Friday, October 12, 2012

BookGeek AM Up On This Blog~

Hello All,

New to the blog world and I've been totally welcomed here by the Supagurl herself. I'm new to this family and I look forward to sharing all the awesome books I read here with all of you guys. I am what my name claims, a book geek. I love to read, I love to gush about books, and characters. I'm way sentimental and in my mind I betrothed to many characters. <<< Dweeb status I know, but I love it! I claim my geek-ness with pride!!

Who Am I?

My name is Arlene, I'm a student, a hopeless romantic and a Libra. The 1st two indie writers I ever read where Amanda Hocking and Shelly Crane. 

While reading I'm taken away. I'm dropped into alternative worlds with zombies, magical fairies, angels and loves so strong, everything in my being is captivated, hypnotized and enraptured. Who were these wonderful authors? Whose books which thrilled and excited me. How could their books cost only .99 to $3? What planet was I living on that all these wonderful writers were new to me? Oh, that's right, I was trapped under school books in the library while getting my bachelors degree. Swimming in Freud, Shakespeare and  Jane Austin.  

But somehow the book gods intervened and I came across authors, stories and characters that I love and hold close to my heart.

Now to the good stuff... My imaginary book boyfriends. I'll list a few here and where they are from. Maybe they'll be your book boyfriends too.

(A list with no order or priority.)

Caleb Jacobson (Significance Series)
Jack (My Blood Approves Series)
Damen (Immortals Series)
Gage (Celestra Series)
Alex (Delirium Series)
Merrick (Collide Series)
Daemon Black (Lux Series)
Reed and Brennus (Premonition Series) <<<Both Supagurl and Chele are highly mistaken because they  are both MOIN!!! 
****SupaGurl here... ummmm poor poor delusional BookGeek AM (giggles) she thinks Brennus is hers***

Ladies and Gents, please feel free to comment here or hit me up on twitter, where I'll be stalking some awesome authors and fellow book geeks.

Anyhoo, Smooches...

Bookgeek AM~


  1. Oh no you did NOT try to claim Reed!

  2. Omg cries from laughter!!! I did not see Supagurl's added comment. Lmaooooooo.

  3. You didn't name Gabriel on the list of bf but is cool that means his all mine lol.

    1. Selene... On this blog there's a link to another spin off blog named After Hours where I will discuss Gabriel & Gideon & Christian lol! I'll let u know when I post it on Saturday!


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