*

C:  Note to guys out there..leave a sweet word or two when you send us girls a note!  Nothing like a frat party to numb the disappointment of your boytoy being out of town ;)

AM: We like text messages, emails, notes, tweets, FB tags, Contact just because :-* lol.

SG: Yes, and even notes on the mirrors/windows when it’s foggy … anything corny and such *Hubby Take Note*

AM: Buns!! Brownie!! (WTF?! Haha... I’m going to ignore that fact they’re dressing up as L.A MILF’s.)

C:  I’m totally doing that next Halloween..bumper sticker on the bum! haha
SG: I didn’t think I could love these girls anymore... proven wrong everytime! and srsly Chele I want pictures of that!

C:  So when Russ and Evie are sitting in the closet she argues with herself that she isn't “safe” for Russ and it seems like even though she knows she is undeniably attracted and pulled to Reed that she would pick Russ if it was safe.

AM: YES Russell!!! “Genevieve, just so ya know, this wouldn’t hurt ya so much if you were makin’ the right decision.” #TrueStory

SG: I want to be all like Awww Russ but well here I am again on Just Friends Team … I love Russ I do, I just don’t love him for Evie :(

C:  Thank goodness Freddie is just a brother figure.  We couldn't deal with anymore
love drama for poor Evie.

AM: Or could we, mo chroi!! *Giggles*
SG: *smack* Da … quit it he’s MOIN! *raises eyebrow...the left one* LOL
C:  I’m a bit mad at Evie since Reed made it clear she shouldn’t leave and here she goes off to Clearwater.  

AM: Hard-headed girl, smh.

SG: you all be mad I’m like that is exactly what I would do... I’m a rebel that way though tell me not to do something even if it’s for my own safety and well off I go :)

Chapter 14 Opposites Attract

C:  First time that I really dislike Russell is here, when we see what he does to the hard drive Evie bought.

AM: Russell you arse! *Giggles, arse.* In his defense, he’s hurt. People do messed up things all the time when they're hurt. He still loves her. Big Time!! They’re soulmates! Lol

SG: I totally giggled when he did this … yeah he’s really hurt and well he’s just acting out like a guy would.

C:  Let’s play field hockey!  Candace = Biotch!!  Seriously, do not like that chica.  HAHA, their team sucks wind big time!

AM: Waaaaaaaaaaah! She called Evie a geek! Um what’s wrong with being a geek? (Geeks are cool.)

SG: Candace = ductape, and the trunk of a car … STAT!

C: Awww, the way Evie runs towards Reed when she seems him. *Silly grin on my face*

AM: “Awash with excitement and the anxiety of a new relationship, my feet leave a snail like pattern in the dewy grass as I move toward him. All the anger and embarrassment of the past couple hours melts away as I pick up my pace, running the last few steps to meet him. Wrapping my arms around his waist, I rest my face against his chest.” ***This is such an awesome feeling. When someone can make the frustration of life disappear for a few moments. *Awe*

C:  *Awe* Yes!  AM and SG do that for me *giggles*
SG: *AWE* if I was a crier I would so cry but well I can do the head tilt thing *awe* *giggles*

Chapter 15 Light and Shadow
C:  Such a swoon worthy chapter...oh where do I begin?  There are just too many highlights here but I adore that Reed carves miniatures of Evie.

C:  Oh and the whole stripping off his shirt to show her his wings....*Faints*

AM: Apprehension enters Reed’s eyes as the sound of popping and crunching bone resonates from behind him. My eyes widen, seeing a mass of charcoal-hued feathers rising from behind his broad shoulders and continuing to arch well past his neck to about midway behind his head. The raspy sound of my shallow breathing echoes in my ears while his wings retract into a resting position. He hasn’t unfolded them fully so I have no idea just how far they can expand.” ***I nearly died. OMG.
SG: I did die a little... OMG again here we have Wicked Words being thrown at us! You know its great when this section gets your heart racing!

C: Uh Oh, Evie is so taken by his wings she drops the bomb about her ‘shadow man”!

AM: Oh Snap! (Get Mad! lol)

AM: How sexy was that Mac and Cheese scene?!?!?

C:  I wonder if I make Mac N Cheese and feed it to my man if it will seem as vavavoom as that scene?  Hmmmm
SG: Oh great now that’s what I’m wondering! *runs off to try it*
AM: Prolly, just make sure everyone else is in bed. Lol

C:  The rose petals in the symbol..that is not a good sign.

AM: More Angel Lore!! Power, Reaper and Virtue angels! *Gasp*
SG: I LOVE the Angel Lore parts!! especially when explaining well ugh that’s later *head desk*
AM: *Shocked face* She loves him... (<<*same here*

C:  Evie tears me apart here..how can Reed push her away so easily?  However, on a bright note Reed is now free to love me instead ;)  YAY ME! << “DELUSIONAL Chelly!!!”

AM: :-( “I push my way out of his car. With my world crumbling, I stumble toward my room with tear-blinded eyes. I want to disappear from his sight before I fall apart.” Poor Evie, poor US!!!!!

SG: Talk about gut wrenching! I could feel it in my gut in this scene!


1) What does Freddie bring Evie in the library while she is hiding out from Russ?
2)  What is Russell’s new girls name?  
3)  Chapter 15, What meal does Evie make for Reed?
4)  What is Evie’s ‘only victory over my misery?
5) Finish this quote: “You’re wrong— I know you are because I wouldn’t feel this way about you

Answer the Trivia questions for entry into this weeks Prize!! Premonition Series Sling Bag!

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Inescapable Read-Along Chapters 6-10

This is the day we REALLY go bananas over Reed.  So in his honor..

It’s okay ladies, I know we have ALL felt like this at one time or another and eventually we will get the help we need.  BUT, until then let us swoon over Chapters 6-10...

Chapter 6 The Promise

C: So “Nurse” Reed brings Evie to his gorgeous palace.  He is very refined with the Cognac and all!  I love the conversation where Evie makes Reed promise to tell her Uncle if he has to eliminate her..it begins to show how much more Evie values those she loves over herself and her courage! (foreshadowing!)
AM: Chele, good point and it shows this dynamic between Reed and Evie. How much he’s willing to do things for her, at her command.
SG: *cries* Chele took what I was going to say …. *head desk* cognac all we need are twinkies *grins*  I just can’t help it but anytime Reed and Evie have alone time I’m all a flutter.  

AM: Takes her home in Audi R-8, the car made for loving, lol. Lord do I want an R-8 Spyder. 

SG: I’m more of a Lambo girl but yeah Audi’s are sexy too :) 

AM: Hehe, don't worry Supagurl, you will get my fascination with Audi’s later.

AM: Evie brought Russell here? (Arrrruuuuu<<<<Scooby-Doo Voice.)
C:  I was kinda thinking that perhaps it was actually Russell that brought Evie there?  Maybe his soul was calling out to hers?  The fact that they both got scholarships through is sketchy..do you think someone else is the reason they are there??

AM: When Reed comforts Evie and lets her cry on his shoulder. <3 

SG: I was all swoony here!
C:  Note- when Reed Wellington asks if you want to sleep at his house you say YES!!  Crazy Evie ;)
AM: LOL, Reed wouldn't have had to tell me twice.
(Reed: BookGeek, you’re staying here.
Me: Oh! Okay Reed, lead me to your room.
Reed: Um you have your own room. *Reed runs, locks his door.* LOL)
SG: AGREED! If Reed says anything you just go with it :) and … bahahaha AM!! Poor Reed
AM: BTW that last scene before Evie gets out the car. It must be the cognac but that girl turned bold!! ““That, coupled with the fact that I want to throw myself at you whenever you’re near, indicates to me that perhaps you are responsible for me being here!” (Me: *Shocked face* Oh no she didn’t!)
Chapter 7 History of Art
C: Surprise guest in Evie’s room.
AM: Argh, I’m back to loving Russell. LOl. Aweeee he was asleep at her desk.
C:  It is sooo obvious that Evie doesn’t feel the same lust for Russ that she does for Reed.  There’s no temptation laying in bed with Russ but she can barely ride in a car with Reed without wanting to pounce on him..
SG: I think this is trying to tell us something here! Like I said before... Russ is a great BEST FRIEND but that is all...

C:  If a Professor asked you to pose for him would you do it?  Sounds so sketchy..love that Freddie and Russ play protector.  Anyone else miss Reed when he’s not in a chapter? :(
SG:That would be a big fat NO for SupaGurl yeah that was way sketchy and gave me the heebeejeeebeeze *yes that’s a word* is it bad that first time through I was totally skimming through going WhereTH is Reed .. this time I took it slower still MISSED him though.
AM: That would be a no for me too.
Chapter 8 Speed of Light
C:  I wonder how many times Buns says ‘sweetie” in this book.  This is a major chapter peeps..I dunno if I can walk into a 7-eleven now.  
AM: Imma start using Sweetie, it’s just hard. I think sweetie comes off condescending for most people. I do however, use sweetheart, lol. <<
C:  Uh ya, okay sweetie *wink*
SG: Sweetie you go ahead and do that *grins* RANDOM bit from me I call everyone hun … I dunno why though .. on another note … I’m glad I don’t have any dang 7-Eleven’s around here because yeah I wouldn’t be driving by one!
C:  We just got our first ones around here..I would skip it but the icees are gooood!

“The eerie, pulsating light draws my eyes back up to the ceiling— to the flickering fluorescent glow. A cacophony builds around me, as if I am beneath an amp, and the reverb pounds me in low frequency waves that echo off my body. Clasping my hands to my ears, I attempt to block out the crushing waves assaulting my eardrums. The intense light grows whiter and brighter while it slowly reaches out to me. Then it bursts forth in a flash, knocking me to the ground with a deafening wham!” <<<<<Great Description... as a writer, way beautiful.
C:  Yes!  Amy is unbelievable with words.  That is what amazes me most about her being self-published she is so polished and awesome!
SG: This woman can sling the words! I think, no wait I KNOW that is one of the things that draws you so deep into this series... Her WORDS man, her WORDS!!
Chapter 9 Foreign Language
C:  Ahhhhh, fluttering!   Most people would find a shirtless dude hanging out peeking in your window a little stalkerish but with Reed it is just delish!
AM: Immediately the stalker alert does go off. It’s early in the book game and that was a creep move. Lol But then he does that demanding/domineering thing and I’m all 1600’s swoon.
SG: I will just sit over here and be swoony girl then b/c I found that incredibly hot! I like a strong Alpha man!
AM: Hahaha, I know you liked that scene SG, that car scene, where he starts speaking another language. *KO by foreign language.* Lol
C:  Perfect way to describe how hot Reed is: “He should do the world a favor and eat a donut or two..”  LOVE!  
SG: LOL I can think of another thing... *head desk* YA this is YA SupaGurl
**********AM: Lmaooooooo, same wave length. SG: Seee we were seperated at birth!
C:  Oh Reed talk angel to me!!  Funny note I tweeted this while I was reading and my hubby saw it (unbeknownst to me) so he came home that night and walked up to me and began speaking in German in a very soft voice!  Cracked me up!!
AM: Funny husband!! lol
SG: I get all fluttery/swoony when he talks angel *sigh* I need someone to speak a foreign language to me *pouts*
AM: Hola mi amor!! (How’s that? Lol)
SG: Gets all swoony on AM …. *sigh*
AMPS... OMG, Did someone say “soul mate??”
C:  All together now...*Big Sigh***
AM: The 1st of many... ““Protect me? No one would dare try to protect me!” Reed sputters, taking offense.”
C:  He thinks he is all big and strong.
SG: Well that’s because he is all big.... and strong...  *Grins*
Chapter 10 The Laws of Attraction

C:  This is one of my favorite chapters of the whole book!! Twinkies! mention #2 :)  Having Reed as a TA would be extremely dangerous.
AM: I would never take notes, or focus on anything other than Reed, without cloths and cotton. Lol
SG: TWINKIES!!! oh and well Dangerous for me.. not so much for Reed very much so :)
C:  Me in class...*writes in notebook*  Mrs. Chele Wellington, Chele Wellington, Chele and Reed Wellington, CM+RW...
AM: LOL (Imma need Chele to stop!) I’m just being a big hater, hehe.
SG: Pounces on ya both … pluuuease It’s Heather Wellington duh!!! 

C:  I find it funny that Buns and Brownie think Reed is so boring.  Are they being for real or is it something else entirely?
AM: I think at this point from their perspective he is boring. He’s hot, doesn't participate in any of the frats activities. He’s a boring wanker, lol.
SG: I think because he is there in college and not really doing anything “persay” is why they think he’s boring right now but hey I bet there is a great load of stories they could give us on Reed...
C:  This:  “Genevieve, what if I told you that you’re not the only one who feels the fluttering, weightless feeling in here, “  he says indicating his abdomen AND this “That day at orientation, I felt you before I ever saw you, and then I saw you, and I knew that you are...and I wanted to...”  *swoon*
AM: “And I wanted to take you in my arms and love you, and I wanted to tear you apart, and I wanted to crush anything that would harm you, all at the same time.” OMG, REED!!
SG: I’m all in Deep Team Reed at this point! I mean really Here we have this amazing specimen of a man and he says things like that... It’s all a guy way of saying awesome stuff to a girl.
C:  Oh holy goodness and THIS: “I won’t lose you”  Reed to Evie..its finally a declaration, of sorts.

C:  Cognac and Twinkies, YAY!  Guess what Reed? I have some here.. come

SG: NOM NOM *slurp*
AM: He can't come over Chele! He’s... um... occupied with me!!! Lol
C:  *GRRRR* How many times am I going to have to tell you to keep your hands off of Reed!  You know I will throw my Karate moves at you..hiya! *does a round kick to AMs head*  feeling a bit ‘power angel’ possessive here.
AM: Head hurts... I thought we said we were sharing? B/C sharing is caring! 3 musketeerbloggers and all that good stuff. *Cries... allows Reed to comfort her.* *Sticks out tongue.*
C:  Later on our readers will see that Reed is quite the fan of a girl using her power so I’m thinking Reed will be laughing at you and eating Twinkies with me! <<
AM: Going to be the more mature blogger, LOL and leave Chele to her delusions. *Sticks tongue out!* PS... Reed knows my windowscape. Lol SG: Sits back and munches on some popcorn... yeah you two can fight over Reed whilst I sit back here with da real man... More on that Later!
AM: *ARGH* You two are NOT being nice!! We share!! End of story!!!

C:  Oh snap!  “Hellfire.  Every kiss I’ve ever had before this one was a dusty, broken toy in comparison.”  That is one great description if you ask me.  
AM: The line right after that one is killer. “I crave him.” -Evie (Me & you both Evie. Uh to crave something.) Crave: Feel a powerful desire for (something) To yearn. *Giggles* C:  With kisses like these you can see why we (um, me) doesn't want to share!
AM: Boooooooo!
SG: OH hell! This one had me in a puddle!! No really that couldn’t have been said any better!
C:  Poor Russ he witnessed the explosion of lust between Reed and Evie.  I’m sure someone out there would be happy to console him.  Right ladies?
SG:*Looks around* Any takers?? Sorry, sorry I’m saving myself for book 2 and 3 *Giggles*
AM: Meeeee!!! (I’m just THAT helpful.)
C:  I mean really, I can’t walk away from Reed no matter how sweet Russell is.  Just can’t do it.
SG: All yours AM …. walks back to my corner with da man. <<
<<<AM: Rolls Eyes, we’re Sharing “Him” Mo Chroi!!!! *** Ummm NOPE sorry gal He is MOIN!!!
AM: *Pouts* (Tis what she tinks.)

Oh boy, Supa Gurl fans..this could go on allllll day so thanks for joining us and now on to the trivia and random questions!  Remember to put your answers in the comments section to be entered into this weeks awesome giveaway, a premonition series sling bag.

Trivia and fun Questions...

1)  In Chapter 6, What animal does Reed compare himself to?
2)  What is the Golden Goose?  
3)  What class is Reed TA of?
4) What song is playing in 7-eleven when Reed and Evie go in?
5) What book does Reed quote when leaving 7-11?

Fun questions:

Did you ever or do you have a name for your car like Buns does?
AM: I wanna answer this one!!! My brand new Macbook Air is named Declan after one of these characters, LOL. (Every gadget I own has a name, lol,)
SG: DUDE! my iPad is named Brennus *Evil Grin* and my Jeep is named Vishous *Rawr* AM: I likes!!!!
SG: You get me! *Grins*

Evie and Reed have their first kiss here, can you recall fireworks at your first kiss with someone?

Inescapable Read-Along Chapters 1-5

WOOHOO today is the 29th!! You know what that means right? The Premonition Series read-along has begun!! Fan-freaking-tastic!!! Each day the Supa Gurls will post a little chapter by chapter chat, fun trivia questions and other nuggets of fun as we read through each book. Keep an eye out for give-a-ways and please let us know what you think of the chapters as you go along either on your blog or in the comments section as well. So let's get reading...

Today we are tackling chapters One through Five of "Inescapable!"

C:  Ahhh, look at that little white feather on the cover.  I think I’ve seen that somewhere before!  So excited to start this book again it’s been like 10 ten months!  Here I go....
AM:I read it in the summer, it’s a little fresh for me but I’m still excited!!!
SG: Need to figure out how to re-read this while finishing Incendiary *flails about* **Note, Done now**
C: Jealous!!
SG: This is one of the things I love about this series … The beautiful covers!
C:  Right off the bat I love Uncle Jim because he is rocking on to Baba O’Reily!
SG: I love this! I also love the banter with Evie and Jim, it is so great! Jim is just awesome from the get go. I mean come on how cool would that be to have an uncle that cool as your “guardian.”

AM: Uncle Jim and Evie seem to have such a good relationship. You can tell that they both really love each other. “He grunts before saying, 'Judging by the weight, I’d say it has to be either your ex-boyfriend’s dead remains or… books.” Pressing the front of the box against the wall, he tries to keep from dropping it. “Ah, it must be books— all of my exes are buried in the backyard at home, so pleasant dreams when you get there tonight,” I reply with a smirk, putting my alarm clock on the nightstand near my bed.” <3
AM: Evie first meets Reed in Chapter 2, aaaahhhhh!  
C: Aaaahhh is right!   “I notice the curve of his neck and his strong jaw line..” *swoons* Hubba, hubba who is this hunky boy glaring at me??  Oh and lordy the fluttering!  
AM: “His dark hair slips down over one eyebrow. My hand wants to brush his hair back into place, to feel the texture of it.” LORD DO I!!! Lol  
SG: Oh Reed... I am instantly like *swoon* even though he’s kind of an ass.
AM: Such an arse!!! *Hehe I said arse.*
C: Something else interesting here is this line by Evie “Suddenly, I feel very protective of Alfred.”  Foreshadowing??  
AM: *Argh* The mention of Alfred makes me angry and obviously a pirate. Lol
SG: I really like him... he’s a nerdy needy kinda guy... *gah* *head desk*

AM: Chapter 3 Russell *swoons*

Amy's pic for Russell
C:  “Shoot girls” its Russell ;) hehe.  I love his humor, teasing Evie that he is going to propose to Reed because of all the swooning the other Freshman girls are doing.
SG: I really like Russell … but I think he is just a really cool guy not like "OH! Evie run to him!" LOL
AM: I love Russell! These were the moments where, how could anyone not love him? How could someone NOT be “Team Russell?”
AM: PS sooo love this quote: “Some guys adopt a swagger to look more like players, but this is no swagger; this is raw, aggressive power that is restrained just enough for me to admire the strength it takes to control it.”

C: *rawr* 
SG: *Rawr* is right
C:  So as hot as Reed is he is scary in Chapter 3..agree?  Russ is already in love with Evie!  So sweet.  OH and peeps the first mention of Twinkies occurs in Chapter 3!!
AM: Scary/Douche-y. It’s all the same, lol.
SG: Maybe... but I think that was just adding to his list of *rawr* for me … yes I’m deranged as we all know!
C:  Chapter 4 Registration- Oh boy the guys are tripping with the rating system (I think SupaGurlBooks is about to have fun with that soon.) Ah, Reed and Evie have a serious talk- this is where I completely fall in love with Reed.
AM: Really?!? Do share.
C:  Share why I fell in love??
SG: YES! please share :)
AM: Not why? But what part in this chapter wooed you?  I just don’t see it, in this particular chapter. (However, it does happen for me/to me later in the book.) *Blushes*
C:  Okay, first he makes the little quips about her being pre-law which is just so cute.  But really it is when he...pulls her cheek to cheek and whispers in her ear that they are “completely and utterly screwed.”  I feel like that and the little fish conversation show him starting to develop feelings for her.
SG: *Sigh* I do love everything this guy does... and all the pulling in close and things just makes my tummy flutter so you KNOW it’s effecting Evie like cray cray!
AM: For me, I love this little section with Reed and Evie and the butterflies. >>> “Okay, how about an easier question. Why does my stomach flutter like it’s filled with a thousand butterflies whenever I get near you? And I don’t mean when I see you, I mean before I see you,”
C: Mine too Evie, mine too. *sigh*  Btw, anyone else go “huh?” at Russell’s paradox?  
AM: ME!!!!! *Thought I was the only one confused or a bad student, lol.*
C:  Argh, Russell doesn’t know Evie..stupid Reed again!
SG: Is it bad that this made me kinda giggle … Well really it did. I was like *high five* Go Reed!
AM: OMG!! Not me! These were one of the moments when Reed's "protectiveness" is douche-y in the beginning. My poor Russell, lol.

Chapter 5 Field Hockey
C:  We meet Buns and Brownie!  I love these girls they would so much fun to hang out with.  
SG: I was all like these are the COOLEST girls everrrrr! I would so hang with them and you know all the fun to be had!
AM: I was weary of both of them in the beginning, Reed and his overprotectiveness was getting to me and I was constantly on the lookout for sharks. However Buns and Brownie ended up being the real deal and I love them. These are some cool BFF's. 
C: Reed to the rescue!  I would so clutch at his shirt too if he came to fix me up and that Tamara would so be getting a Drain-o cocktail the next day!  
AM: Drain-o cocktail!!!!!! Lmaoooo (Heather's reference!)
Anyhoo, love this quote, "then my eyes fall on Reed standing with his lacrosse stick in both his hands, watching me. The fluttering sensation that causes constant upheaval inside of me when Reed is near grows so intense that I start to move to him involuntarily." <<<That gave me butterflies. I love how Reed totally takes control. He doesn't give anyone else an option not even Russell. It's as if he staked what was his right from the beginning. *Winks* I think these were the moments when the Reed shined for me. My knight! (I meant Evie's knight. Lol)

One last quote from Chapter 5, that was completely awesome, is the last passage of this chapter. "If I could walk at all, I would get out of the car and go after Russell. But as it is, I can’t even lift my knee without being overcome with nausea from the pain. So I have to sit and watch as Russell walks slowly away, leaving me again at the mercy of Reed." Hmmmmm, does Russell still have a chance in Evie's heart???

Crestwood College
Trivia Fun

1) What is the “trademark of the school?”  
2) Who is Mephistopheles?”
3) What does Reed do to Russell in Chapter 3?
4) What is the significance of Russell’s necklace?
5) What is Buns ‘real’ name?

Finish this quote, “Naw, that wasn’t my idea. So I’ll get some earplugs. Then ___________________________________"

Alright readers- what do you think? Who are you diggin' on right now? What scenes or comments make you flutter? Fill us in and join us again tomorrow for more awesomeness :)
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