Sunday, October 21, 2012

Join the Premonition Series Read-A-Long With Us

Can't get enough of the Premonition series?? Fan of Amy Bartol ... We know you are!

Join us for a Read - A - Long leading up to the Release (or Near Release) of  INCENDIARY!

Each week will will do a Book in the series and/or special Activities. We will have some Awesome Giveaways going on throughout the whole event! If you have a blog ... that's great if not you can always post your stuff on Facebook or Goodreads so that you can still participate. 

You MUST SIGN UP using the Linky below to participate :) You don't have to do each task *although it would be awesome*

For those of you who are new to the series. Here's a lil back story on Inescapable:  We meet Evie Claremont a freshmen at Crestwood College. Evie is having some serious nightmares, nightmares that feel prophetic and haunt her nights. During the day she meets some guys. One in particular, Reed Wellington, who is not so nice but everything isn't what it seems. What is he hiding? Does it have anything to do with her nightmares???

Here is what will be going on and the schedule of things : 

Week 1 : Inescapable Starts 10/29/12

Mon- Chapters 1-5 
Tue- Chapters 6- 10
Wed- Chapters 11-15
Thur- Chapters 15-21
Fri- Final thoughts Post

Each day your Supa Gurls, Book Geek AM, Supa Gurl and Chele, will be posting our very own book discussion chat/review for your reading pleasure.  In these chats we will discuss what is going on in the book and what we love or don’t love about it.  We will also include some fun trivia questions.  On Friday we will post our final thoughts about the book and some more intense discussion questions for you to give us your feedback on.  We look forward to sharing our thoughts on this incredible series and hearing what you think.

YOUR job:  First, read-along with us.  You do not want to miss this chance to discover (or re-discover) these books.  Next, if you’re a blogger share your trivia answers and your thoughts on each reading assignment each day on your blog.  If not share in our comments section.

It might seem like a lot to read five chapters a day but trust us these pages fly by!  If you can’t keep up daily it’s no big deal.  Just read your way through each book at your pace and fill us in as you go.  However, to be eligible for prizes you must post answers to trivia/ discussion questions to each book during the week that we are reading it.

Join us on Facebook as well! Amy posted an excerpt from Incendiary!! 

Come & Join Us... Rep your teams!!!

SupaGurl will be making more Team *Keep Calm* Avi's for everyone to use!

JOIN IN NOW! and keep up with everything on facebook and post your status using 
Use the tagline with which book you are reading :) 

For our first Giveaway anyone who signs up and tweets : 

Come Join in on the Premonition Read A Long with SupaGurl Books #SGBReadAlong

Will be entered to win a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card! You have until Monday :) comment below with your link to the tweet **EASY PEASY**


  1. This is so exciting!! I can't wait for Incendairy to be released. We are counting down the days, and this is such a fun idea to pass the time. -heather silbernagel

  2. Here's my tweet:
    I can't wait to start!! :)

    1. This is very cool! I cant wait to start.

      Heres my tweet!

  3. Can't wait to get started! love these books!
    Here is me tweet:

  4. Thank you all so much! I cannot wait to get started next week!!

  5. Here's my tweet! ^_^ I cannot wait for this release!!!! Love this series!

  6. My tweet! Super stoked for this!!


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