Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amy Bartol Week Day 5 *Interview with Brennus*

 if you missed yesterday well Reed and Russ stopped in and did an interview with me *sigh* Yeah it was cool and you can still see it and them!!

Ok :) Now on with the Brennus!!! Now if you follow me on Twitter then you must know I am a HUGE fan of this man! Well ok he's not really a man either but whateve's I lurve him. So I got SupaExcited that I got to interview him... and here is what transpired ... After this... 

I have Mr. BadAssness Brennus' Bio for you
*note the badassness is just MY Opinion*

Brennus de Graham  

Age: a few millennium, give or take.

Height: 6'4"

Hair color: black 

Eye color: light green

Characteristics : Brennus is the Gancanagh king (pronounced gan-canna). He’s a lethal predator with a killer sense of style. A simple touch from his pale skin enthralls his victims. His retractable vampire-like fangs make a click sound when they're engaged and he can perform Faerie-like magic with a flick of his wrist.

Ok , Ok No really If you don't know by now well I'm tellin you I love Brennus! He is the Shiz! Bad guy or not doesn't matter to me! Do you Like/Love/Hate him... Let me know...

Interview with Brennus: 

SG: *fidgets nervously* Hello Brennus, is it just you today or did you bring any of the fellas with you? OH! and just let me get it out there so you all know... No touching! I will not become some mindless girl for you all *winks* I'm more of an Evie type.

Brennus: Good morning, SupaGurl. *unbuttons suit jacket and leans back casually in seat* I’m na alone today. Finn came wi’ me and a couple of da fellas are about somewhere. *waves hand negligibly with a frown* You’d tink dat after a few tousand years I’d be able ta come ta dese tings by meself, but Finn worries—we’ve had a wee bit o’ trouble lately. ’Tis nuting I cannot handle, but me brudder likes ta be cautious.
Ye can be at ease, lass. I won’t touch ye...unless ye want me ta. *eyebrow rises with a small smile* I arrived prepared. *holds up gloved hands* ’Tis considered rude ta enthrall ones allies...and ’twould upset Evie. She’s da heart of me family.

SG: *swoon* *bats eyes at Brennus* Oh, sorry I could really just listen to you speak all day *grins* Finn! *waves* How are ya? Thank you for being cautious *leans closer* don't tell anyone but I absolutely love B *winks*

So Brennus, what is it you like to do in your "spare" time seeing how you have a lot of it, what do you do to fill it up. *whispers* since you brought the gloves I will gladly let you touch me...

Brennus: Dat’s a very generous offer, SupaGurl. *click* Maybe we could make time for dat later. *retracts fangs*
Dere are a few ventures dat I’m involved wi’ dat take up me time. We deal in arms—weapons. *eyebrow rises* Did ye know dat? Dere’s a war goin’ on around us. ’Tis da war between da aingeals—da havoc o’ Heaven. Dey kill each other...*smiles*...and I help.
O’ course, when ye’ve enemies for allies, ye need an army ta ensure ye don’t lose yer head—literally. We track down da Faeries dat are still scattered over da world and we...*pauses, searches for the right word* ...convert dem ta Gancanagh—gather dem inta our family. Me brethren—da fellas—dey’ll help me wi’ da only ting I’m concerned wi’ at da moment...da return of me queen.

SG: Well, you do keep busy don't ya? *leans head to the side* What is it you you want to see happen with this war? *leans in* I can keep a secret and also let me just say *shivers* I like the fangs *smiles*

Brennus:  *both eyebrows go up* Ye like me fangs? *frowns* Ye’re a brave lass. Most men dat see dem weep.
*smirks* As far as whah I’d like ta see happen wi’ deir war, da aingeals can banjax each other. Dey all walk among us and judge us. Whah’s wrong wi’ deir destruction? If dey were na fighting each other, dey would be hunting us. I call whah I do a preemptive strike. *toys with the button on his jacket* Ye should tank me. Ye can na trust da aingeals. Dey will turn on ye when it suits dem.

SG: *grins* Of course I like them and well Heck yeah I'm brave.... I see some of myself in Evie *winks* That's a very interesting take you have on their war. Let me ask you this... Where is your favorite place in the world. I'm guessing you have traveled all over and not just the hideouts you have...

Brennus:  *with a faraway-look* Dere once was a village where Finn and me lived—’twas me favorite place. Declan, and Faolan lived dere, too. ’Twas our home, but it no longer exists. *jaw tenses* Aodh, me maker, killed dat. Now I have many residences, but I only have one home...and dat is wi’ Evie. Wherever she will go in da world, I will follow. I’ll prove to her dat she is me home...and I’m hers. She tinks dat she has ta be forgiven for whah she is—da aingeals made her feel dat way, like she was a mistake. I’ll teach her dat she’s a queen and dat she need na do whah dey’re tellin’.

SG: Brennus, I think you have had a hard time in your existence and for that I am sorry. Perhaps if you cannot win Evie over *shrinks back a little* maybe you could be persuaded to take on SupaGurl?

Brennus:  *with a slow smile* Ah, lass, do na be fooled by da aingeals. Evie is moin. She knows it. She’ll come back ta me because I can offer her what she needs da most—a means of survival. I’m in her blood...would ye like me ta show ye whah dat’s like?

Ok , I can see that your a busy busy man and I thank you for your time. It has been my pleasure to talk with you. I hope to hear more from you in the future. *waves*

Do Ye Need More Tellin'?


  1. Ah swoon... *sigh*
    Great interview & thanks for the pronunciation of Gancanagh too!

  2. Favorite post of the week so far! :D

  3. Those eyes make my something go *click*!!

  4. I soooo love Brennus!!! Loved the interview. ;0) *sigh*

  5. Aaaahhhhh swoon! I love to hate to love this man lol!! Such mixed emotions over him and da fellas :-) Great interview thanks for sharing. And the pic oh my my!!

  6. GR8 Interview!! You are waaay braver than me!!

  7. Oh Brennus,how I wish I didnt love you.

  8. *sigh* Great interview...glad Finn was there too! Must admit that I'd be very happy as the middle of a Brennus/Russell sandwich!! :)

  9. Good gravy and biscuits gurrrrrl!!!!!! That.Was.Awesome Possum!!! You had waaay more restraint than I woulda...gloves or not, I woulda had to let him touch me...just a little...tee hee hee. Would def have no problem whatsoever being Evie's lady-in-waiting as long as I had da brudders and da fellas around to keep me company...*sigh*

  10. Holy hell! You know how much i love brennus. Hes the ultimate bad boy you want to have sweep you off your feet. Mmm. Love me a chunk of him.

  11. I really really hate to love Brennus but something about him is sooooooo attractive. but i with no doubt love Reed. Brennus is one man you just cant resist.

    1. hehe.. i forgot to mention i think his irish accent was like a turn on. i made me like him even more


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