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M Leighton Week *The Lost Pages at the End of Book 3*

It is here!!! If you have read Madly and the Jackal well you CANNOT MISS this!

These are the "lost" pages at the end of book 3 Madly and the Jackal and Imma just go ahead and be all ....

*Happy Dance*

Ok enough from me... Here is the Awesomeness!! Thank you M! I totally Heart You!

As Jackson lay atop me, his breathing ragged and heavy, I watched the items in the room settle back to Earth. It’s as though the atmosphere mirrored my turbulent emotions. I wondered at the strange occurrence, wondered what it could mean. I feared that I might know.
Jackson pressed his lips against my neck then my jaw then moved them up to mine. His kiss was tender and sincere, full of all the love I knew he had for me, love he’d always have for me. The Lore had tried to steal it, but not even their dark magic could take away something so deep and powerful.
That knowledge settled over my heart like a warm, comforting blanket. It smothered all the doubt and heartache of the last few days and left me with nothing but the bone-deep assurance that nothing—no person, no spirit, no law, no curse—could ever destroy our love. Jackson and I were written in the stars and in the sands thousands of years ago. Our purpose would be fulfilled, but only through our extraordinary love. 
In that moment, I knew we shared something the world had never seen, something that would change the entire Mer culture. Our love was and is meant to transcend people and bias and time and struggle. Our love is meant to be forever, eternal.
When Jackson leaned back, I could see the worry etched in the lines on his brow. I thought back to the feeling that something had died a little under the curse of The Jackal and Hyden. As I looked in his eyes, I knew what it was. It was the doubt of mortal love. Like steel that passes through fire over and over again, my love for Jackson had passed through hell. And now it was stronger than any material Mer or humanity had ever seen. Our love would conquer all. Our love would last until the end. Our love would change our world.
“What is it?” he asked, rubbing his fingertips over my temple.
I smiled, a wide, genuine smile. “Nothing. I just realized that you’re mine. Really mine. And I’m yours. Forever.”
Jackson smiled, too. It was full of relief. And love. Profound, abiding love. “You’re just now realizing that?”
I shrugged. “I’m a slow learner. What can I say?”
He chuckled. “Better late than never.”
With that, he gave me a peck on the lips and rolled off me. He sat up and set his feet on the floor and I saw him still. I don’t think he was even breathing.
“Um, Madly, what happened in here?”
There were clothes and plates and books and shoes all over the floor. It looked as though someone had tossed the room looking for drugs, like they do in the movies.
“I think something’s happening to me, Jackson.”
He turned to look at me, the lines of worry back on his face. “What do you mean?”
“I did this.”
“I don’t know. We were making love and I opened my eyes and I saw…” I gestured to the room with my hand.
Jackson turned to scan the floor once more before looking back at me. Cupping the back of my neck with one hand, he pulled me toward him and pressed his lips to my forehead then leaned his against it. “You know we can get through anything, right? Whatever it is.”
I smiled. “I know. As long as I have you, the rest doesn’t matter.”
“Then the rest will never matter, because you will always have me, Madly. Always.”
And maybe for the very first time ever, I believed him.

ummm... Whooooo!!!

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The scene was great! I am so incredibly thankful that you shared this Cause seriously at the end of the book I was just a wee bit worried. But its all good now! Jackson loves Madly still and Madly still loves Jackson. Happy. -waits for book 4- ;)

  3. Awwwww, this scene is nice. I'm glad the somewhat love triangle is somewhat resolved. Madly and Jackson are meant for each other. Thanks for the extras!!!

    Alyssa Susanna

  4. OK, am gonna be honest with you..
    I skipped the whole "last pages"part! *flushed*
    It's just that I haven't read Madly yet and I don't want to read any spoilers.
    Either way, be sure that as soon as I read the last pages of it in my Kindle, I'll be stopping by here again! ;)

  5. I haven't read any of the books so I didn't read this because I really don't want to spoil myself.

  6. Will this totally ruin it for me if I haven't read the book yet?!
    Your tweet message is still not working, think twitter must have something against you or something!

  7. Oh, I liked this post....nicely done!

  8. I still havent read book three yet so im gonna have to ignore this post until i have as i dont want to ruin the book.

  9. NEEDED this after the end of book 3. I feel much better about it now. Phew. SO good. I love my Jackson. Just love.

  10. Book 3 was so stressful that I really NEEDED this to settle me enough to even begin to wait for book 4!! Thanks for this.


  11. I haven't read the book but I didn't have the willpower not to read the post! Maybe a little spoilery but we all know who she'll end up with anyway, right? Thanks for posting!

  12. I didn't read all the exerpt because I haven't read the books and didn't want to spoil it. Thanks for the post.

  13. OMG that was awesomeness!!!!!! I thinks i like that ending better than it actually ended! YAY...but Im still DYING for book 4!

  14. Wheew! Thank God. My heart dropped at the end of the last scene of book three. This really does give me some hope! :) I can't wait for book 4, and I really hope they stay together. I really love them together.



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