Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daemon Invasion Pt. 2 Woodstock GA Signing with J L Armentrout

Ok so the amazing peeps that were at the signing have AMAZING pictures also!! here are a couple places you can find some more...

Reading Angel *One of my fave peeps on the planet*
Refracted Light Reviews *Amazingly Cool Girls*

Now here are some that VLC Production *Vania* took for me cause my stupid camera batteries died... Yeah He was that Awesome :) 

T-man *my boy* , Me and Jennifer

Me , T-man, Pepe and Sztella
T-man getting his shirt signed! by Sztella

T-man getting his shirt signed by Pepe

Also.. Theses are amazing pics from Dani @ Refracted Light 

Me, Brittni and Tess

Me, T-man, Angela talking with Author Shelli Johannes

Great shot!

Me and another of MY FAVE authors Shelli Johannes

Dinner :)

I'm still reeling from the day :) prob. will be for some time! I love going to events and meeting not only the authors but the AMAZING bloggers I talk with!


  1. Gah! SO fun! Dan's pics are so good!! I'm glad y'all had such a good time, can't wait til it's my turn :)

  2. So Awesome!!! I am totally jealous!! It looks like it was so fun!!


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