Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heather Self Day 4 *Chase POV*

So if you have missed any of the SupaCrazy Awesome posts this week... Well where have you been?

Check them out!! 

So Today I have the oh so Awesome Chase and his POV from part of The One ... so off you go.

     I hadn’t seen my siblings in months, and while I was happy to be chatting with them, it was the young woman at the car who I was interested in seeing. In meeting. Especially after the promise Liam had extracted from me.  Regardless of her looks, or lack thereof, I now had ample opportunities to harass Liam with sexy thoughts of his sister.

     Is that really necessary?  Liam’s voice sounded in my head. 

     I chuckled inwardly, Course it is, mate. It’s in the elder brother handbook

     Liam shook his head at me, Not when it pertains to my sister. Mate. That’s just gross.

     My lips twitched. She’s not my sister and I’ll be sure to pass along your commentary.  Liam grunted in annoyance. He made it way too easy. I smiled, satisfied with his reaction, when she came around the hood of the car.  I stepped off the porch toward her to get a better look, and nearly stumbled over the last step as she fully came into view.


     I ignored the warning in Liam’s voice and continued toward her, lazily pursuing her shapely legs. She had the height inherit in our race but was still a foot shorter than I.  The upper half of her body was blocked by the load of crap she carried and I hmmed softly in disappointment. Her straight, dark hair was draped forward over one shoulder and the multi-colored stripes in her hair drew my attention. They gave her a slightly punk look even though the clothes she wore were nothing more than simple blue jeans, Chucks, and a long sleeve tee. 

     Low maintenance, always a plus. I thought.

     The hair made me curious about her eyes and when I finally met them, I felt like the air had been ripped from my lungs. They were dazzling, constantly reflecting one of the four Kin colors, almost like a prism reflected light. They were unique and startling and I couldn’t seem to remove my gaze from hers. She studied me as intently as I studied her and the longer our eyes stayed connected the more my stomach flipped. It was unnerving. To cover my discomfort and regain composure I circled around her, taking slow steady breaths. I glanced down and couldn’t help but notice the way the jeans hugged her tight, nicely rounded ass and I swallowed a groan.

     I came back around to stand in front of her, barely a foot of space separating us. I looked down into her face, completely captivated. She wet her lips nervously and my eyes were instantly drawn down to her mouth, taking in the lick-able indentation in her chin. I met her stare again, confused by the tumult of feelings roiling in me. Never in my more than three hundred years had a female, mortal or Kin, held this kind of a fascination for me so instantaneously. 

     Why her? Why now?

     The faint buzz in the back of my head that was Liam’s voice began to grow louder. I placed a tighter shutter on my thoughts, not knowing how much information he had already gleaned while I’d been distracted by the stunning creature before me. There was only one way I could handle this now. One way to keep Liam from realizing that there was something…more brewing between Evy and me.

      “Well, well, well. Little Eveline Fallon all grown up,” my eyes traced the line of her body, down then back up again. She blushed and my heart stuttered over the innocent reaction. “And ready to take on...” My lips briefly curved into a suggestive smile. 

     “Don’t even say it, much less think it!” Liam growled as he reached us. I didn’t even glance at my brother, but kept my eyes locked on Evy’s.

     ”Just having a bit of fun, little brother. And I’m happy to control my mouth,” my lips curved at the double entendre, and when she bit her lip, I had to stifled another groan. “However, you neglected to mention how spectacular she is, so if my thoughts get away from me…” I shrugged. “Just make sure you’re staying out of them.”

     Evy snorted, “Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem for him.”

     I flung back my head and laughed, really laughed, over her waspish retort. Getting to know her better was going to be a great pleasure.

Uh... yeah so you totally need to pick up The One if you haven't cause you are missing out on an Amazing STORY!!!


  1. Love it!!! I think ima go reread it lol

    1. LOL. I should have had Heather post the "Chase" pic too ;)

  2. Holy moly! Yep, Chase is amazing! The fact that he is 300 makes me feel like less of a dirty old lady lol!

  3. Chase sounds great!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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