Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heather Self Week *Day 3* Character Interview with The Boys

If you missed yesterday there was Liam's POV and well yeah go read it!! 

I think this is my fave character (s) interview yet LOL So without further boring you with me... here is Liam , Chase and *sigh* Kieran 

Heather : Hello Liam *waves frantically* I just want to start out by saying I adore you! 
Tess: Liam is here? *Jumps*I adore you more, Liam! Heather: I know isn't he just yummy!!

L:  *smiles nervously* Umm...thank you. That's really kind of you both . *looks around* Am I the only one here? Did Chase bail again?

Heather: Nope he went to get us drinks *winks* You know what I'm having? well I got you the same so you will in a minute. So While he is over there... OH! Kieran *giggles* Hiya (whispers to Tess OMG! he is so flippin hot!) Wanna sit by me?

Kier: *grinning appreciatively* Hello, girls. I do have a soft spot for Heathers... *smirks* Liam. Pleasure as always.

*Liam crosses his arms* I'm surprised you're even out of bed after...

Kier: Just figured I better follow my nurse around 

L: Nurse?! Why you

Heather: Boys.. Boys *shakes head* Here Kier set next to me I will totally take care of you Duce is in the house! Liam, be nice.... well ok try to be. *scoots over making room for Kier* Chase! Thank god, I think I'm going to need that drink now. *takes sip* So, Let's start with you Chase, anything you want to start us off with?

Chase: *raises eyebrow* Heather, pet, you neglected to mention the mongrel would be here.

* Kieran laughing loudly* Ahhh, Chase. now that's more like it! I knew even in light of the circumstances the good feelings couldn't last.

Chase: *clears throat chagrined* Right. That was a bit poorly done on my part. *turns to Tess and Heather* Forgive me, my lovelies. This is about the two of you not any issues we may have with each other. Now. What can we do for you?

Heather: Where the heck did Tess go? *Looks around* *shrugs* Oh Chase *swoon at that voice* That is such a loaded question! Now I would love to hear some of all of your thoughts on just how pretty I am... no wait I mean Evy we are going to ask about Evy.. So .. thoughts ya know just short ones right now...

K: near perfect

Liam snorts and Chase laughs out loud, dimples flashing.

C:Perfect? She's mouthy and stubborn *wicked grin* and deliciously kissable

L: Damn it, Chase. Really? Deliciously Kissable?

K: As if he'd know, Liam

Dead silence

L:Give me a moment while I beat his ass.

Wind picks up

K: Oh I think i'd like that pleasure

Heather: *Takes drink* Oh this is gonna get nasty. MEN! Ok ok... So we all know how you feel about Evy now... Tell us a little about yourselves, each of you *winks and nudges Kier with my shoulder* You first please.

Wait! Tess, pull up a seat you can sit beside whoever you like... except for K cause well yeah…

Tess: ummm can't I sit between Liam and Chase? *blushes* Sorry guys I'm not very good at this interview stuff…actually I'm not too good at much besides staring at the hotness.

Heather: Oh girl! That is just fine you stare at all the hotness and you can comment when you can *giggles*

Tess: I think I'm good now…No one told me all 3 of them were going to be here…so I guess I was a little star struck! So are you guys going to answer Heather's question or are y'all just going to continue to sit there and glare at each other?

Liam: Sorry ladies we tend to be a bit...

K: protective

Liam: Yes, when it comes to Evy.

C: And really we're not all that interesting. We'd rather hear about the two of you. *runs a hand through his hair* Or what you thought about us. *wink*

L: *reaches around Tess to smack Chase on the back of the head* I apologize for my brother. He doesn't know how to behave in the presence of ladies

K: *mumbling* or pretty much anyone

L: Enough, Kieran. We're here for them. What would you like to know?

Heather: I love that your all protective of her. Now I will tell you that I love you all, your each different and special in your own ways.... However I have a fave out of you 3 *Winks at Kier* I think you are all doing great with this, ya know seeing how you've not blown each other up. Here is what I want to know.... What is each of your fave song? *That's a safe topic, right*

*groan* L: Don't get Chase started on music. He'll start waxing poetic about how he was there for Mozart's first concerto and blah, blah, blah.  

  Ch: The evolution of music over the centuries is fascinating, Liam. If you'd just take the time...

K: oh my god..the Beatles. Anything by them is cool and they're pretty timeless.

L: Something we agree on. I'm digging on Red and Paramore right now. Chick singing rock. That's hot.

C: Shockingly, I would also agree about the Beatles. It's tough to pick a favorite song when you've been alive as long as we have. Though Evy has me turned on to The Black Keys right now and there's a song of theirs that makes me think of her. *smiles secretly*

K: *looking at Liam* Is he always so obnoxious you want to plant a fist in his face?

L: he has an audience. He likes to perform. *shakes head*

Heather: Ok so Chase, Since you've been around for quite a bit... and since you can just "go" where you please which has been the most unique place you've been? and at what time what is *ya know year wise*

C: Most unique...I was in Beijing for Chinese New Year in the...early-1800s I think. That was a pretty unique experience. The top of Everest about a hundred years before Hillary, the cheeky bastard. But as cliche as it may sound the US as a whole is the most unique place. There's so much diversity and dichotomy between areas of the country and even within states. Plus, it's where my family is so...

L: *wiping a fake tear* That's beautiful, man.

C: Shut it you wanker!

K:Heather my dear, if you'd like to take these two muppets out of the interview equation I'd be happy to sit and chat with you ask long as you'd like.

Heather: *smiles* Chase that is so awesome! Liam same question to you, ya got something better?

*Glances at Kier* You have no idea what I would do with you if I sent them away.... better to keep them here *giggles* at least for now...

K:*smiles innocently* You're probably right...and I don't think my girl would appreciate it.

C:Your girl! A bit presumptuous don't you think?

K: Presumptuous? hardly. have you forgotten the little gift I have where Evy is concerned.

L: SOOO MY TURN! You two are ridiculous. Anyway, seeing the Statue of Liberty installed was cool. And I love Paris. I know that's a bit cliche but...

Heather: not cliche if you really love it :) Great answer Liam *grins* Ok my man... I mean Kier same question Fave place you've been and what time period?

K: Well, I haven't been alive quite as long as these two, and, if you couldn't tell, my home is in Ireland. Really, besides with Evy, home is my favorite place to be.

Heather: *sigh* Kier that is so sweet! (See Why I LOVE him?) Ok so anyone need another drink *shakes empty glass* blah on the one on one questions that isn't any fun so here is one for all of you... What hobbies do you all have?

K: Let me get you a refill. Those two can fend for themselves, especially since you already know painting is my hobby *wink*

 L: I train. That's all I do, really. Maybe after the portal is opened I'll find a hobby...until then it'a all about protecting Evy and making sure I'm at the best I can possibly be in order to do that.

C:Well, I play a few instruments.

L: *laughing* a few? At last count he played more than twenty. his obsession with music isn't just confined to study. He puts it into practice.

Heather: Liam hun you gotta lighten up a bit... You are amazing at what you do so keep it up but get out there and have some fun too! Chase... WOW so if you could play with anyone in history who would it be?

*grabs drink* Thank you so much Kier and way to skip out I totally know what your hobby is but everyone else might not have. *grins* can I please take you home with me? 

L: Hey, I'm light! I dabble in some things. 

K:You're so welcome. Next time I cook for Evy you're welcome to joins us.

 C:*laughing uncomfortably* I don't really play for anyone. I uh, god this is so embarrassing, I just play for myself because I have a lot of time to learn and well, it relaxes me.

Heather: Guys you have been amazing! Thank you all so much for entertaining Tess and I *grins* Now If I can just have a hug from you all *stands* and do you all have any parting words for us?

L:Thanks for having us. I'm sorry some people don't know how to behave. *rolls eyes at Chase and Kieran* 

C:At least we made it entertaining. He's such a stick in the mud for being the younger brother. It was a pleasure, my lovlies, I'm happy to come back anytime. *wink*

K:Can I help you with clean up? Hardly seems fair we come in here and expect you to do all the work.

L: *shoving Kieran ahead of him* You need to head back to the house, Chase can come back and help after...

C: *voices fading* Why do you always volunteer me to clean up your messes?

Now how can you NOT love those guys?? Well ... if you have any questions for any of them .... leave them below I may be able to get them to stop in and answer!


  1. Oh so this is how this interview ended! LOL

  2. Geez those three are a handful!

  3. So fun!!! I get to cuddle Liam!!!!


  4. Thanks for the cuddles, Val. i do seem to get the short end of the stick in all this, don't I?

    1. YES! Which is why I am available for cuddles anytime you need me!!! Love ya Liam!!!


  5. That was really fun. Now I am convinced I need this book. I want to get to know these boys!!


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