Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amy Bartol Week **Day 2 Blog Talk Radio Interview

Welcome to day 2 of Amy Bartol week!!

So yesterday I posted my review of Indebted... a Vlog Review and yeah there is a sekrit surprise at the end of it. AND Reed's bio is posted *yumm* You can find all that here

For Today... You have to be here at 2pm est / 1pm cst for the LIVE Blog Talk Radio show with me and Amy! I will be asking her questions and there will be some time for all of you to call in and ask one or just tell her how freakin awesomesauce she is!

Show was amazing! Thank you Amy and you can listen to it all here....

Listen to internet radio with SupaGurl on Blog Talk Radio


  1. Stupid School! Why can't School end at say... 11:00 Mountain Standard!!! This should be a holiday week!! Maybe I could write a letter...

  2. My kindle is my bestfriend ;-) Amy Bartol is truly a "Rockstar"! Hopefully.the link works for me.
    ~Patricia K.~

    1. It should work! you can try it out now and it should take you to the page :)

  3. Thank you to every single person who participated in the LIVE internet chat and radio phone in!! It was amazing! I'm really grateful! Your questions were brilliant! Thank you, SupaGurl, for being the most gracious of hostesses. Your kindness shows through in your voice. You're the best!!

  4. Love me some Amy!!!! Totally agree that Brennus...is the ULTIMATE guilty pleasure!!! Team deGraham Forevahhhh...


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