Friday, October 12, 2012

Friends Don't Let Friends Miss Out on Great Reads

    Don’t you love a friend who shares things with you??  That gorgeous new pink lipstick, those $100 shoes you can’t afford, a hot fudge brownie sundae and especially a good book!  Yes, I said a book.  We are a book blog after all!  So I went browsing through my girls Book Geek AM and Supa Gurl’s Goodreads pages to see what I had read recently that they hadn’t so that I could clue them into what they were missing.  Boy oh boy was it hard to find some books for them that we hadn’t already ALL read...we are some book reading fools people!   So without further ado I present to you my recommendations for your fabulous SupaGurl Books bloggers straight from the ‘Read’ shelf of my Goodreads account..

Supa Gurl
Phew, this one was hard!  She is a bit of a book, shall we say she gets around.  She has a ton of books that I haven’t read, and a lot I have, but only a few were on my read shelf and not on hers.  So in no particular order here is what I am suggesting she try and why I love it:.
1) Forsaken (and Awaken) by Kristen Day- an YA romance/mystery involving a super good looking sea God that kills you with not one but TWO crazy cliffhanger endings.  Need I say more?
2) Feathermore by Lucy Swing- A different kind of angel story.  From my review: “Finished! Well, that was not what I expected..the ending! Oh em geee..sad, mad, confused, that's me right now!”
3) Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris- A crazy sci-fi-ish ride to the (possible) end of the world.
4) Storm by Brigid Kemmerer- FOUR steamin’ brothers mastering the elements..yes, please with a cherry on top!

Book Geek AM
So this was a bit easier as AM and I have a good bit of differing books on our shelves, only 40 compared to the 230 that Supa Gurl and I have.  So yay, cause this means we get to share more recommendations!  Again, in no particular order here are her suggestions:
1) Clockwork Angel/ Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare- While everyone is gushing on about Mortal Instruments I maintain that The Infernal Devices is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite series ever!  Tessa, Will and Jem!  Lord have mercy that is a love story for the ages!  #3 Clockwork Princess comes out early 2013!!!  Eeeeepppp, I’m dying here!
2) Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins (on her TBR)- OMG, another angel story that is so new and sinsational!  Must read!
3) Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis- A sweet easy to read love story with BFFs who almost overshadow the MC and a wolfishly charming boy.
4) Unearthly/ Hallowed by Cynthia Hand- Be still my heart..another angel series with gorgeous boys, a love triangle and plenty of Hallmark commercial tears to be had.

And my #5 suggestion for both of them *drumroll*

Angelfall by Susan EE- Probably my most unexpected find of the year thus far.  I grabbed this because I LOVED the cover, YES I am an angel freak, but went on to be blown away by the awesomeness that was Angelfall.  These are some scary angels of the apocalypse and Earth as we know it has gone to hell in the proverbial hand basket!  Crazy good action scenes, kickin’ heroine and anti-hero guy who you will LOVE!  Oh, and some super crazy twists.

So what do you think of these Ah-freakin-mazing books?  Read them yet?  Want to read them now?  Let us know and I will keep you updated as the girls, hopefully, check them out.  Do you have any books you think we should read? Visit our Goodreads pages and gives us some suggestions, we are always up for more books! *Hint: Click on the book titles to go to their Goodreads page!
Supa Gurl's Shelves

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  1. Chele. I purchased Prince of Wolves, Book 1, sooooo (fingers crossed!)


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