Saturday, July 7, 2012

S.R. Johannes COVER REVEAL for Uncontrollable**

If you haven't seen my review of Untraceable then you don't know how much I LOVED this book! Now I get to bring you the Cover of the next book .... Uncontrollable!! *squeee*

so without further rambling from me .... 

WOW!!! That is just beautiful ... is it not?? Thoughts?? 

I am like freaking out over here waiting on this one to come out :) 


  1. i love this series and i cannot wait to read Uncontrollable! :)

  2. Love this cover, especially the eyes.

  3. yay! Thanks heather :) Glad you like it - i was nervous :)

  4. I am also so excited for this book! yay! :)



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