Friday, June 22, 2012

M Leighton Week *Jersey POV*

If you are just now joining us this week... You must go catch up! It all starts HERE

Today we get a POV from the Fab Jersey! I love this girl and thinks she is a Rockin Chick *mer* whatevs

So Take it away Jersey!!

(When Madly sees Jackson teasing Jersey—JERSEY’S POV)

“I think I need to hear some begging,” Jackson declared, holding me high above his head. I couldn’t help but giggle. I missed seeing the light, fun, carefree side of my brother. It had never been easy to dig out, him being a Sentinel and all, but it certainly used to show itself more often before he was sent away to train. Away from Madly.
He spun me around. “You are the best brother ever.  You are the most handsome brother ever.  You are the smartest brother ever.  You are the strongest brother ever.  You are the…”
I trailed off when I saw Madly standing in the doorway. She was slumped against the door jamb, a beautifully content smile on her face as she watched Jackson. She closed her eyes, as if she were savoring the moment. Savoring him.
Damn, that girl is head over heels for him!
When the silence grew noticeable, she opened her eyes and looked at my brother. I didn’t have to be able to see his face to know he was watching her. His entire demeanor had changed, like it always did when Madly was around. She was the only person in the world who couldn’t see it.
Slowly, Jackson let me down, all remnants of good cheer gone.  For just a second, I considered doing something drastic, like announcing that they were both in love with each other and demanding that they kiss and get it over with. The suspense was killing even me, for god’s sake! But Jackson would never forgive me. He’d suffered so much to keep his standing as a Sentinel, to give Madly the best chance he could for happiness. What Jackson didn’t realize was that Madly will never be happy with anyone else. And I was pretty sure she was starting to see that.
Shaking off the thoughts, I punched Jackson in the arm and ran for the door. As usual, the tension-breaking duties were left up to me. My role as little sister and best friend was an important one, whether they realized it or not.
I nearly ran Madly over. She was still standing in the doorway, staring at Jackson like he was the last drop of water on the planet and she needed him to survive. In a way, I guess she did.
Stupid kids, I thought before turning to taunt Jackson one more time. At least one of us had to act normal, and it didn’t look like it was going to be either of them any time soon.
“See you later, sucka!” I said, slamming the door shut and locking it quickly.
“What was that about?” Madly asked, as if I was too clueless to notice what just happened. But that was all right. I could play along if that’s what they needed me to do. They’d tell me when they were ready. Until then, I’d just enjoy the show.
Still smiling my I’ve-got-a-secret smile, I walked casually away from the door.  “Oh, nothing.  Just harassing Jackson.”

See... How can you not love her! She is an amazing sister and bestie. So... does this make you see that she is NOT in the dark *lol*

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  1. Wow! Day 6 already?! Where has the week gone?! o glad that my brother's were younger than me!

  2. I love jersey, heck I love everything about this series. And yes jackson is like the last drop of water I would greedily drink up *sigh*

    1. Oi! Mind your manners with my Jackson :P

    2. Oi! Mind your manners with my Jackson :P

  3. Hehe, I just love Jersey. This was an adorable POV! Thanks M. Leighton you made that one fun as all get out. Yea, I sorta thought maybe she knew :)

  4. Okay Jersey is sooo cute! I was wondering, what kind of name is Jersey?! But she's adorable. I like seeing things from other people's points of view.
    Thanks Ms. Leighton!

    Alyssa <3

  5. Each post I read makes me want to read this series more and more!

  6. gah! I love this!! Seems like everyone knew except Madly & Jackson. lol

  7. OOH! I totally want to read this series!!!

  8. This seriously sounds like such an amazing series. The characters seem really awesome!!

  9. Can't believe it's day 6 already!
    What can I say after this post besides:
    - Madly: WAKE UP!
    - Jersey: Best BFF and sister!
    - Jackson: Oh, Jackson.. I. LOVE. YOU!

  10. What Amy said....This week is making me antsy to get my hands on these books!

  11. I need to read book three, i love this series.

  12. This series sounds great! I love your new blog design.

  13. That was great. Very nice post.

  14. I really can't wait to read this series. It sounds awesome.

  15. Jersey is awesome! I love her already and I'm just a little over 1/2 way through Madly!


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