Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UTopYA Author Interview - Tammy Blackwell

We'be been doing VERY random interviews with some of the awesome authors 
who are heading to UTopYACon this June..

Today we are checking in with
Tammy Blackwell

-  What is the one book of yours (if you have more than one) that you would suggest a fan read before going to UtopYA?

Destiny Binds, because it’s where it all begins. :)

-  What is your favorite paranormal element/character to read (angels, vampires, werewolves, time travel etc.)

I like shifters. I don’t care what they change into - wolves, giant cats, fluffy bunnies - I just like people who are also animals, which is ironic, since I’m definitely not an animal person!

-  How many books do you find yourself getting to read a month?

Before I started writing, I read at least 2 or 3 books a week, often more than that. Now, I struggle to get 2 or 3 read a month.

-  Do You have an Author you are dying to meet at UtopYA?

I can’t wait to meet Samantha Young in person!

- Random question ALERT if you are a coffee drinker what’s your fave flavor/kind?

Coffee is nothing more than dirty water. Yuck!

-  Random question ALERT part 2, what's your writing snack to have on hand?

I need lots of Mello Yello and peanut butter on toast to get me through a long night!

- Are you going as a Panelist, an Exhibitor or just as an Author to learn more?

This will be my second year as a panelist, so apparently I didn’t screw that up too much last year!

- Can you give us a small excerpt from one of your books?

   I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, so I tilted my head back and watched as glittery white flakes tumbled down from a black sky. My eyes rested on a clump of greenery wound around a high limb just seconds before Alex asked, “What is that?”
     “What is what?” I could feel every nerve in my body buzz to life and hoped he hadn’t notice my hands were shaking. I felt ridiculous for letting a ball of weeds get me so riled up.
     “That green stuff. Is it...”
     “Phoradendron serotinum?”
     “Yes. Mistletoe.” It was only two words, but it took all my mental facilities to get them out.
     “Are you sure?”
     I nodded my head in confirmation.
     “Mistletoe on a snowy Christmas night.” Alex gently grabbed my chin and tilted it so I was looking at him. “It seems I’m under a certain obligation here.”
     I just sat there like a statue, too nervous to breathe. Alex leaned in slowly, pausing once our noses were in tickling distance. “I’m going to kiss you now, Scout, unless you do something to stop me.”

-Destiny Binds

-What if we want to stalk you? Where can we do that....

Well, to get to Marshall County, Kentucky, you go to the edge of the earth and hang a right. My house is on the left. If that’s a bit too much work for you, you can just hunt me down online at my website (www.misstammywrites.com) or on Twitter (@Miss_Tammy)!

Leave it to the authors to always be full of humor!! Thanks Tammy!  
Keep your eyes open for out next contestant on..."I'm going to UtopYACon!!!!

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