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A Different Blue *Blast* GIVEAWAY by Amy Harmon

Book Blurb: 

Blue Echohawk doesn't know who she is.  She doesn't know her real name or when she was born.  Abandoned at two and raised by a drifter, she didn't attend school until she was ten years old.  At nineteen, when most kids her age are attending college or moving on in life, she is just a senior in high school.   With no mother, no father, no faith, and no future, Blue Echohawk is a difficult student, to say the least. Tough, hard and sexy, she is the complete opposite of the young British teacher who decides he is up for the challenge, and takes the troublemaker under his wing. 

This is the story of a nobody who becomes somebody.  It is the story of an unlikely friendship, where hope fosters healing and redemption becomes love.  But falling in love can be hard when you don't know who you are.  Falling in love with someone who knows exactly who they are and exactly why they can't love you back might be impossible.
Author Bio:  

Amy Harmon knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, so she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Amy Harmon has been a motivational speaker, a grade school teacher, a junior high teacher, a home school mom, and a member of the Grammy Award winning Saints Unified Voices Choir, directed by Gladys Knight. She released a Christian Blues CD in 2007 called "What I Know" - also available on Amazon and wherever digital music is sold.  She lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband and four kids, and doesn't plan to ever move somewhere, because nowhere is sublime.  She has written Running Barefoot, and the Young Adult books Slow Dance in Purgatory and the sequel, Prom Night in Purgatory.  A Different Blue is her fourth novel. 

Where to find Amy:



I love being creative with my chapter titles.  If you've read any of my other books, you already know that!  This book has titles that are all related to one word.  It is not obvious, at least it wasn't to me!  When you download the book, scroll through the chapter titles to figure out what each title has in common with the others.  Once you think you've got it figured out, write your answer in a message.  No one will be able to see anyone else's response.  The winner, selected by rafflecopter, will get a beautiful necklace AND charm bracelet with charms that represent different elements in the book OR a $20 Amazon gift card, whichever the winner chooses, and a runner up will get the remaining prize.

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COVER REVEAL - Holding On by Emma Hart

Holding On- A New Adult Novella
By Emma Hart
Release Date - April 15, 2013

If you read Emma's Never Forget then you MUST read Holding On!   Book #2 in the Memories series, Always Remember, will be out in May 2013.  If you haven't read Never Forget- what are you waiting for??  Go get it HERE!


Living in London after spending almost twenty years in a town with
a population of three hundred would be hard on anyone – and Alec
Johnson is no exception to the rule.

When Alec followed Lexy to London, he knew his life would change
drastically. He just didn’t know how much. With Lexy’s friends and
admirer to contend with, he has to show there’s more to the country
surfer boy than is ability to ride the waves. With his own shameless
admirers, he has to keep Lexy’s trust – and despite her love for him,
that’s no easy task.

Beneath her tough girl exterior, all Jennifer Mason has ever wanted to
do is paint. London’s School of Art can give her that, and she couldn’t
be happier she’s finally breaking free from Lilac Bay. What she’s not
happy about is having to leave Carl behind – or his reluctance to visit
her while she’s studying.

Their relationship is put to the test as living on her own for the first time
and university take their toll on Jen. After all, three hundred miles is a
long way to be away from your boyfriend when you’re eighteen years
And it’s even harder when you can’t keep your eyes off your best
friend’s older brother.

For a sneak peak Excerpt go HERE!!

Author Bio

By day, Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to a
terrible two year old and cooking baby, due September 2013. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of wine – well, tropical juice now – and writes books. She likes to write about magic, kisses and whatever else she can fit into the story. Sarcastic, witty characters are a must.
As are hot guys. She's working on the companion novel to her latest release and NA debut, Never Forget (Memories #1), and The Love Game (The Game, #1) will release on March 29th. She likes to be busy - unless busy involves doing the dishes. Ironically, that's where most of her ideas come from. Her debut YA series, The Mauve Legacy, is an Apple iBooks Bestseller - and this makes Emma excited.

Stalk Emma here:


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Only Love by Elle Chardou with GIVEAWAY

Only Love (The Atonement Series)
Deirdre Bardot’s life changed almost one year ago when her father was run over by a drunk driver and his crime was never solved. In the last few months, she has ended therapy, found love in the arms of Colin van der Meer, her psychiatrist’s son, and they are now engaged to be married and are expecting their first child… A grave secret is revealed on a routine check-up and Deirdre, feeling lost and alone, flees her old life, leaving her fiancée and the city of her birth, Seattle, behind her.
She quickly settles in La Jolla, California and meets her sexy—if not mysterious—next door neighbor, Drake O’Connell. After he proves he is more than just a good looking face when tragedy strikes Deirdre, she is left with one of the most terrifying decisions of her life.
Colin is back and he isn’t ready to take “no” for an answer. Although she still loves her former fiancée, she finds herself head over heels and slowly falling in love with Drake. 
Deirdre has no choice but to make a decision: she can fight for the past and the world she knew or she can fight for an unknown future that could bring her more happiness than her heart can hold. 

The Atonement series consists of the following books:
Atonement (Deirdre and Colin’s story)
Only Love (Deirdre, Drake and Colin’s story; March, 2013)
Only Time (Caitlyn and Liam’s story: May, 2013)
Only You (Drew and Aubrey’s story; July, 2013)

The books do not have to be read in order nor do they have to each be read to understand the series.


Elle Chardou is a world traveler and author of several different series. 
Ms. Chardou is the author of The Ties That Bind Trilogy, The Atonement Series, The Hart Family Saga, The Vamp Saga, The Supernaturals, Beginnings: Book I (The Plague) series. 
She is currently working on Only Time (The Atonement Series), and Queen of the Immortals, Book Three in The Vamp Saga.
Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contact Information

Blog: The Beautiful People: A Writer’s Journey located
Join Ms. Chardou’s Mailing List for early notification of New Books HERE!
Follow Elle Chardou on Twitter:!/dblanchbenz007
Like Elle Chardou on Facebook:

If you would like to email me, I can be reached at:

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Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins ~Review~

So I come home one day to find this ARC
Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy, #2)

in my mailbox.  Being an adult and all you think I would have just done a little

but nope, I was full on...

Oh yes indeed, I went into full fangirl flip out mode.  I even have to apologize 
for a bit of bragging I did on Twitter because I was just so darn excited!!

Sweet Peril is amazing!  Like really really amazing friends. 

Anna, now semi-working for her father, has grown up and matured.  Her ill fated year with Kaiden still haunts her but she is coping.  Soon she gets wind of a new mission that changes her focus and sets things in motion for covert angel missions.

We get to hang out with all of our favorite angels from Sweet Evil and meet some new ones as Anna is dispatched around the world to find some allies with none other than Kopano!

SP is filled with Dukes, demon whisperers and steamy tension!  We also get a good share of laughter, thanks in part to the return of Blake, Son of the Duke of Envy. 

AND we get to more Kai!!!  

"You want to talk about that night? The night you almost got yourself killed? What do you want me to say, Anna?  Would  you like to hear how it was the worst bloody night of my life?"

THAT is all I can say here!  Sweet Peril will be released April 30th and I suggest you run out and grab it asap.  No really- I mean it, RUN!!

"Oh? It's April 30th??  Excuse me!"

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wolf Spell by M.R. Polish Tour Stop of Awesome

I have a great somethin somethin for you today!! Let me just say first off This Book Rocks!! I loved every second of it :)  So... if you haven't heard about it or read it yet check this now..

Book Blurb:
With a death starts a new beginning...

Eighteen-year-old Esmerelda thinks she’s just a normal girl, but all of that changes the day of her mom’s funeral, when a warlock, intent on using her special powers, kidnaps her. Powers she didn’t know existed. Thrown in the middle of a magical battle, Es struggles to learn her magic while fleeing both vampires and warlocks, at the same time, hunting for the witches that can help defeat her adversary. The only problem is that they are dead.

Thankfully, she has the help of Jarak—her Guardian—who quickly captures her heart, but she wonders if she can win his? Just when she thinks Jarak is the one for her, Ian appears with daggers drawn to save Es from a vampire attack. Ian is cocky and rude, but there is something magnetic about him—something that attracts her to him. With her heart torn between two men, she faces the foes that are out for her blood. Can Es do the unthinkable and awaken them from their graves before time runs out?

Author Bio:
If I am not producing magic potions, traveling to far off lands and falling in love with mythical creatures, then I am awake - tripping over toys, chasing my kids and conjuring ways to unknowingly booby trap our house for my husband. (Yes its unknowingly, I swear I never placed the tiny plastic army man in his path for him to find in the dark of midnight!) I love my husband and my four wonderful children (all of whom help with the booby traps!) We are Nevadians and are happy, although I envy and miss the beautiful mountains of Idaho. I love writing Young Adult and Adult Fantasy and Paranormal with Romance, although you never know what could show up in my books!

M.R. Polish

Let’s talk with Jarak 

Do you have a nickname?:  Um, no, sorry. I think my name is unique enough that a nickname would just mess with everyone.

What is the meaning of your name?:  Well from what I’ve been told, it means something like strong or fierce. I’m okay with either one.

And how old are you right now?:  Wow, okay. I’m not gonna say because it’s a little complicated but I don’t age like normal mortals.

Okay, well how old do you feel?: That’s better, I feel and look about twenty.

Do you know your blood type?:  *Looks around nervously* I don’t think you’d like my blood. I don’t have magic.

I didn’t ask because I want to drink it, yuck! You are hard to interview. Can you answer the question?: Actually I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ve ever had it tested. Hum, I’ve always had a witch or warlock around if I needed help so it never has been an issue. 

Well at least you finally answered. So, do you have a title?: I’m a Guardian. 

What is a Guardian exactly?: Oh, well, we are kinda like the supernatural secret service. Kinda like body guards for witches. We each take on different jobs when a witch or other supernatural beings hire us.

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Okay, so, where do you live?:  I have a sweet little cabin up in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. 

Can you describe your room?:  *he laughs* Well, right now I have some house guests and Es and Ailaina have my room so I’ve been sleeping on the couch. I have another small room but my brother is using that one and I don’t want to share. 

Do you have any favorite pastimes?:  Driving in the hills, hiking, hunting, the usual man stuff. 

What are your special powers or talents?: Well other than the fact that I can burp the abc’s, I have Maztic who is my spirit wolf. We have a spiritual and close connection.  

What about family, do you have any?: All I have left is my brother Ian. 

Do you have a first memory you’d like to share?:  *Cringes* I’d have to think back a while, but I can remember the first time I saw Maztic. I don’t know how I remember, I just do. I was a baby and have no memory till years later, but I remember his eyes staring at me, his white fur was soft as he laid down beside me. It’s something I will remember forever. I’ll never forget how safe he made me feel.

What about a past failure? You have anything you try not to let people know?:  Ugh, I have many, but not too sure about telling. *deep breath* I tried to go bungee jumping once, but chickened out at last minute. I am so not the adventurous type. My jumping partner was a little upset, seeing as he was bound with me and we had to get me out of the ropes before he could jump. I really thought he was gonna jump with me still attached. 

Who is your favorite parent?:  *Smiles* It wasn’t really a parent, but my grandparent. It was my grandpa. He was the coolest. His stories were amazing.

Here are some easy ones… tell us a little bit about yourself physically…

Height:  5 foot 10 inches

Weight: You ask some strange questions. What? Is the world really wanting to know this stuff? I am 220 pounds.

Skin:  Um, white.

Hair:  Dark brown

Eyes:  Blue

Left/Right handed?: Right

How do you dress?:  Holy canolly, seriously? I usually wear jeans and my Doc Martin boots. I like button up shirts. T shirts are good too, especially when training for working out.

What about weapons?:   Don’t use them. Maztic and myself are the only weapons I need.

Are you generally balanced or clumsy?:  I’d like to think of myself as very balanced.

How would you describe your voice?: Wow, I never thought about it. It’s deep, kinda low. I’m not a bass singer or anything here, but I definitely wouldn’t say tenor. 

What is your patience level?:  I have a pretty long rope of patience. It takes a lot to really bother me. So I’d say about and 8 out of 10.

What’s your greatest fear?:  I’m afraid of losing the one I love.

What about other fears or phobias?:  Hum, not too many things scare me. I’d say that I’m more afraid to let loose and just have fun. It’s scares me to lose control. So when I do it, it is a BIG deal. I did that with Es not too long ago, she had fun, but if she knew how fast my heart was beating the whole time she’d probably laugh at me. I put on a good show. 

What is your biggest regret?: Letting someone die.

Okay, here is a big one, then I’m almost done torturing you. What is your darkest, deepest secret?:   Wow, you really do want to know everything. My darkest secret is something I can’t tell you. I will let everyone know soon, because I think M.R. is putting it in Wolf Dream. She’s the only one who knows. 

Okay. What about your favorite color?:  I like grey.

What type of music is your favorite?:  R&B and Hip Hop. Things that make me want to move a little.

Do you have a favorite movie?: Hum, not really. I like them all equally. I like action movies though, so any of them would be my favorite. Can’t wait for the new Iron Man movie getting ready to come out. 

Favorite animal?:   That’s easy, wolf

And I would just like to end all that awesomeness with *Swoon* 

Buy Links :
Buy Wolf Spell - Amazon

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Ageless Sea by M.R. Polish *COVER REVEAL*

Ok.... So here is the dealy-o This right here is my Favorite .... YES FAVORITE cover Evar!!

I have been dyin to show it to Everyone so ... here it is.....

Sorry had to do that .... 

OMG!!! How Freakin Beautiful/Sexy/Awesome is that??

I love love the colors on the markings and her hair.... and dang aren't they sexy.... whoooot!!! now for the blurb ;) 

Book Blurb:

 In  a  world  of  magic,  myths  are  real,  and  legends  come  to  life.
Banished  for  a  crime  she  didn’t  commit,  Karis  must  learn  to  live  her  life  alone.   After  many  years,  one  man  is  strong  enough  to  survive  the  cursed  barrier  that  keeps  her  from  leaving  the  island.  She  needs  him  so  she  can  return  to  her  world,  to  change  the  wrongs  against  her,  and  save  her  people  from  the  evil  threatening  to  rule  them.  With  him  by   her  side,  she  feels  the  loneliness  slip  away,  only  to  have  love  take  its  place.
The  weather  was  clear  and  the  day  was  young.  Brady  never  thought  twice  when  he  took  off  in  his  plane.  Surviving  the  crash  onto  the  secluded  island  was  only  the  beginning.  He  didn’t  have  his  memories,  only  pieces  of  his  childhood  that  remained  with  him.  Nothing  that  gave  him  a  reason  to  believe  he  was  different.  He  soon  learns  that  everything  he  thought  were  just  myths,  was  in  reality  only  worlds  away.  Karis  shows  him  a  new  life—one  where  he  fights  beside  her  and  calls  her  his.
Life.  Love.  Death. 
Every  day  their  love  grows  deeper,  but  can  they  survive  the  evil  hunting  them?
Ageless Sea

Author Bio: 

If I am not producing magic potions, traveling to far off lands and falling in love with mythical creatures, then I am awake - tripping over toys, chasing my kids and conjuring ways to unknowingly booby trap our house for my husband. (Yes its unknowingly, I swear I never placed the tiny plastic army man in his path for him to find in the dark of midnight!) I love my husband and my four wonderful children (all of whom help with the booby traps!) We are Nevadians and are happy, although I envy and miss the beautiful mountains of Idaho. I love writing Young Adult and Adult, Fantasy and Paranormal with Romance, although you never know what could show up in my books!

Book Trailer: Premiere


UtopYA Author Interview - Patti Larsen

Welcome to another installment of
"I'm going to UtopYACon!"

Today we are interviewing
Patti Larsen

- What is the one book of yours (if you have more than one) that you would suggest a fan read before going to UtopYA?

Family Magic (though I love all of my series, this is my most popular right now, and still on-going) about sixteen-year-old Sydlynn Hayle whose mother is a witch, father is a demon and she just wants to be ordinary. Snarky, sarcastic, funny, full of action and a romantic touch or two, Family Magic is YA paranormal down to the core. Book fourteen of the series is just coming out the end of Februrary.
- What is your favorite paranormal element/character to read (angels, vampires, werewolves, time travel etc.)

I love all of them, as long as the characters speak to me and the story is solid. I literally read everything I can get my hands on though, if I had to choose… I’m really into books that drawn on multiple elements and make them tie together effortlessly—like explaining why vampires are necessary for time travel, or something like that. I love the originality of taking two unrelated paranormal aspects and adding new mythology.
- How many books do you find yourself getting to read a month?

Between four and six. I wish it was more, but my own books take up so much time! Still, I do my best to keep up with what everyone else is writing. I have a vacation coming in April and plan to dive into my Kindle for a solid week of reading. Can you tell I’m excited?
- Do You have an Author you are dying to meet at UtopYA?

I’ve spent the last three years meeting and connecting with so many amazing writers on Facebook and Twitter. The realization I get to meet them in person and probably hug them (I’m not normally huggy, but I can tell that’s going out the window when I see faces I know) just thrills me. So all of them. Group hug, gang!
- Random question ALERT if you are a coffee drinker what’s your fave flavor/kind?

Tea, thanks. Black, hot, strong. At least three cups when I’m writing.

- Random question ALERT part 2, what's your writing snack to have on hand?

I can’t eat when I write. My husband has to cook for me. If left to my own devices, I won’t have anything until I’m done at around seven pm. Thank goodness he feeds me.

- Are you going as a Panelist, an Exhibitor or just as an Author to learn more?

As an Author. I’m bringing some fun swag, just in case, but I’m really attending to meet the people I’ve only known digitally, immerse myself in the culture and have a ton of fun.
- Can you give us a small excerpt from one of your books?

Sure! The following comes from Family Magic

Finally the endless day ended. I grabbed my remaining belongings from my locker, not willing to leave anything behind. I turned into the crowd to run home and hide under my comforter. Tomorrow was going to be a sick day if I had to make myself ill.
Didn’t I do it again? Ran right smack into Brad. I almost had a heart attack. Set up! My little voice screamed as I scanned the crowd for Alison. What diabolical scheme was this? I backed away from him, feeling like I’d just dropped out of the fire into the burning pit of hell. Brad stepped forward, concern on his face, the half-smile in greeting fading fast.
“Syd?” He reached out one hand. “Are you okay?”
I risked another glance around the crowd for the bitch queen. Still no Alison. Despite her absence, I knew the kids in the hallway watched and listened with every fiber in their being.
“Yeah, thanks,” I ducked my head and tried to dodge him. He wasn’t having any. Brad stopped me by grabbing my arm, not hard.  The touch alone was enough to make me halt and look up.
“I seem to keep running into you,” he said, trying to make a joke of it. “I’m really sorry.”
I blinked, feeling like someone hit me hard. He was sorry? Brad Peters was blaming himself for my inexcusable clumsiness? Seriously? I allowed myself to soften and believe it. After a heartbeat, I toughened up.
Definitely a trap.
“Stop being nice,” I snapped, tired and upset and frustrated after my long day in a very long week, and it was only Tuesday. “I know Alison put you up to this, so you can stop. I get it, consider me punished.”
Brad shook his head, confused. Could it be true he had no idea? No one could be that out of touch. The hallway itself vibrated with tension from me and the other kids in the know.
But nope. He really was clueless. Imagine that.
“I don’t know what Alison told you, Syd,” Brad said, “but she didn’t put me up to anything. I wanted to apologize for yesterday.”
“You shouldn’t be talking to me,” I told him, despite wanting more than anything for him to keep talking to me. Brad Peters was - talking - to - me.
“Why not?” His beautiful eyes crinkled at the corners as he frowned.
“Alison won’t like it,” I said as softly as I could, worried like in magic, names had power. But nope, no wicked witch appeared. Amazing.
“Alison doesn’t tell me who to talk to,” Brad replied. “I’ve actually been wanting to say ‘hi’ for a while.”
I stared at him in open shock, not even aware of the world around me. In that glorious moment, it was just me and him. Any fantasy I imagined on my own couldn’t compare to this.
“Really?” I hated how my voice squeaked a little. “How come?”
Brad laughed. The whole world shone like heaven when Brad laughed.
“No reason. Is that okay?” His green eyes gave me the most delicious shivers. It was almost too much for me to comprehend.
“I guess,” I said. “I just find it a little strange.”
“Why?” His turn to be confused.
“No one else seems to want to get to know me.” As soon as I spoke, I worried I sounded like a whiner. “Small town, hard to meet people, you know?”
He ran one hand through his glossy blonde hair. My insides trembled as my knees went soft.
“Yeah, I get it,” he said. “It must be tough. I grew up here, guess it’s way easier for me.”
“I guess,” I breathed, clinging to the brief instant in time that I, Syd Hayle, was talking to the most popular boy in school because he wanted to say hello. I knew I’d be replaying it over and over when I made it home.
“So maybe we can go get a pizza or something sometime,” Brad said.
And the blessed angels sang Hallelujah. If it kept up much longer, I would need him to hold me up. Which meant he would have to—sigh—touch me and I didn’t know if I would survive it.
In the heartbeat I thought the idea could even possibly come true, reality struck.

- What if we want to stalk you? Where can we do that....

Find me at my website:
My facebook fanpage:

Thanks Patti for stopping by!
Another one down and many many more to come...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UTopYA Author Interview - Tammy Blackwell

We'be been doing VERY random interviews with some of the awesome authors 
who are heading to UTopYACon this June..

Today we are checking in with
Tammy Blackwell

-  What is the one book of yours (if you have more than one) that you would suggest a fan read before going to UtopYA?

Destiny Binds, because it’s where it all begins. :)

-  What is your favorite paranormal element/character to read (angels, vampires, werewolves, time travel etc.)

I like shifters. I don’t care what they change into - wolves, giant cats, fluffy bunnies - I just like people who are also animals, which is ironic, since I’m definitely not an animal person!

-  How many books do you find yourself getting to read a month?

Before I started writing, I read at least 2 or 3 books a week, often more than that. Now, I struggle to get 2 or 3 read a month.

-  Do You have an Author you are dying to meet at UtopYA?

I can’t wait to meet Samantha Young in person!

- Random question ALERT if you are a coffee drinker what’s your fave flavor/kind?

Coffee is nothing more than dirty water. Yuck!

-  Random question ALERT part 2, what's your writing snack to have on hand?

I need lots of Mello Yello and peanut butter on toast to get me through a long night!

- Are you going as a Panelist, an Exhibitor or just as an Author to learn more?

This will be my second year as a panelist, so apparently I didn’t screw that up too much last year!

- Can you give us a small excerpt from one of your books?

   I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, so I tilted my head back and watched as glittery white flakes tumbled down from a black sky. My eyes rested on a clump of greenery wound around a high limb just seconds before Alex asked, “What is that?”
     “What is what?” I could feel every nerve in my body buzz to life and hoped he hadn’t notice my hands were shaking. I felt ridiculous for letting a ball of weeds get me so riled up.
     “That green stuff. Is it...”
     “Phoradendron serotinum?”
     “Yes. Mistletoe.” It was only two words, but it took all my mental facilities to get them out.
     “Are you sure?”
     I nodded my head in confirmation.
     “Mistletoe on a snowy Christmas night.” Alex gently grabbed my chin and tilted it so I was looking at him. “It seems I’m under a certain obligation here.”
     I just sat there like a statue, too nervous to breathe. Alex leaned in slowly, pausing once our noses were in tickling distance. “I’m going to kiss you now, Scout, unless you do something to stop me.”

-Destiny Binds

-What if we want to stalk you? Where can we do that....

Well, to get to Marshall County, Kentucky, you go to the edge of the earth and hang a right. My house is on the left. If that’s a bit too much work for you, you can just hunt me down online at my website ( or on Twitter (@Miss_Tammy)!

Leave it to the authors to always be full of humor!! Thanks Tammy!  
Keep your eyes open for out next contestant on..."I'm going to UtopYACon!!!!

Dreamscape by Christie Rich *COVER REVEAL*

Ready for a SupaAwesome Cover Reveal?? Well of course you are!

Today we have Christie Rich' New Book....


You ready for it?

What about now??

Ok..... no really here it is........

WOWZERS!! I love it... really it's beautiful :) 

What do you all think? Well here is the blurb to go with it...

Every night before Amelia falls asleep she makes a wish to dream of him – the man who calls her to their beautiful private oasis, her sanctuary where she is free of her greedy landlord’s threats. But tonight, he will not call Amelia to him. Tonight, another man will step into her world to claim her. Tonight, Amelia’s shattering reality will crumble - and disappear into the Dreamscape…along with her freedom.

When Amelia dreams tonight, her nightmare becomes her new world where Seth is her captor and anything is possible…except escape. Seth needs Amelia to break the curse that binds him to the Dreamscape. He must convince her that she was made to free him, that she was made to join him.

For if he fails, he will never escape his prison, and he will lose Earth to the Netherworld where the evil Erobos wait to consume the human realm and everything in it. If he fails, Seth will lose the one thing that matters to him: Amelia.

All about Christie Rich: 

I grew up daydreaming about fairytales, and my love for discovering new worlds has never died. I am not one of those writers who always knew I would write. I thought that was what other people did until one day a few years ago, I took a challenge from a friend and typed my first words. My journey has been wonderful, and I cannot imagine a day where I would ever give up writing now. My love for reading is what fueled my imagination in the first place and still does. When I am not writing or reading, I am enjoying family time with my husband and two children. We live in a quiet community under the Wellsville mountains in Utah, and I am so thankful for the rich life I have been blessed with.

Where you can find Christie: 

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