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For Ever Tour by CJ Valles Sign Up *August Tour*

I know... 2 in one day :) This tour is for the Whole Month of August!

For Ever by CJ Valles

For Ever starts now
Sixteen-year-old Wren Sullivan doesn?t want to know what other people are thinking about her?because most of the time it sucks. Too bad since that?s what happens every time she looks into someone?s eyes.

When she moves to Portland, Oregon, after her parents? divorce, Wren?s just hoping to get through the rest of her junior year unscathed. Instead, before the end of her second day in school, she wakes up in the hospital after her very own freaky demonic-possession incident. Wren can?t remember much. But soon she finds out that her ?episode? happened right after she locked eyes with the one classmate who happens to have gone missing.

Wren starts digging through people?s heads for the truth about him, and finds ? nothing. Godlike hotness? Yep. But nobody knows who Ever Casey really is. Even weirder, they don?t seem to care that he just disappeared. So, when he randomly shows up again in her first period class, she?s determined to get some answers. He may be perfect on the outside, but with one look into his eyes, Wren discovers his mind is also perfect ? perfectly empty.

Or is there something he doesn?t want her to see there that will put her and anyone near her in danger?

When For Ever ends, Never begins.
Never, the second book in The Ever Series, is coming soon.

Tour Schedule

Aug 1 - Paperback Princess *Review
Aug 2 - The Cover and Everything Between *Guest Post*
Aug 3 - One A Day Y.A. *Interview
Aug 4 - 
Aug 5 - Ramblings of a Book Junkie *Review & Giveaway
Aug 6
Aug 7 - Sweet Southern Home *Guest Post
Aug 8 - Bengal Reads *Interview
Aug 9 - Megan Likes Books *Guest Post
Aug 10 - Turning the Pages *Interview
             - Andrea Heltsley *Review
Aug 11 - Understanding Shae's Story *Review
Aug 12 - The Peasants Revolt *Interview
Aug 13 - whoopeeyoo :D *Review & Giveaway
Aug 14 - Escaping One Book at A Time *Review & Giveaway
Aug 15 - What's Beyond Forks? *Interview
Aug 16
Aug 17 - Books &Beauty *Guest Post & Giveaway*
Aug 18
Aug 19 - FireStarBooks *Guest Post*
Aug 20 - Jenns Review Blog *Review & Giveaway
Aug 21 - Beth Art From the Heart *Review, Guest Post & Giveaway
Aug 22 - A Soul Unsung *Guest Post*
Aug 23 - Simply Infatuated *Promo Post
             - Turning the Pages *Interview
Aug 24 - Waiting on Sunday to Drown *Review
Aug 25 - The Book Lover's Report *Interview
Aug 26 - For The Love Of Film And Novels *Review, Guest Post, Giveaway
Aug 27 - ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** Review & Giveaway
Aug 28 - Books and Other Spells *Guest Post
             - *Sherri's FIK*TISH*UHS Reviews *Review
Aug 29 - Creative Reads *Review
Aug 30 - Doctor's Notes *Review & Giveaway
Aug 31 - Bookworm Babblings *Review

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  1. SupaGurl, you are supa awesome. Much love for the crash course in blog touring. You rock!


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