Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden **Review**

My Very Short Review of 
The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

Jessica Sorensen has really found her bread and butter!  

After reading, and loving, The Secret of Ella and Micha I was excited to wade into The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden.

This book is an emotional roller coaster!  The characters are so real and flawed and hurting that you just want to crawl into the pages and hold them.

The story revolves around Callie, who we learn had something so terrible happen to her at twelve that she retracts into a protective shell and Kayden, who has been dealing with a verbally and physically abusive father his entire life.

These are two very different people the reclusive Callie and the Quarterback Kayden who although "knowing" each other their entire lives are virtually strangers when circumstances put them together at a graduation party.  This meeting changes them forever.

Fast forward to Fall and the start of college.  Callie and Kayden end up at the same school and haunted by what Callie did that night at the party Kayden seeks out a friendship with her only to find something so much more.

Among the drama and pain we have Luke and Seth who are sidekicks to Kayden and Callie and bring out their 'flirting with fun' side.  The groups exploits made me laugh throughout the book.  However, what really marks this as a well told story is that even in these light fun moments you realize that Callie and Kayden are both struggling to find the sense of 'normal' that most college students would have in partaking in things such as dancing in clubs, going to parties or hanging with friends.

This is an amazing story about how damaged a person can become from the tragedies in our lives and how these two characters fight to overcome their pasts while still keeping their horrible secrets.

I would rate this mature YA/ New Adult for excessive use of the F-bomb, other language, and sexual content (although not overly explicit)

Warning:  The last few chapters and especially the ending may have you rocking in a corner crying!    I was trying to turn the "pages" of my Kindle as if it were broken and it would magically turn into the rest of the story!

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Swoon-o-meter:  As always I must tell you how swoon worthy the book boys are!  Kayden as tortured as he is is a hard one to rate.  He is certainly sweet and handsome and makes a great MC but I don't think he would land on my book boyfriend list.  Not because I don't like him but because he is just so messed up!  If you are the type to want to take in stranded and lost dogs and keep them then Kayden would be the guy for you.

Luke and Seth are funny and fun loving kind of guys.  Luke definitely seems like the player and Seth would be the BFF.  So unfortunately I don't forsee much of a book boyfriend opportunity here but I TOTALLY see a love affair happening with me and the book!

Go read it and see for yourself!

Have you read it yet?  Lemme know what you think!!


  1. this is what you call short? you're joking, right? I so need to re-read this book! I miss it!

  2. This book sounds absolutely fantastic! As for Kayden, I think he would probably be my type...LOL. He sounds a little bit like Noah from Pushing the Limits! And I loved him, so my love affair with this book will probably be pretty good...LOL. Fab review, Chele! I can't wait to read this book! :D

    Megan@The Book Babe


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