Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amy Bartol Week Day 4 *Reed & Russell Interview

Today I have a supayummy treat for you!! I had an interview with Reed and Russell and let me just say... They are sooo sweet! 

I also hope your enjoying all the fun and extras this week with Amy and the premonition series, I know I am.

Ready for some R & R ....  Well here are some Visuals for you to drool I mean look at ;) 


SG: Hello boys *grins* *waves* So grab a seat and let's get to it..
First things first, can you two tell me this really important detail that I need... What is your favorite color?

Russell:  My favorite color changes dependin’ on the color of Evie’s eyes.  *half-smiles* In this lifetime, it’s gray...well, not exactly gray, more like a gray-blue.  Evie is my soul mate—we’ve had more lifetimes together than I can count.  She doesn’t remember any of them, but I’ll never forget when her eyes were the shade of the water surroundin’ the Isle of Sky, or when they were the color of sand at dusk.  Bet ya thought I’d say red, huh? *grins* *dimples*

Reed:  I’ll say red, then...actually, a few shades darker...crimson.  My favorite color has always been a hue that isn’t discernable in the human spectrum.  Now crimson is my favorite; it’s the color of Evie’s wings. *pulls aside collar of his shirt* *shows SupaGurl Evie’s wings branded on his chest above his heart*

Russell:  *snorts* Zee likes her wings, too. Must be an angel thing.

Reed:  *raises eyebrow* He does? *leans back and fixes collar*

Russell:  *nods* Yeah, he told me a while ago.

Reed:  *shakes head and smiles* I didn’t know that.

Russell:  There’s a lot ya don’t know. *cheeky grin*

SG: *fans self* Why thank you Reed for the visual *winks* Russ, I really did think you would say red *grins*... So now that we have that silly question out of the way let's do this, say Oh I don't know someone named SupaGurl is stuck on the side of the road.. do you help her or keep on going?

Reed:  I’d stop and fix your car for you, but you’d never remember it. It’s easier for me to work fast to get it done and then persuade you that it never happened.

Russell:  Reed has this freaky power; he can persuade humans to do things against their will.

Reed:  It’s not freaky. I never use it to hurt anyone.

Russell:  *eyebrows draw together* You used to use it on me all the time.

Reed:  Almost never. You are the exception that proves the rule, Russell. *smiles*

Russell:  *looks at SupaGurl conspiratorially* Trust me, it’s freaky. I’d stop too, only I’d have to fix it the old fashion way—at a normal, human speed—with a jack, ‘cuz I don’t want to scare ya by liftin’ up your car. *Russell leans near SupaGurl* *whispers* I sorta got an upgrade recently. I’m a little more than human now. *sheepish grin*

SG: Well, that's both a little scary and nice *smiles* Well, how about you both tell me what you like to do for fun? I like to read... and well I love to go caving either of you want to go with?

Russell:  You’re NOT gettin’ me back in a cave. Sorry, SupaGurl, *Hairs on arms rise* I just got Zee interested in golf...only we have to go at night now ‘cuz Zee keeps puttin’ the ball in the cup on the first shot, even after I explained to him that he has to miss. Try tellin’ an angel he has to lose somethin’—on purpose. It doesn’t go over well!

Reed:  *smiles* Caving sounds like fun, SupaGurl. There’s one I’ve been to’s behind a waterfall. It has become my favorite place.

SG: o.0 Srsly Russ? Golf ummm wow , but yeah I can totally see where Zee would have a problem with that. Oh Reed *bats eyes* I would really like to see that place... with you *winks*
Now, let's see here... do either of you have any secret passions that none of us know about? Care to share?

Russell:  *winks* I got a passion...not sure it’s a secret though.

Reed:  *frowns* Russell, she means other than Evie.

Russell:  Oh, right. Well, lately, I’m kinda stoked ‘bout killin’ them stinky devils. There’s one in particular that I need to crush.

Reed:  *jaw tenses* He means Gancanagh, SupaGurl, and I will end Brennus, Russell.

Russell  *growls* Not if I see him first.

SG: hmm I think you both cheated on that question LOL ... Ok Last question and this is the MOST important ... well ok maybe not but anyway, What is your favorite food *grins* bet ya didn't see that comin huh?? Btw Thank you both so much for showin up with your sexy selves :) 

Russell:  *sour look* I like grits. *glances at Reed and shakes head* Don’t say it.

Reed:  *secretive smile* Twinkies—Evie introduced me to them. Have you had one? They’re good, right? But mac and cheese is a close second—

Russell: *groans*  Really?  *heavy sigh* *slouches down in chair* That blows. *pinches the bridge of his nose* Disgustin’.

Reed: *smiles and winks at SupaGurl* Thank you. It’s been fun. 

Those two are just amazing! Thank them below for stopping by!! For Those who are commenting throughout the week... There is a Print copy... signed by Amy on the last day waiting for you to win it!!


  1. Oh yummy yummy! R&R in the same room ;). Lucky girl! Russ is just as I pictured him and Reed well, he is just soooo um Reed! Great job!

  2. Great interview! I'm impressed that you got any straight answers out of either of them ,)

  3. JOANNE LASSITER (Jo Cullen on Facebook)August 30, 2012 at 1:02 AM

    Were their wings exposed during the interview. I'd give anything just to caress one of Reed's wings. ;D

  4. Great interview Supa Gurl!!! I would have loved to be in your place *between Reed and Russell*. :)

  5. Awesome interview! I love these two <3 They're amazing and Amy's books are my favorites! Oh, and I'm Team Reed * winks*

  6. Loved the interview...even if the boys did a little too much Brenn bashing for my taste...hoping there is an interview with the fellas soon...I willingly volunteer my services as your assistant during the interviews ; )

  7. Loved the interview...even if the boys did a little too much Brenn bashing for my taste...hoping there is an interview with the fellas soon...I willingly volunteer my services as your assistant during the interviews ; )

  8. I have to agree with Tasha i really would like an interview with the fellas and Reed if Evie ends up with Russel my arms are always open if u need a hug ;~}

  9. Great interview!! Can never get enough of those boys :-) But a fella interview YES PLEASE!!!!!

  10. Great interview!! Can you please let Russell know that I'll gladly play golf with him...I don't know how, but he can certainly teach me!! ;)

  11. Love love love! Thats almost to much sexy for one room.

  12. SupaGirl, that was awesome!! I am glad that they seemed to behave themselves *wink* for the most part! Lucky girl! I am surprised that you had enough self control not to end up sitting on Reed's lap...I don't think I would have had that much control!! Thank you both, SupaGirl and Amy, for such a great week so far!

  13. i love Reed and Russell. i find it adorable when they contradict each other. i think all we need is an interview with the fellas, and ill be satisfied. :)

  14. Great interview! I havnt even read the series yet but Im already loving these two!!!


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