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The Dex Files Blog Tour Stop **Teaser**

Sinfully Delicious Book Reviews

Welcome, Welcome to my stop on The Dex-Files Blog Tour!!

Just a general WARNING!! This is an Adult Book and Contains MAJOR Adult Content!! As does this post :)

I have a TEASEr for you today *grins* and it's a GREAT one!
But.... First if you don't know what the Dex-Files is exactly well let me tell ya. This book goes with the Experiment In Terror series by Karina Halle and they are AMAZING! All the books are done in Perry's POV but Karina has given us a book of some of the chapters through out the series so far from Dex's POV... and so now I give you my TEASE...

TEASER – A scene from “Mr. Self Destruct”
Warning – contains spoilers of Lying Season and sexually explicit material

Perry walked across the kitchen and leaned against the island counter, her back to me. She kicked off her shoes, the berry heels dangling seductively off her foot. Her head was down, her upper back arched up, leaving the expanse of her shoulders and creamy smooth skin ripe and open for the taking. I kicked off my own shoes and took off my jacket in anticipation.

We needed to thaw. Ice melts with heat and I was packing enough heat in my pants that it pained me. Something needed to be done, for both of us.

I walked toward her carefully, feeling like I might scare her off and ruin the opportunity if I made any sudden movements. Keeping with that theme, I cautiously pushed some of her hair off of her shoulders, all to make room for my lips.

She didn’t flinch from my touch. She had expected it.

She wanted it and I wanted her.

I wanted nothing but her, now and forever.

I placed my lips where the wasp had stung her. It was sign of what she was willing to risk for me and I owed her so much more than just my kiss.

I kissed along her back, down her shoulder, feeling her shake beneath me. I tried to get her to face me, but she wasn’t thawed yet. I pressed my chest against her, pressed everything against her, and kissed at the corner of her mouth. I needed her to turn to me, give herself, all of her.

She did. She barely made it around before I was all over her, my hands searching her face, her hair, trying to take her all in at once.

There was no turning back tonight.

I put my hands at her small waist and lifted her onto the counter. She wrapped her legs around me again and I responded by hiking up her satiny dress until it was above her hips.

Oh, holy fuck.

I almost drooled on her as I stared at her open on display. My hunger was already insatiable before this.

As was hers. Her eyes looked ravenous, uncontrollable. She reached forward and ripped open my shirt. The buttons flew off. It would have been funny if my head wasn’t so clouded with driven lust. I unzipped her dress and pulled it down until her full breasts spilled out like heavy, round dreams from heaven. I tried drowning in them, tasting, licking like I couldn’t get enough.

She leaned back and I realized she wanted more. I pushed her gently with my hand until her back was against the counter. Then I grabbed both her thighs and took a dive. I started by swirling my tongue up the soft inner part before I had enough teasing and got to the heart of it. Just like that time on D’Arcy Island, I was rewarded with hot, perfumed wetness. I ate her until she grabbed my head and pulled it up.

Had I done something wrong? I don’t know what I’d do if this wouldn’t go farther. Jack off for eternity, probably.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked. Had I been too soft? Too rough. Fuck what the hell was it!?

“No,” she said in a voice that made my hairs stand straight. “I want you inside me.”

My eyes widened.


*thud* umm yeah... so If you want some more of Dex and all his Pervy glory well GET THIS! and if you haven't checked out the Experiment In Terror Series .... WTH? no really ok just go buy the first one and tell me you aren't hooked!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Wild Ones by M. Leighton Vlog Review & Giveaway

The Wild Ones

Passion as hot as midnight in the South and love as wild as the horses they tame.

Camille “Cami” Hines is the darling daughter of the South’s champion thoroughbred breeder, Jack Hines. She has a pedigree that rivals some of her father’s best horses. Other than feeling a little suffocated at times, Cami thought she was pretty happy with her boyfriend, her life and her future. 

But that was before she met Patrick Henley.

“Trick” blurs the lines between what Cami wants and what is expected of her. He’s considered the “help,” which is forbidden fruit as far as her father is concerned, not to mention that Trick would be fired if he ever laid a hand on her. And Trick needs his job. Desperately. His family depends on him.

The heart wants what the heart wants, though, and Trick and Cami are drawn to each other despite the obstacles. At least the ones they know of. 

When Trick stumbles upon a note from his father, it triggers a series of revelations that could ruin what he and Cami have worked so hard to overcome. It turns out there’s more to Trick’s presence at the ranch than either of them knew, secrets that could tear them apart.

The Wild Ones

Want to find the Amazing M. Leighton on the web? Of course you do...

Also, because gah I forgot to mention it... I adore Madly and Jackson... But yeah my New Fave of Leighton is def. The Wild Ones! This one blew Madly out of the "water" for me. *Note I still LOVE Madly*

Giveaway!! 2 E-copies of The Wild Ones
One from me :) 
One from M. Leighton 

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August Tours from SupaGurl Tours!

Click on any of the banners to go to that tour page :)

Today actually starts the Battlefield Tour with J.F. Jenkins!

Huge amount of Awesomeness going on in Aug. Be sure to check out all these amazing books and all the tour stops for EXTRAS and giveaways and REVIEWS!!

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Revolution Tour Sign-Up by Shelly Crane! September 2 Week Tour

Revolution : A Collide Novel
The final book in the series!!

In the fourth and final installment, everything is on the line. Merrick's life is in the balance and Lily is their only hope. Ellie and her new powers are miraculous, but also problematic; if she's with the bunker family, they won't be able to sense when the Lighters are there. There are many new members to the bunker and sparks will fly, and with the food shortage, they will all have plenty to deal with. Miguel is intrigued with Rylee, her past and her spunk. Ryan and Elli are barely scratching the surface of their relationship. Cain and Lillian will have to deal with Daniel, who has no qualms about showing his true feelings for her. And Sherry and Merrick…what will happen to this happenstance family who have worked so hard to come together? Can they all survive? Can they all withstand the new enemy that is right outside their door? Can they beat the Lighters, once and for all…

Author Bio:  Shelly is a YA author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south. She is wife to a fantastical husband and stay at home mom to two boisterous and mischievous boys who keep her on her toes. They currently reside in everywhere USA as they happily travel all over with her husband's job. She loves to spend time with her family, binge on candy corn, go out to eat at new restaurants, buy paperbacks at little bookstores, site see in the new areas they travel to, listen to music everywhere and also LOVES to read.
Her own books happen by accident and she revels in the writing and imagination process. She doesn't go anywhere without her notepad for fear of an idea creeping up and not being able to write it down immediately, even in the middle of the night, where her best ideas are born.


Tour will run from Sept. 3rd - Sept. 15th Two weeks! Here is what we are looking for ....
  • Reviews! If you haven't read the Collide series she will provide you with copies to get caught up :)
  • Interviews with Shelly
  • Guest Posts from Shelly
  • Character Interviews
  • Character Guest Posts
  • Excerpts
  • Playlists
  • Something original *ex. All about Lighters*
  • Giveaways

Tour Schedule

Sept. 3 - SupaGurl Books *Review, All about the Lighters
Sept. 4 - Firestar Books *Interview
            - Globug and Hootie need a Book *Review, Cast Picks
Sept. 5 - A Soul Unsung *Review, Character Profile, Giveaway
             - YA Book Addict *Playlist, Excerpt
Sept. 6 - I Read Indie *Review, Top 10 with Merrick & Sherry
             - Bookishly Devoted *Review, Giveaway
Sept. 7 - Escaping One Book @ A Time *Character Bio, Giveaway
             - Readers Live a Thousand Lives *Review, Character Interview
Sept. 8 - Always YA at Heart * Review, Character Interview, Giveaway
Sept. 9 - Reader Girls *Guest Post, Giveaway
            - Jenn Renee Reads *Review bk 1, Character Guest Post, Giveaway
Sept. 10 - Beth Art From the Heart *Review, Character Guest Post
              - Ramblings of a Book Junkie *Review & Excerpt
Sept. 11 - The Cover by Brittany *Interview, Giveaway
Sept. 12 - Geek Girl Reviews *Guest Post, Excerpt
              - Bending the Bind *Review, Interview with Shelly
Sept. 13 - Turning the Pages *Review, Character Guest Post
              - Inbetween *Review, Giveaway
Sept. 14 - A Bibliophile's Thoughts on Books *Excerpt, Giveaway
               - Whoopeeyoo :D *Review, Guest Post on the Cover, Giveaway
Sept. 15 - Indie Writers Review *Review, playlist
              - Simply Infatuated *Character Gust Post
Sept. 16 - Bookish Things and More *Review, Character Bio, Giveaway
Sept. 17 - Nette's Bookshelf *Excerpt, Giveaway

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Cover Reveal **The Wild Ones** by M. Leighton

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! ok. ok. Sorry. No really I am SUPAExcited about this book!! I want ALL the peeps to read it..... But I have the Cover Reveal and the Blurb for it today eeeep!!

The Wild Ones

Passion as hot as midnight in the South and love as wild as the horses they tame.

Camille “Cami” Hines is the darling daughter of the South’s champion thoroughbred breeder, Jack Hines. She has a pedigree that rivals some of her father’s best horses. Other than feeling a little suffocated at times, Cami thought she was pretty happy with her boyfriend, her life and her future.

But that was before she met Patrick Henley.

“Trick” blurs the lines between what Cami wants and what is expected of her. He’s considered the “help,” which is forbidden fruit as far as her father is concerned, not to mention that Trick would be fired if he ever laid a hand on her. And Trick needs his job. Desperately. His family depends on him.

The heart wants what the heart wants, though, and Trick and Cami are drawn to each other despite the obstacles. At least the ones they know of.

When Trick stumbles upon a note from his father, it triggers a series of revelations that could ruin what he and Cami have worked so hard to overcome. It turns out there’s more to Trick’s presence at the ranch than either of them knew, secrets that could tear them apart.


aaaaaand now for the awesome freakin cover!!! .....

*sigh* No really It is a perfect fit. So What do you think? Are you as excited as I am?? Prolly not...
Want a Teaser?? and it's a good one!! 


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NEW BOOK!! by Taryn Browning **Emanare**

Emanare (Destined, #1)

Samantha Campbell is born into an extraordinary family of females. Only she is different from her ancestors...

Sam wakes in a Baltimore bar missing memories of her college life. Now the target of a demonic presence, she learns she is a weapon designed by evil to destroy her family’s divine fate. The demon royalty will do anything to ensure Sam’s loyalty to their cause. But Sam is tough. She refuses to give in without a fight and partners with a secret group of students to regain her memories and rewrite her destiny.

Ohhhh I Love this cover!! Let me just say that I have already read this and it is So Good! I will doing a review for it soon, but don't wait on that Get it Now! Or atleast add it to your Goodreads list!

Emanare (Destined, #1)

**Cover Reveal** Book 2 in Ties to the Blood Moon Series by Robin Waldrop

I have the cover for Ties to the Blood Moon Series... Book 2 and it is so Awesome!

If you haven't read the first book or seen my review here are the links..

Now.... For the Cover Reveal... Book 2 

     Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster.  Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. 

     Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.

     Can Gen and Will save her mom, or will they be too late? 

     Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?

I LOVE this! It's all eerie looking and beautiful. I cannot wait to read this!! What do you think about it?

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Day 7 of Heather Self Week Giveaways

Hope you all have had a great time this week getting to know Heather and some of her characters from The One a bit better!! 

Today is the last day :( but I bring you giveaways!!! 

First off we have 2 e-copies of The One **Leave a comment and tell me which post was your fave and why along with a way to contact you**

Next I have Awesome The One Signed postcards!! **Leave a comment with a way to get ahold of you*

Make sure and Check out The One and Chat Heather up on Twitter!! 

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Heather Self Week Day 6 *Book 2 Cover/Prologue*

Day 6 and I have AWESOMENESS for you... well , I've had it all week what with Uno's Interview, The boys Interview, All about Evy... the POV's!! But Today is SupaAwesomeness...

Today Heather is showing off her Book Cover "placeholder" b/c it's still being made and stuff..


I have well the Prologue for Book 2! 

Ok OK here is ....



     Kneeling in nervous supplication, he kept his head bowed and eyes averted though he could feel the black gaze of his leader piercing him.

     “Where is my Key?” The menace in the voice washed over the room, filling it with a chill. “It should not have been difficult for fifteen of you to bring back one girl, yet you are the only one here.”

     He cleared his throat nervously, hoping to survive through the news he was about to impart. “She…she had help. There were Kin there. I believe,” he paused knowing this last bit of information could be the one that ended him. “I believe one of them was Brennan Fallon.”

     There was a slight shaking of the floor before he was lifted from his prone position by his throat. He made choking noises as he was lifted high in the air and his vision began to go gray. He remained dangling as he was walked across the room to the cages. Just before his eyes closed permanently he heard, “It seems you’ve been given a stay of execution. I may yet have a use for the two of you.”

.... *shivers* so Heather needs to hurry it up... yeah? What do you think??

Come back tomorrow to enter for some giveaways!!

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Day 5 Heather Self Week **All About Evy**

We are 5 days deep into Heather "Uno" Self week with talk about her Debut Novel The One. Today is

all about Evy!!

All about the Music!



Everyday Clothing:


She works Out:



Awesomeness .. Right? Tomorrow is a VERY VERY special day... You do NOT want to miss out on it!!

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Heather Self Day 4 *Chase POV*

So if you have missed any of the SupaCrazy Awesome posts this week... Well where have you been?

Check them out!! 

So Today I have the oh so Awesome Chase and his POV from part of The One ... so off you go.

     I hadn’t seen my siblings in months, and while I was happy to be chatting with them, it was the young woman at the car who I was interested in seeing. In meeting. Especially after the promise Liam had extracted from me.  Regardless of her looks, or lack thereof, I now had ample opportunities to harass Liam with sexy thoughts of his sister.

     Is that really necessary?  Liam’s voice sounded in my head. 

     I chuckled inwardly, Course it is, mate. It’s in the elder brother handbook

     Liam shook his head at me, Not when it pertains to my sister. Mate. That’s just gross.

     My lips twitched. She’s not my sister and I’ll be sure to pass along your commentary.  Liam grunted in annoyance. He made it way too easy. I smiled, satisfied with his reaction, when she came around the hood of the car.  I stepped off the porch toward her to get a better look, and nearly stumbled over the last step as she fully came into view.


     I ignored the warning in Liam’s voice and continued toward her, lazily pursuing her shapely legs. She had the height inherit in our race but was still a foot shorter than I.  The upper half of her body was blocked by the load of crap she carried and I hmmed softly in disappointment. Her straight, dark hair was draped forward over one shoulder and the multi-colored stripes in her hair drew my attention. They gave her a slightly punk look even though the clothes she wore were nothing more than simple blue jeans, Chucks, and a long sleeve tee. 

     Low maintenance, always a plus. I thought.

     The hair made me curious about her eyes and when I finally met them, I felt like the air had been ripped from my lungs. They were dazzling, constantly reflecting one of the four Kin colors, almost like a prism reflected light. They were unique and startling and I couldn’t seem to remove my gaze from hers. She studied me as intently as I studied her and the longer our eyes stayed connected the more my stomach flipped. It was unnerving. To cover my discomfort and regain composure I circled around her, taking slow steady breaths. I glanced down and couldn’t help but notice the way the jeans hugged her tight, nicely rounded ass and I swallowed a groan.

     I came back around to stand in front of her, barely a foot of space separating us. I looked down into her face, completely captivated. She wet her lips nervously and my eyes were instantly drawn down to her mouth, taking in the lick-able indentation in her chin. I met her stare again, confused by the tumult of feelings roiling in me. Never in my more than three hundred years had a female, mortal or Kin, held this kind of a fascination for me so instantaneously. 

     Why her? Why now?

     The faint buzz in the back of my head that was Liam’s voice began to grow louder. I placed a tighter shutter on my thoughts, not knowing how much information he had already gleaned while I’d been distracted by the stunning creature before me. There was only one way I could handle this now. One way to keep Liam from realizing that there was something…more brewing between Evy and me.

      “Well, well, well. Little Eveline Fallon all grown up,” my eyes traced the line of her body, down then back up again. She blushed and my heart stuttered over the innocent reaction. “And ready to take on...” My lips briefly curved into a suggestive smile. 

     “Don’t even say it, much less think it!” Liam growled as he reached us. I didn’t even glance at my brother, but kept my eyes locked on Evy’s.

     ”Just having a bit of fun, little brother. And I’m happy to control my mouth,” my lips curved at the double entendre, and when she bit her lip, I had to stifled another groan. “However, you neglected to mention how spectacular she is, so if my thoughts get away from me…” I shrugged. “Just make sure you’re staying out of them.”

     Evy snorted, “Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem for him.”

     I flung back my head and laughed, really laughed, over her waspish retort. Getting to know her better was going to be a great pleasure.

Uh... yeah so you totally need to pick up The One if you haven't cause you are missing out on an Amazing STORY!!!

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Return to Arethane Tour by Kelly Riad *NEW* Sign Up

This book looks So Good! If you want to get in on this tour... Well hop on it :) 

Book Blurb: 

16-year old Emily has accepted her fate with each weakening beat of her heart, but after her best friend's brother and sister arrive in town and turn out to be more than what they appear, Emily's life is turned upside-down. When their friendship includes confronting wizards who harbor dark secrets and dancing with an elf prince, Emily discovers there are some things still worth living for.

Author Info:

Kelly Riad is from Texas where she lived with her husband and a house overrun by pets. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is determined to bring the y'all to the West Coast.  While she published her first book - a handmade pop-up titled "The Lost Puppy" - in the fifth grade to much acclaim by the first graders, she only recently picked the craft back up. "Return to Arèthane" is her second published novel.

The Types of Tour stops we will be having are as follows:
*REVIEWS* most important!
Author Interviews
Guest Posts
Ebook Giveaways
Character Interviews
Character Bios
anything original you can think of

Blog Tour Schedule

Sept. 3
Sept. 4 - A Soul Unsung *Review, Creating Mythos Guest Post
Sept. 5 - The Cover (and Everything in Between) *Review & Giveaway
Sept. 6 - Reading and Things *Review, Excerpt
Sept. 7 - Beth Art from the Heart *Review
Sept. 8 - Jenn Renee Read *Review, Character Interview, Giveaway
Sept. 9
Sept. 10 
Sept. 11 - Bengal Reads *Playlist, Giveaway
Sept. 12 - Bookworm Babblings *Review
Sept. 13 - Firestarbooks *Author Interview & Giveaway
Sept. 14 SupaGurl Books *Excerpt
Sept. 15 - The Book Lover's Report *Review, Guest Post, Giveaway
Sept. 16 - Whoopeeyoo *Review, Playlist, Excerpt
Sept. 17 - Doctor's Notes *Author Interview, Giveaway
Sept. 18 - Escaping...One Book @ a Time *Review, Character Bio
Sept. 19 - Sweet Southern Home *Character Bio, Giveaway
Sept. 20 - Wonderland Reviews *Review
Sept. 21 - Whisper of Reads *Review, Giveaway
Sept. 22 - Waiting on Sunday to Drown *Guest Post
Sept. 23 - Paperback Princess *Review
Sept. 24 - Nette's Bookshelf *Guest Post, Excerpt
Sept. 25 - Reader Girls *Character Bio, Giveaway
Sept. 26 - Books Books & More Books *Review, Character Interview
Sept. 27 - A Bibliophile's Thoughts on Books * Review, Giveaway
Sept. 28 - Lovey Dovey Books *Review, Character Interview, Giveaway
Sept. 29 - BeLoved Books *Review, Giveaway
Sept. 30 - Mademoiselle Le Sphinx *Review, Excerpt
              - Starry Night Reviews *Review, Character Bio, Giveaway
Oct. 1 -  SupaGurl Books *Guest Review* with Character Interview

Heather Self Week *Day 3* Character Interview with The Boys

If you missed yesterday there was Liam's POV and well yeah go read it!! 

I think this is my fave character (s) interview yet LOL So without further boring you with me... here is Liam , Chase and *sigh* Kieran 

Heather : Hello Liam *waves frantically* I just want to start out by saying I adore you! 
Tess: Liam is here? *Jumps*I adore you more, Liam! Heather: I know isn't he just yummy!!

L:  *smiles nervously* Umm...thank you. That's really kind of you both . *looks around* Am I the only one here? Did Chase bail again?

Heather: Nope he went to get us drinks *winks* You know what I'm having? well I got you the same so you will in a minute. So While he is over there... OH! Kieran *giggles* Hiya (whispers to Tess OMG! he is so flippin hot!) Wanna sit by me?

Kier: *grinning appreciatively* Hello, girls. I do have a soft spot for Heathers... *smirks* Liam. Pleasure as always.

*Liam crosses his arms* I'm surprised you're even out of bed after...

Kier: Just figured I better follow my nurse around 

L: Nurse?! Why you

Heather: Boys.. Boys *shakes head* Here Kier set next to me I will totally take care of you Duce is in the house! Liam, be nice.... well ok try to be. *scoots over making room for Kier* Chase! Thank god, I think I'm going to need that drink now. *takes sip* So, Let's start with you Chase, anything you want to start us off with?

Chase: *raises eyebrow* Heather, pet, you neglected to mention the mongrel would be here.

* Kieran laughing loudly* Ahhh, Chase. now that's more like it! I knew even in light of the circumstances the good feelings couldn't last.

Chase: *clears throat chagrined* Right. That was a bit poorly done on my part. *turns to Tess and Heather* Forgive me, my lovelies. This is about the two of you not any issues we may have with each other. Now. What can we do for you?

Heather: Where the heck did Tess go? *Looks around* *shrugs* Oh Chase *swoon at that voice* That is such a loaded question! Now I would love to hear some of all of your thoughts on just how pretty I am... no wait I mean Evy we are going to ask about Evy.. So .. thoughts ya know just short ones right now...

K: near perfect

Liam snorts and Chase laughs out loud, dimples flashing.

C:Perfect? She's mouthy and stubborn *wicked grin* and deliciously kissable

L: Damn it, Chase. Really? Deliciously Kissable?

K: As if he'd know, Liam

Dead silence

L:Give me a moment while I beat his ass.

Wind picks up

K: Oh I think i'd like that pleasure

Heather: *Takes drink* Oh this is gonna get nasty. MEN! Ok ok... So we all know how you feel about Evy now... Tell us a little about yourselves, each of you *winks and nudges Kier with my shoulder* You first please.

Wait! Tess, pull up a seat you can sit beside whoever you like... except for K cause well yeah…

Tess: ummm can't I sit between Liam and Chase? *blushes* Sorry guys I'm not very good at this interview stuff…actually I'm not too good at much besides staring at the hotness.

Heather: Oh girl! That is just fine you stare at all the hotness and you can comment when you can *giggles*

Tess: I think I'm good now…No one told me all 3 of them were going to be here…so I guess I was a little star struck! So are you guys going to answer Heather's question or are y'all just going to continue to sit there and glare at each other?

Liam: Sorry ladies we tend to be a bit...

K: protective

Liam: Yes, when it comes to Evy.

C: And really we're not all that interesting. We'd rather hear about the two of you. *runs a hand through his hair* Or what you thought about us. *wink*

L: *reaches around Tess to smack Chase on the back of the head* I apologize for my brother. He doesn't know how to behave in the presence of ladies

K: *mumbling* or pretty much anyone

L: Enough, Kieran. We're here for them. What would you like to know?

Heather: I love that your all protective of her. Now I will tell you that I love you all, your each different and special in your own ways.... However I have a fave out of you 3 *Winks at Kier* I think you are all doing great with this, ya know seeing how you've not blown each other up. Here is what I want to know.... What is each of your fave song? *That's a safe topic, right*

*groan* L: Don't get Chase started on music. He'll start waxing poetic about how he was there for Mozart's first concerto and blah, blah, blah.  

  Ch: The evolution of music over the centuries is fascinating, Liam. If you'd just take the time...

K: oh my god..the Beatles. Anything by them is cool and they're pretty timeless.

L: Something we agree on. I'm digging on Red and Paramore right now. Chick singing rock. That's hot.

C: Shockingly, I would also agree about the Beatles. It's tough to pick a favorite song when you've been alive as long as we have. Though Evy has me turned on to The Black Keys right now and there's a song of theirs that makes me think of her. *smiles secretly*

K: *looking at Liam* Is he always so obnoxious you want to plant a fist in his face?

L: he has an audience. He likes to perform. *shakes head*

Heather: Ok so Chase, Since you've been around for quite a bit... and since you can just "go" where you please which has been the most unique place you've been? and at what time what is *ya know year wise*

C: Most unique...I was in Beijing for Chinese New Year in the...early-1800s I think. That was a pretty unique experience. The top of Everest about a hundred years before Hillary, the cheeky bastard. But as cliche as it may sound the US as a whole is the most unique place. There's so much diversity and dichotomy between areas of the country and even within states. Plus, it's where my family is so...

L: *wiping a fake tear* That's beautiful, man.

C: Shut it you wanker!

K:Heather my dear, if you'd like to take these two muppets out of the interview equation I'd be happy to sit and chat with you ask long as you'd like.

Heather: *smiles* Chase that is so awesome! Liam same question to you, ya got something better?

*Glances at Kier* You have no idea what I would do with you if I sent them away.... better to keep them here *giggles* at least for now...

K:*smiles innocently* You're probably right...and I don't think my girl would appreciate it.

C:Your girl! A bit presumptuous don't you think?

K: Presumptuous? hardly. have you forgotten the little gift I have where Evy is concerned.

L: SOOO MY TURN! You two are ridiculous. Anyway, seeing the Statue of Liberty installed was cool. And I love Paris. I know that's a bit cliche but...

Heather: not cliche if you really love it :) Great answer Liam *grins* Ok my man... I mean Kier same question Fave place you've been and what time period?

K: Well, I haven't been alive quite as long as these two, and, if you couldn't tell, my home is in Ireland. Really, besides with Evy, home is my favorite place to be.

Heather: *sigh* Kier that is so sweet! (See Why I LOVE him?) Ok so anyone need another drink *shakes empty glass* blah on the one on one questions that isn't any fun so here is one for all of you... What hobbies do you all have?

K: Let me get you a refill. Those two can fend for themselves, especially since you already know painting is my hobby *wink*

 L: I train. That's all I do, really. Maybe after the portal is opened I'll find a hobby...until then it'a all about protecting Evy and making sure I'm at the best I can possibly be in order to do that.

C:Well, I play a few instruments.

L: *laughing* a few? At last count he played more than twenty. his obsession with music isn't just confined to study. He puts it into practice.

Heather: Liam hun you gotta lighten up a bit... You are amazing at what you do so keep it up but get out there and have some fun too! Chase... WOW so if you could play with anyone in history who would it be?

*grabs drink* Thank you so much Kier and way to skip out I totally know what your hobby is but everyone else might not have. *grins* can I please take you home with me? 

L: Hey, I'm light! I dabble in some things. 

K:You're so welcome. Next time I cook for Evy you're welcome to joins us.

 C:*laughing uncomfortably* I don't really play for anyone. I uh, god this is so embarrassing, I just play for myself because I have a lot of time to learn and well, it relaxes me.

Heather: Guys you have been amazing! Thank you all so much for entertaining Tess and I *grins* Now If I can just have a hug from you all *stands* and do you all have any parting words for us?

L:Thanks for having us. I'm sorry some people don't know how to behave. *rolls eyes at Chase and Kieran* 

C:At least we made it entertaining. He's such a stick in the mud for being the younger brother. It was a pleasure, my lovlies, I'm happy to come back anytime. *wink*

K:Can I help you with clean up? Hardly seems fair we come in here and expect you to do all the work.

L: *shoving Kieran ahead of him* You need to head back to the house, Chase can come back and help after...

C: *voices fading* Why do you always volunteer me to clean up your messes?

Now how can you NOT love those guys?? Well ... if you have any questions for any of them .... leave them below I may be able to get them to stop in and answer!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heather Self Week Day 2 *Liam POV*

Did you enjoy getting to know Heather Self yesterday? I hope so cause she is a really great gal! If you missed the interview *gasp* you can still read!

Today we bring you.... Character POV specifically Liam, so off you go ..

     I was nervous. After all these years I’d finally be with her again and her reaction…concerned me. I expected some anger, some awkwardness between us but I hoped we could get back to what we were. To the relationship we had before I had to leave.

     I shifted my weight from foot to foot anxiously waiting for her appearance. I was distracted from my vigilant watch by a waft of vapor cloud. I glanced down, barely managing to stifle a groan, when I met the coffee colored eyes staring up at me.

     “Hey, Liam. Aren’t you cold out here?” She rubbed her hand up and down the sleeve of my jacket. “You should come inside with me where it’s warm. I’ll walk you to class.” She flashed a wide smile, displaying perfectly straight, white teeth. The smile failed to reach her eyes and left me cold. It was not the first time she had singled me out and I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. Though she was cute, I had no interest in her. The hundred eighty-five year age gap made for a bit of difference in maturity. Plus, she was human. As far as I was concerned that made her completely off-limits.

    “Thank you for your concern, Brittney, but I’m, uh, waiting for my sister.”

     She stuck her lip out in a pout, “Jenna’s so lucky to have you look out for her the way you do. I wish I had someone like that.” She batted her lashes and looked at me hopefully. When I made no move to comment, she sighed, “Guess I’ll see you in class.” I shook my head over her continued persistence in spite of my lukewarm reactions to her.

     As she turned to walk in the building, I returned my gaze to the front of the building. The lone figure standing off to the side had me standing at attention. Was it her? Had I missed her arrival because of Brittney’s presence? I looked for Brennan’s truck and tried to feel if he was in the vicinity, though he tended to keep himself telepathically blocked most of the time, which made a connection unlikely. Whether it was her or not, the girl needed help.

    I studied her as I moved closer. The height was correct, if she were one of us. She was five-ten, easily. Or would be if she wasn’t hunched protectively around herself. But I couldn’t feel her. If this were my Evy, I would feel her. I would know. As I got closer I realized she was mumbling quietly, and though I couldn’t make out the words, the cadence seemed to suggest a pep talk.

     “Are you lost?” I asked her softly, not wanting to startle her. She turned her head towards me and I froze in shock. Her hair…I needed to see her eyes to know for sure. Look up. Look up, I silently pleaded. When her eyes finally met mine my heart stopped. Four colors. I breathed out a sigh of relief and my lips turned up to form the beginnings of a smile.

     “Uhhhh…” Her awkward response had me grinning widely, until I realized the look on her face was not one of recognition but of confusion. The smile left my face. Shit. This was not good. Realizing we were still out in the open and drawing attention I leaned down and spoke quietly, “It would be best, Eveline, if we made our way inside so as not to draw more attention. You’ve been standing here for some time and we’re already late.”

     Surprised, she stuttered out, “You…you know my name.”
     “Yes,” I smiled again, hoping to ease her nerves, then started walking toward the front door of the building.

     “And you said it correctly,” she accused. I chuckled over her show of attitude. There’s my Evy.

     “So?” she asked with obvious irritation.

     I paused in front of the doors with my hand on the pull. I couldn’t believe the disaster this morning had turned out to be. The emptiness in my chest grew into an ache as I stared into the eyes I’d known so well. My face was serious when I asked, “He hasn’t told you who I am, has he?”

     I didn’t need her to answer. I already knew.

So ... If you haven't read The One yet well you totally need to so you can know more about Liam!! He is SupaAwesome :)

Tomorrow .... well there will be a Really interesting Interview with The Guys ... Yeah don't miss it!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Heather Self Week *Day 1* Interview with Heather

Welcome!!! I am going to introduce you to Debut Author Heather Self all this week along with 

We hope you enjoy getting to know her and some of the Characters from The One her novel *which is flippin amazing*

Just a side note.... This can get confusing so I will let you know... Heather Self is UNO and me well I'm Deuce b/c that is how we keep up with each other *winks*

Here is a little info on UNO's book : 

Stranded on Earth two thousand years they’ve waited for the arrival of the One: some to save her, others to kill her. With her birth, the ancient prophecy could at last be fulfilled and the doorway between the worlds would open. Those who know the prophecy believe this event occurred almost eighteen years ago, and now, they’ll stop at nothing to find her.

Seventeen-year-old Eveline has lived her entire life on the move and she hates it. She knows her parents believe she’s the One, and they’ve done whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of those who want her dead. But Eveline isn’t fully convinced that her parents’ beliefs match her own. What she does believe is that Leadville, Colorado may be the chance she’s been waiting for. The chance to be somewhere safe. The chance for her to make friends and have fun. The chance to finally date a guy. The chance to be a normal girl, at least as normal as possible for someone not human.
The One (The Portal Trilogy, #1)

And now here is The interview ....

Deuce: Hey Heather One or Uno.... Thank you so much for letting me interview you! Although now I have no idea what to ask you after spending the whole weekend with ya.
So *looks around* Did you happen to bring Chase or Kieran? Hmmm So Would you like a drink?

Uno: Ha! I know right? So. Much. Fun! Chase, Kier and Liam are always around. Liam's giving Chase a hard time for me right now since Chase was being extremely reticent earlier today. The Jerk. *calls over shoulder* yeah I'm talking about you, ya punk, mind your tone with me.

Uno: Anyway, I'll keep it cool for the under 21 crowd and take a coke, glass bottle, real sugar. Like Evy. ;)

Deuce: *Winks at Kier* What up *grins* Oh ok ... Not ignoring Uno - check - Slides you a bottle of coke. So the boys are being bad huh? Why doesn't that surprise me? Oh Oh I thought of a great question... What is the one place you want to visit that you haven't?

Uno: That's right do not ignore the Uno! Ha! I wish Trey were here too. That would be so fun! Three awesome Heathers may be more than your readers could handle. Anywhere in the world or just the US?

Deuce: Gah! You are so right.... 3 Heathers is just WAY too much awesomeness in one place.. especially us :) Anywhere in the World silly don't limit yourself we are dreaming here!

Uno: Well, I'm REALLY blessed to have been able to travel a lot and I've been to a lot of amazing places. If i had to pick...hmmm...I haven't been to Italy yet and they have a few cool things to see so that's where I'd pick. If it was US only I'd have picked Hawaii.

Deuce: Awesome choice! Now dish girl... What is it that you do for fun.. and I mean besides read or do "research" aka look up hotties pictures :)

Uno: That's super secret research...that i share over twitter. Shhhhhh!! lol. Fun? Fun? I have no idea. I need Jenna to be my fun fairy. Do movies count? I like those. Ooo. I did go roller skating for the first time in 20 years last month. That was kind of fun. Umm..crap I don't know. You took away reading and that's what I do the most of for fun. I'm pretty much a homebody.

Deuce: *giggles* You are awesome! I LOVE skating! OHHH this is a good one... well for me anyway LOL have you ever been caving? *I totally love to do that*

Uno: That would be a hell to the no to the never!! Small enclosed space underground? Not. My. Friend. Just the thought of it makes me want to hurl.

Deuce: *flat out laughs* See this is why I love you! So I can't take you caving with me ... hmmmm There is always skydiving I guess :) Ok so let's get to yumminess Which one of these awesome guys is your Fave... and why?

Uno: I'd totes go skydiving with you. The hubs has been and loved it. I have much jealousy over this. *grin* Which of MY guys is my fav? *narrows eyes* Are you even allowed to ask me that? Ok. Here goes. I LOVE Liam. If I say why it's spoilery so we'll leave that out. Chase is such a flirt and super sexy, plus he speaks French so REALLY hard not to adore him. And he pushes Evy to be more than she is so I love that about him. Kieran...oh Kier. I have a bit of a soft spot for him since I know his whole backstory. He's just...a heartbreak waiting to happen but so perfect in his handling of Evy that you don't even care. See? I can't pick.

Deuce: It's ok I have my FAVE! I can understand how it would be hard to pick one .... I have a hard time usually. Now Evy is made of Awesome what inspired you with her?

Uno: I was pretty tired of the weak female who either found her identity in or was always being rescued by some guy--mind you this was before I'd read Divergent or Hunger Games--and really wanted this girl to be a bad ass (can I say that?) At the same time I was bugged by the girls who insta-accepted all the supernatural crazy they discovered or had revealed to them. I wanted Evy to be secure in who she was supernaturally but vulnerable and kinda freaked out by this role she has to play.

Deuce: You totally worked that out!! I loved her :) She is definitely all of those things... I think we all wanted that so *high five* Now for the really really important questions *winks* Can I totally take Kieran home with me? And what is your favorite dessert?

Uno: *high five* Yay! Thanks,girl. I was afraid she might come off too whiney or emotional. Yeah...you can try and take Kieran home with you but he's pretty focused on other things at the moment. Fav dessert?! Another impossible question, woman! I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and...*odd background noise* ha, sorry bout that. The pup was being weird. So I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. I was in NY in December for my belated honeymoon and went to the Godiva flagship store. LOL. It was intense if the look on my face in the pics is anything to go by, but I was a happy girl for sure! I also love Marie Callendar's--do y'all have that restaurant?--apple pie. I actually do that for my birthday instead of cake. Baskin Robbins Mint chocolate chip ice cream and only theirs 'cause the chips are perfect, turtle cookies... *sing song* these are a few of my favorite things.

Deuce: Well.... I did NOT see cheesecake in there... what is wrong with you??? *sighs*

Deuce:  Hey Chase, would you like to come over here and sit by me... I won't bite *grins* Uno can tell ya LOL

Deuce: Soooo... Heather You have been fab! I have mad love girl! Your book is amazing! Huge Thank you!! Any last words you wanna leave with?

Uno: I can't eat cheesecake!! Lactose + high fat- gall bladder=MUCHO pain. But I LOVE it--cheesecake. Not pain. Holy cow this is going down hill fast.
Oh my gosh, don't encourage him. *covers ears* I'm soooo not repeating that, Chase.
Aww thanks, chiquita! It's been wicked fun. Last words? Umm...be cool and read more books? Obviously, I am not as eloquent as you thought. Peace!

Hope you enjoyed that and well maybe learned something... LOL Tomorrow Uno will be over at My Pathway to Books with an AwesomeSauce POV post!! Don't forget to check it out!!

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