Saturday, January 19, 2013

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy *Review*

My "just my opinion" Review of:

When you read as many YA Contemporary Romance novels as many of us book bloggers do you tend to occasionally grow what I call the “Grinch’s heart”.

After a while sweet love stories filled with the hot bad boy and the goody two shoes girl or the teens with the angsty pasts, or perhaps it’s the overprotected sheltered girl who learns to open up finally, can become just another story.

Don’t get me wrong I love them all, I do!  I love contemporary romance novels and I really love the YA/NA genre.  But, I have to admit that sometimes they are just another story I’m reading and I don’t feel the impact because I read so many.

That is not the case with Unmaking Hunter Kennedy!  This story was so dang sweet that my little Grinch’s heart couldn’t help but grow THREE sizes bigger as I read this book.

The premise:

Teenage rock God, Hunter Kennedy, suffers somewhat of a meltdown (think Britney Spears and the infamous head shaving) and is sent packing to small town Colorado to come to grips with his mistakes.

There he meets terminally boy shy Vere Roth and her family who help him “unmake” himself from every teenage girls dream to every teenage kids nightmare.  

The end result:

Oh my goodness this is the most clueless and “adorkable” couple of kids I think I may have ever read about.

Vere, with her amazingly awful clothing and horrible social skills is the exact opposite of somewhat stuck up and very stand-offish rock star Hunter.  They are such a great pair as they remake Hunter into a major teenage dork. Hunter teaches Vere how to open up and start relaxing around boys and Vere teaches Hunter that perhaps not everyone around him is out for what he can give them, maybe?!

This is seriously one cute book.  The awkwardness of these characters makes you cringe.  They are so real and true to life.  The dialogue is witty and fun.  The premise is a change from many YA romances.

I recommend this story to lovers of YA romances and gave it 5 feathers!  This is a clean romance story made for teens but enjoyable for all.  

As a youth mentor I LOVE to find books I can recommend to my teens and this is certainly one you can suggest to the teens in your life. There are even parents (gasp!) involved in the story. Good loving ones at that! :)

I actually love that I had a conversation with the author about how younger teens need love too! This is such a great book about the discovery of love and yourself in the tumultuous teen years!  It would make a totally fun series on the CW too...maybe someone should make a call?!?

Swoonworthiness?  Yes!  Hunter is sweet rockstar once he gets over his initial issues.  He is fun and cute and by the end of the book he is so loveable the I didn’t want it to end.

I hope you take a chance on this book and let me know what you think!!

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