Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kickbutt britt's review of Dante's Girl by Courtney Cole

Okay so since this is my first review on this blog i'll let y'all know how I roll. Im not a essay long reviewer im short n sweet so here goes:

I rate this book 4 karate kicks

Strong independent female lead-check
Exotic destination I can only dream of going to-check
Hot sexy male lead who sweeps me err I mean uh yeah-check
Drama and twist-check

The only downfall I have is I, I repete, I have is I felt there were to many loose ends at the end but I guess thats why its book number one besides that I LOVED it. Reece is on her way to visit her father in london which she is not excited about she gets laidover in amsterdam and BAM and I mean BAM enters Dante (swoon). I dont like to spoil anything sooo some drama happens and Reece soon finds herself staying with Mr.Swoon (no thats not his last name lol) things go smoothly for awhile and then events happen that make Reece wonder if her and dante could ever be. Some more drama happens then happy cliffhanger. If you want to know all the juicy dets you'll have to pick it up yourself lol hope you enjoy :)

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