Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

Time to put away the electronics and dust off your paperbacks!  Each week we will introduce you, or re-introduce you, to an oldie but goody from the may need to go to the local library to find these books but these “classics” are worth the search...

With all the love being heaped upon today's Adult Contemporary Romances (you know who you are) I thought I would open the book vault way back to 1991 for one of my favorites...

Paradise (Second Opportunities #1)
Judith McNaught

Goodreads Synopsis:
Ruthless corporate raider Matthew Farrell was poised to move in on the legendary department store empire owned by Chicago's renowned Bancroft family. In the glare of the media spotlight, it was a stunning takeover that overshadowed the electric chemistry between Matt, once a scruffy kid from steel town Indiana, and cool, sophisticated Meredith Bancroft. Their brief, ill-fated marriage sparked with thrilling sensuality--he was the outsider who dared to rock her country club world--and ended with a bitter betrayal. Now, locked in a battle that should be all business, dangerous temptations and bittersweet memories are stirring their hearts. Will they risk everything on a passion too bold to be denied?

My Thoughts:
I don’t recall exactly when I first read this but it was certainly at least 10 years ago and I have read it many many times since then.  
I loved this story of young love between polar opposites cool, composed Meredith and ultra sexy Matt.  A chance meeting with disastrous consequences brought them together and a terrible deceit tore them apart. Now after eleven years they find themselves in the same city sharing the same social circle and fighting the same feelings they had when they were barely legal.  Complicating matters further are family loyalties and corporate intrigue.  This is a deeply moving love story that is still a wonderful treat twenty years after being published!

So have you read this one already?? Did you love it like me? Let us know what you think of Throwback Thursdays and my selection in the comments section below..

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