Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heather Self Week Day 6 *Book 2 Cover/Prologue*

Day 6 and I have AWESOMENESS for you... well , I've had it all week what with Uno's Interview, The boys Interview, All about Evy... the POV's!! But Today is SupaAwesomeness...

Today Heather is showing off her Book Cover "placeholder" b/c it's still being made and stuff..


I have well the Prologue for Book 2! 

Ok OK here is ....



     Kneeling in nervous supplication, he kept his head bowed and eyes averted though he could feel the black gaze of his leader piercing him.

     “Where is my Key?” The menace in the voice washed over the room, filling it with a chill. “It should not have been difficult for fifteen of you to bring back one girl, yet you are the only one here.”

     He cleared his throat nervously, hoping to survive through the news he was about to impart. “She…she had help. There were Kin there. I believe,” he paused knowing this last bit of information could be the one that ended him. “I believe one of them was Brennan Fallon.”

     There was a slight shaking of the floor before he was lifted from his prone position by his throat. He made choking noises as he was lifted high in the air and his vision began to go gray. He remained dangling as he was walked across the room to the cages. Just before his eyes closed permanently he heard, “It seems you’ve been given a stay of execution. I may yet have a use for the two of you.”

.... *shivers* so Heather needs to hurry it up... yeah? What do you think??

Come back tomorrow to enter for some giveaways!!


  1. And just for clarification that's sooooooooooooooo not the cover. ;) That's a place holder cover so you the the title :D

  2. Cannot wait! This made me want to go ahead and read The One all over again!

  3. I'm reading the one again for the third time!! When will the key be out???

  4. Um...HEATHER!!!! WRITE FASTER. Love you uno. This is so good exciting.


  5. Thank all of y'all so much for your theOne love!

    Kelly! THREE times! That's awesome. I don't have a date set for release of the Key. I'm erring on the side of caution currently and saying early 2013. It may be done sooner, but I'd rather give you a later date and bump it up, then promise an early date and have to move it back.

  6. And apparently the dog and to add in their 2 cents with the numbers. oops

  7. I really need to read the first one before the second one comes out.


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