Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amy Bartol Week Coming up !! Aug.27th - Sept 2

That's right!! you read that correctly :) Amy Bartol is going to spend the week hanging out here at SupaGurl Books!!

During this week we will be talking with Amy, Evie, Reed, Russell and Brennus!! I cannot wait , I am so excited :) 

Yes, even though I met and hung out with Amy for a weekend I still get all Fan-Girl on her :) 

Ok here is the Schedule..

Aug 27 : Review of Indebted and a Character Bio *Reed*
Aug 29 : Deleted Scene *from any of the books* and Character Bio *Red*
Aug 30 : Interview with Reed & Russell 
Aug 31 : Character Bio Brennus 
Sept 1  : Deleted Scene or Different POV *from any of the books*
Sept 2  : Interview with Brennus

EEEPPP!! Ok so some of the "extras" may change but For Aug. 28th Interview on Blog Talk Radio It will air live at 2pm You can listen in and there will be a number so you can call in and ask Amy a question if you want *squeeee*

Hope you all are looking forward to this like I am!


  1. I CAN'T WAIT!! Thank you, SupaGurl!!

  2. Is the interview eastern time?

  3. *cough* umm *cough* ughh I'm feeling...ill...think I need to go home sick from work today...*cough* Hoping I can pull that off so I can ~swoon~ and go-all-crazaaaay-fangirl over Miss Amy...wish me luck! <3


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