Monday, October 8, 2012

New Gurl On the Block...

When SupaGurl asked me (twisted my arm) to join Supa Gurl Books I was SUPA excited!!! Then she said "type up a bio to post" and I said "I quit!" That's it, shortest partnership in the history of the blogoshpere! I kid, but really the dreaded bio instills fear in my little typing fingers. How do I convey who I am to you, the awesome Supa Gurl fans, in an adequate way??? Well, here is my cleverly unclever bio for your eyes only....

My name is Michele (aka Chele or Chelemybelles) and I'm an Aquarius. I am 5'6" and have hazel eyes and brown hair. I love longs walks on the beach, candlelight dinners and my dream is for there to be world peace! Oh, oops! Wrong bio, that's my Miss America bio ;)

So what am I doing here on Supa Gurl Books? Well I love to read and share my finds with others. I try to give honest reviews based on how a book makes me feel and I tend to get a bit obsessed with certain (a-hem male) characters. I love YA PN books with a bit of Romance, dystopian books, historical and contemporary romance too. About the only thing I don't read is horror and overly erotic romance. My pledge to you is to never give spoilers in my reviews and to always let you know how swoon worthy the male characters are ;)

Random facts:
1.  I LOVE music and breaking out into song is very common in my house!
     Sometimes we sing whole conversations!  Disneys got nothing on us :)
I'm a sports fanatic! You will find me watching the University of Alabama play 
     football every Saturday!
3.  I live in beautiful North Carolina and adore that I'm a short drive from   
     either the beach or the mountains on any given day.
4.  I have three lovely monsters
ages 14, 8 and 6. My teen is my reading buddy

     (I'm very proud of that!)
5.  Married to my very own Prince Charming, he treats me like the Queen I am.
6.  I'm a twitter freak and you can find me stalking lots of authors there  

7.  I’m a youth mentor.  It’s a huge part of who I am and what keeps me hip!
8.  I love desserts!  All sweets are little lovely presents sent down from heaven 
     totally intended for my consumption.
9.  Because I love sweets I also love working out!  I am a red belt in Tae Kwon
     Do and take self defense class 3x per week.  I’ve got a mean right hook and a 
     killer round kick!

Places you can find me:
Twitter: @chelemybelles
There you have it, me in a nut shell for better or worse.  I totally need to thank Supa Gurl Heather for inviting me to join the party!  I look forward to sharing books with you all...


  1. Whooo Look at you being all awesome right out of the gate!! So So glad your helping!

  2. Michele is awesome!!!! No wonder the three of us get along so well! Libra, Libra & Aquarius, we're all air signs!!!!!! Eeeeep!!! Lol

  3. Yay Chelle!!! So fun to see you on here!! Heather SupaGurl has one of my favorite blogs so now it will SupaAwesome!!

    1. Thanks Alyson! I'm excited to be here as I was a fan before I was a participant!


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