Monday, June 18, 2012

M Leighton Week *All about M Leighton*

Yesterday we had all about Madly did you miss it? if so then check it out!

Today I have an awesome Interview with M Leighton herself! She is just Awesome enough to totally rock your face off! So.... Here we go...

Today I am Interviewing the SupaFantastic M Leighton....

So I'm totally excited to get to interview you although ... I'm not sure what to ask you as I chat you up all the time. *yeah I totally wrote feel instead of chat when I was typing that* Soooo anyway... Hi girl *waves* first question right off... Did you happen to bring Jackson with you?? *looks around*
Jackson is like American Express--I never leave home without him:D. And yes, because of him, sometimes I never leave home...period! LOL
Well... I will try not to get distracted by his Awesomeness. *giggles* Ok so really random question.... Do you like cheesecake?
I love cheesecake!  And almost any variety, too, but I must admit my favorite is just plain ole' cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.  I find it nearly as delicious as Jackson.  Nearly:)
Squeee!!! I totally lurve cheesecake and really everyone should *nods* *GASP* oh wait you said NEARLY as delicious... ok ok :D  You have some amazing books girl! What was the thing that got you writing to begin with?
As, ahem, "cheesy" as it sounds *snorts* it was after I finished reading the Twilight series in late June of 2009 that I got the bug.  I decided that I'd like to write a book that I can make last as long as I want it to. If it's MY story, it won't ever have to end, I won't ever have to let the characters go like I had to do with Edward and Bella.  And so, I sat down at my computer one evening and started typing.  After 14 days of obsessive writing, I ended up with my first novel, a 105K word adult paranormal romance.
Oh! That is so not "cheesy" I love that! I totally fell for that series it's what got me reading again! Also, I have my living room in mostly Twilight stuff so yeah that is a tad meh... And OMG you have an Adult para book?? did you publish it?
No, I didn't. I decided to write YA and stick with that for a while, although I fully intend to publish it eventually.  I love both the story and the characters, but I want to keep YA and adult separate, so... maybe later:)
Something else to look forward to with you! YAY. Just so ya know I really love adult para too! *Looks over at Jackson* *waves like crazy girl she is* Sorry, no wait I'm really not! LOL. What do you do when you write? Listen to music? need quiet? dish girl!
Although I am perfectly normal in all other respects *please hold hysterical laughter until the end* I am a bit unusual in this manner.  I not only prefer, but I require absolute silence when I write.  It is to the point where I get distracted if the neighbor mows his lawn or my hubby watches television in the next room with the door open.  Only if I am deeply--and I mean DEEPLY-- embroiled in a scene can I type with background noise.  It's really weird!
*giggles* Girl that is some serious thing you got going on... I can block out anything so yeah that would drive me crazy if I couldn't! What types of books do you like to read?
I grew up reading my mom's romance books.  You know, "old school" romance, as I call them--historical romance.  Smut:D  LOL  I still like to read those.  Johanna Lindsey and Stephanie Laurens are two of my favorites.  I love to read paranormal, too, though.  I used to love Stephen King, but I haven't read him in quite a while.  Every now and then I sprinkle in some Janet Evanovich for humor and some Lee Child or James Patterson for mystery.  Truthfully, I'll read almost anything if it can hook me in the first few pages.
Those are some awesome authors. I love Smut.. oh wait did I say that out loud?? Ok So if you haven't already you should totally read The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward *I always recommend these* Now it is time for some Random this or that....

High heels or chucks?
High heels
Outdoors or indoors?
Half and half
Movie Theater or Rent one?
Theater on the weekends, rentals during the week.  Unless it snows, then it's rentals all the way!  And lots of 'em;)
E-book or Real book?
eBook.  Of course *wink*
Mountains or Beach?
Beach.  I lived in the mountains for a while, so the beach is next on my list:)
Steak or Chicken?
Dang, these are hard questions!!!  Chicken unless it's a filet then I'd go steak.
Jackson or Jackson... Oh wait nevermind
Exactly!  LMAO
Cheesecake or Brownie?
Cheesecake.  Now, if you'd said Godiva...
Video Games or Shopping?
Shopping.  Shopping, shopping, shopping!  Did I mention that I love shopping?
Shark or Snake?
I'd love to swim with a shark, but I'm gonna have to wait for Jackson to take me, so I'm gonna go with snake for now...

Great answers! Ok so just a couple more questions and then I'm gonna turn you loose back to the world. What kind of music do you listen to?

Mostly radio-popular stuff, but I get a wild hair every now and again and I listen to rock.  I love 80s and 90s rock.  I grew up with hair bands and I'm pretty sure it left a lifelong impression on me:D 

Ok we are seriously gonna get along awesomely! I totally cannot wait to meet you at UtopYA Con!! Anything else you wanna throw out there for everyone? 

Don't eat yellow snow:)

Please make sure you comment each day or your entries will not count! This will be on each days post this week

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  1. Great Interview! I can definitely attest to the fact that M. is just as awesome in person as she is on twitter LOL! I can't wait to see you both again in July!!! eeeeps....and I don't like cheesecake

    1. *GASP* how can you not like cheesecake!!!! that's just not right... I'm not sure if you my friend anymore Tess!

  2. LMAO!!! One of my fav interviews!!

  3. I gotta say reading the interview I realized how down to earth and amazing some authors are!! Kinda an inspiration :) can't wait for more this week.. Gotta say I love cheesecake it was the first thing my nan taught me to cook lol... Now I can't stop haha..

  4. Hah! That was great. Thanks! Oh, and thanks for that meaningful advice there on the end Leighton ;) will remember.

  5. another awesome interview. I was cracking up. She sounds like so much fun!

  6. Love the interview! She is so funny!

  7. YAY!!! Go Ms. Leighton!!!! I love the this or that questions!!! Heels are so much prettier than chucks, but chucks are comfier. And I think that BROWNIE CHEESECAKE is even better!!! lol. Great interview! Ms. Leighton is one of my favorite Indie authors. I hope you keep writing YA books! I especially loved The Fahllen series, and this series of course!!!

    Alyssa Susanna

  8. Fab interview. And a good life lesson there at the end :P

  9. How about chocolate brownie cheesecake?! That is seriously special ;)
    Have got to meet the wonderful Jackson soon! It sounds like Madly is a very lucky girl!

    1. and the black dagger brotherhood? Amazing! You have good taste ;)

  10. I think I've read every book by this lady. awesome!

  11. Awesome interview! I really enjoyed learning more about M. Leighton. And oh my God, please publish the adult paranormal!

  12. Looking forward to that adult paranormal!

  13. I have 3 things to say:
    1. the words "wicked funny" were made for THIS interview!
    2. Heather: couldn't have thought of better questions and M: way to answer!
    3. How can you both possibly concentrate having Jackson so close?? #whatachallenge

  14. How fun. I agree about the cheesecake.

  15. Great interview!! She is so awesome!! I love reading great and entertaining interviews like this. Totally made my day. :)

  16. Great interview. I cant imagine writing a book that fast. They look really good. Thanks

  17. Yes. beach. and godiva!! but not together cause that would be messy. :D

  18. I loved this interview. She sounds super cool, and I'm so impressed that she just started writing after reading twilight! Wow! I just love, love her books, and I just finished reading all of the Madly books. I can't wait for the next one. Oh, and Jackson, could he be any steamier? Sheesh!!!

  19. Cheesecake FTW (although, heels?? NO WAY! Give me the chucks!)


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