Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dark Genesis Tour Stop Excerpt & Giveaway

Check out this amazing excerpt from Dark Genesis!

Her stomach fluttered, but Alyssa quickly realized that it wasn’t the result of her lovey-dovey feelings so much as the teleporting.
The next thing Alyssa knew, they were at the city Frankenstein.
And they were surrounded by screams.
Before Alyssa could properly orient herself, a man had leapt on top of her.  His jaws snapped in her face, saliva dripping from them like a wild animal.  She recognized the elongated canines instantly.
Suddenly the man’s body was melting and she was grabbing hold of Flax’s hand, who pulled her to her feet.
“What’s going on?” Alyssa asked, looking around.  Vampires seemed to be everywhere.  Eric was beheading them left and right, Parker shooting them with arrows through their hearts.  But there were just too many, and it was dark out, making it even more difficult to determine how many and what they were trying to accomplish.
“Frankenstein is obviously under attack,” Flax replied, handing her a wooden arrow from Parker’s quiver.  “Stay alive.”
Alyssa began to attack vampires with fervor, but she couldn’t help but wonder why this was happening.
“We have to get to Gray,” she said after stabbing a female vampire who’d tried to jump her.  “He might know what’s going on here.”
Parker glanced back at her.  “Me and Eric can cover you if you guys make a run for it.”
“We’re not going to just leave you,” Alyssa protested.
“We’ll be right behind you.”
Alyssa frowned, mulling it over for a moment.
Vessa grabbed her shoulder.  “Come on.  We can’t just sit here in this battlefield.  We have to move.  They can handle themselves.”
Reluctantly, Alyssa nodded.  “Alright, let’s go.  This way.”  She led them up a side street after deciding against an alley where they could easily be ambushed.  She sidestepped a fire, and did a double-take when she saw a man pulling himself over kindling, completely engulfed by flames.  She took a hesitant step toward him before he dissolved, and she realized that he had been a vampire.  Looking back, she saw Parker and Eric keeping up with them pretty well, thanks in part to Ambrosia, who let loose with flames from overhead that the vampires seemed to dislike quite a bit.  The sight made her feel better, and she focused her attention on where they were going.

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