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The Dex Files Blog Tour Stop **Teaser**

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Welcome, Welcome to my stop on The Dex-Files Blog Tour!!

Just a general WARNING!! This is an Adult Book and Contains MAJOR Adult Content!! As does this post :)

I have a TEASEr for you today *grins* and it's a GREAT one!
But.... First if you don't know what the Dex-Files is exactly well let me tell ya. This book goes with the Experiment In Terror series by Karina Halle and they are AMAZING! All the books are done in Perry's POV but Karina has given us a book of some of the chapters through out the series so far from Dex's POV... and so now I give you my TEASE...

TEASER – A scene from “Mr. Self Destruct”
Warning – contains spoilers of Lying Season and sexually explicit material

Perry walked across the kitchen and leaned against the island counter, her back to me. She kicked off her shoes, the berry heels dangling seductively off her foot. Her head was down, her upper back arched up, leaving the expanse of her shoulders and creamy smooth skin ripe and open for the taking. I kicked off my own shoes and took off my jacket in anticipation.

We needed to thaw. Ice melts with heat and I was packing enough heat in my pants that it pained me. Something needed to be done, for both of us.

I walked toward her carefully, feeling like I might scare her off and ruin the opportunity if I made any sudden movements. Keeping with that theme, I cautiously pushed some of her hair off of her shoulders, all to make room for my lips.

She didn’t flinch from my touch. She had expected it.

She wanted it and I wanted her.

I wanted nothing but her, now and forever.

I placed my lips where the wasp had stung her. It was sign of what she was willing to risk for me and I owed her so much more than just my kiss.

I kissed along her back, down her shoulder, feeling her shake beneath me. I tried to get her to face me, but she wasn’t thawed yet. I pressed my chest against her, pressed everything against her, and kissed at the corner of her mouth. I needed her to turn to me, give herself, all of her.

She did. She barely made it around before I was all over her, my hands searching her face, her hair, trying to take her all in at once.

There was no turning back tonight.

I put my hands at her small waist and lifted her onto the counter. She wrapped her legs around me again and I responded by hiking up her satiny dress until it was above her hips.

Oh, holy fuck.

I almost drooled on her as I stared at her open on display. My hunger was already insatiable before this.

As was hers. Her eyes looked ravenous, uncontrollable. She reached forward and ripped open my shirt. The buttons flew off. It would have been funny if my head wasn’t so clouded with driven lust. I unzipped her dress and pulled it down until her full breasts spilled out like heavy, round dreams from heaven. I tried drowning in them, tasting, licking like I couldn’t get enough.

She leaned back and I realized she wanted more. I pushed her gently with my hand until her back was against the counter. Then I grabbed both her thighs and took a dive. I started by swirling my tongue up the soft inner part before I had enough teasing and got to the heart of it. Just like that time on D’Arcy Island, I was rewarded with hot, perfumed wetness. I ate her until she grabbed my head and pulled it up.

Had I done something wrong? I don’t know what I’d do if this wouldn’t go farther. Jack off for eternity, probably.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked. Had I been too soft? Too rough. Fuck what the hell was it!?

“No,” she said in a voice that made my hairs stand straight. “I want you inside me.”

My eyes widened.


*thud* umm yeah... so If you want some more of Dex and all his Pervy glory well GET THIS! and if you haven't checked out the Experiment In Terror Series .... WTH? no really ok just go buy the first one and tell me you aren't hooked!

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  1. Oh yeah... That is HOT! Pervy Dex for the win! ;)

  2. Wow, never heard of this one but it sounds really good!

  3. Wow, I loved this chapter.Not only fo it's pervyness (LOL) but also for what happens next.Poor Dex.


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