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UtopYA Author Interview - Patti Larsen

Welcome to another installment of
"I'm going to UtopYACon!"

Today we are interviewing
Patti Larsen

- What is the one book of yours (if you have more than one) that you would suggest a fan read before going to UtopYA?

Family Magic (though I love all of my series, this is my most popular right now, and still on-going) about sixteen-year-old Sydlynn Hayle whose mother is a witch, father is a demon and she just wants to be ordinary. Snarky, sarcastic, funny, full of action and a romantic touch or two, Family Magic is YA paranormal down to the core. Book fourteen of the series is just coming out the end of Februrary.
- What is your favorite paranormal element/character to read (angels, vampires, werewolves, time travel etc.)

I love all of them, as long as the characters speak to me and the story is solid. I literally read everything I can get my hands on though, if I had to choose… I’m really into books that drawn on multiple elements and make them tie together effortlessly—like explaining why vampires are necessary for time travel, or something like that. I love the originality of taking two unrelated paranormal aspects and adding new mythology.
- How many books do you find yourself getting to read a month?

Between four and six. I wish it was more, but my own books take up so much time! Still, I do my best to keep up with what everyone else is writing. I have a vacation coming in April and plan to dive into my Kindle for a solid week of reading. Can you tell I’m excited?
- Do You have an Author you are dying to meet at UtopYA?

I’ve spent the last three years meeting and connecting with so many amazing writers on Facebook and Twitter. The realization I get to meet them in person and probably hug them (I’m not normally huggy, but I can tell that’s going out the window when I see faces I know) just thrills me. So all of them. Group hug, gang!
- Random question ALERT if you are a coffee drinker what’s your fave flavor/kind?

Tea, thanks. Black, hot, strong. At least three cups when I’m writing.

- Random question ALERT part 2, what's your writing snack to have on hand?

I can’t eat when I write. My husband has to cook for me. If left to my own devices, I won’t have anything until I’m done at around seven pm. Thank goodness he feeds me.

- Are you going as a Panelist, an Exhibitor or just as an Author to learn more?

As an Author. I’m bringing some fun swag, just in case, but I’m really attending to meet the people I’ve only known digitally, immerse myself in the culture and have a ton of fun.
- Can you give us a small excerpt from one of your books?

Sure! The following comes from Family Magic

Finally the endless day ended. I grabbed my remaining belongings from my locker, not willing to leave anything behind. I turned into the crowd to run home and hide under my comforter. Tomorrow was going to be a sick day if I had to make myself ill.
Didn’t I do it again? Ran right smack into Brad. I almost had a heart attack. Set up! My little voice screamed as I scanned the crowd for Alison. What diabolical scheme was this? I backed away from him, feeling like I’d just dropped out of the fire into the burning pit of hell. Brad stepped forward, concern on his face, the half-smile in greeting fading fast.
“Syd?” He reached out one hand. “Are you okay?”
I risked another glance around the crowd for the bitch queen. Still no Alison. Despite her absence, I knew the kids in the hallway watched and listened with every fiber in their being.
“Yeah, thanks,” I ducked my head and tried to dodge him. He wasn’t having any. Brad stopped me by grabbing my arm, not hard.  The touch alone was enough to make me halt and look up.
“I seem to keep running into you,” he said, trying to make a joke of it. “I’m really sorry.”
I blinked, feeling like someone hit me hard. He was sorry? Brad Peters was blaming himself for my inexcusable clumsiness? Seriously? I allowed myself to soften and believe it. After a heartbeat, I toughened up.
Definitely a trap.
“Stop being nice,” I snapped, tired and upset and frustrated after my long day in a very long week, and it was only Tuesday. “I know Alison put you up to this, so you can stop. I get it, consider me punished.”
Brad shook his head, confused. Could it be true he had no idea? No one could be that out of touch. The hallway itself vibrated with tension from me and the other kids in the know.
But nope. He really was clueless. Imagine that.
“I don’t know what Alison told you, Syd,” Brad said, “but she didn’t put me up to anything. I wanted to apologize for yesterday.”
“You shouldn’t be talking to me,” I told him, despite wanting more than anything for him to keep talking to me. Brad Peters was - talking - to - me.
“Why not?” His beautiful eyes crinkled at the corners as he frowned.
“Alison won’t like it,” I said as softly as I could, worried like in magic, names had power. But nope, no wicked witch appeared. Amazing.
“Alison doesn’t tell me who to talk to,” Brad replied. “I’ve actually been wanting to say ‘hi’ for a while.”
I stared at him in open shock, not even aware of the world around me. In that glorious moment, it was just me and him. Any fantasy I imagined on my own couldn’t compare to this.
“Really?” I hated how my voice squeaked a little. “How come?”
Brad laughed. The whole world shone like heaven when Brad laughed.
“No reason. Is that okay?” His green eyes gave me the most delicious shivers. It was almost too much for me to comprehend.
“I guess,” I said. “I just find it a little strange.”
“Why?” His turn to be confused.
“No one else seems to want to get to know me.” As soon as I spoke, I worried I sounded like a whiner. “Small town, hard to meet people, you know?”
He ran one hand through his glossy blonde hair. My insides trembled as my knees went soft.
“Yeah, I get it,” he said. “It must be tough. I grew up here, guess it’s way easier for me.”
“I guess,” I breathed, clinging to the brief instant in time that I, Syd Hayle, was talking to the most popular boy in school because he wanted to say hello. I knew I’d be replaying it over and over when I made it home.
“So maybe we can go get a pizza or something sometime,” Brad said.
And the blessed angels sang Hallelujah. If it kept up much longer, I would need him to hold me up. Which meant he would have to—sigh—touch me and I didn’t know if I would survive it.
In the heartbeat I thought the idea could even possibly come true, reality struck.

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