Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heather Self Week Day 2 *Liam POV*

Did you enjoy getting to know Heather Self yesterday? I hope so cause she is a really great gal! If you missed the interview *gasp* you can still read!

Today we bring you.... Character POV specifically Liam, so off you go ..

     I was nervous. After all these years I’d finally be with her again and her reaction…concerned me. I expected some anger, some awkwardness between us but I hoped we could get back to what we were. To the relationship we had before I had to leave.

     I shifted my weight from foot to foot anxiously waiting for her appearance. I was distracted from my vigilant watch by a waft of vapor cloud. I glanced down, barely managing to stifle a groan, when I met the coffee colored eyes staring up at me.

     “Hey, Liam. Aren’t you cold out here?” She rubbed her hand up and down the sleeve of my jacket. “You should come inside with me where it’s warm. I’ll walk you to class.” She flashed a wide smile, displaying perfectly straight, white teeth. The smile failed to reach her eyes and left me cold. It was not the first time she had singled me out and I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. Though she was cute, I had no interest in her. The hundred eighty-five year age gap made for a bit of difference in maturity. Plus, she was human. As far as I was concerned that made her completely off-limits.

    “Thank you for your concern, Brittney, but I’m, uh, waiting for my sister.”

     She stuck her lip out in a pout, “Jenna’s so lucky to have you look out for her the way you do. I wish I had someone like that.” She batted her lashes and looked at me hopefully. When I made no move to comment, she sighed, “Guess I’ll see you in class.” I shook my head over her continued persistence in spite of my lukewarm reactions to her.

     As she turned to walk in the building, I returned my gaze to the front of the building. The lone figure standing off to the side had me standing at attention. Was it her? Had I missed her arrival because of Brittney’s presence? I looked for Brennan’s truck and tried to feel if he was in the vicinity, though he tended to keep himself telepathically blocked most of the time, which made a connection unlikely. Whether it was her or not, the girl needed help.

    I studied her as I moved closer. The height was correct, if she were one of us. She was five-ten, easily. Or would be if she wasn’t hunched protectively around herself. But I couldn’t feel her. If this were my Evy, I would feel her. I would know. As I got closer I realized she was mumbling quietly, and though I couldn’t make out the words, the cadence seemed to suggest a pep talk.

     “Are you lost?” I asked her softly, not wanting to startle her. She turned her head towards me and I froze in shock. Her hair…I needed to see her eyes to know for sure. Look up. Look up, I silently pleaded. When her eyes finally met mine my heart stopped. Four colors. I breathed out a sigh of relief and my lips turned up to form the beginnings of a smile.

     “Uhhhh…” Her awkward response had me grinning widely, until I realized the look on her face was not one of recognition but of confusion. The smile left my face. Shit. This was not good. Realizing we were still out in the open and drawing attention I leaned down and spoke quietly, “It would be best, Eveline, if we made our way inside so as not to draw more attention. You’ve been standing here for some time and we’re already late.”

     Surprised, she stuttered out, “You…you know my name.”
     “Yes,” I smiled again, hoping to ease her nerves, then started walking toward the front door of the building.

     “And you said it correctly,” she accused. I chuckled over her show of attitude. There’s my Evy.

     “So?” she asked with obvious irritation.

     I paused in front of the doors with my hand on the pull. I couldn’t believe the disaster this morning had turned out to be. The emptiness in my chest grew into an ache as I stared into the eyes I’d known so well. My face was serious when I asked, “He hasn’t told you who I am, has he?”

     I didn’t need her to answer. I already knew.

So ... If you haven't read The One yet well you totally need to so you can know more about Liam!! He is SupaAwesome :)

Tomorrow .... well there will be a Really interesting Interview with The Guys ... Yeah don't miss it!!!


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