Thursday, June 6, 2013

Partials by Dan Wells

The Partials were engineered fighting machines that helped the US win a war. However, no one knew what would come of the Partials after the war was won. Mistreated and looked down upon, the Partials declared an all out war on the human race, practically wiping out the world's entire population. 11 years later, Partials have not been seen but the destruction that they caused is far from over. The remaining humans are unable to have any healthy babies and the population is quickly dwindling. Kira makes it her mission to find the cure for the virus in order to save her sister's unborn baby. Kira finds herself learning more about the Partials, the virus, and the secrets that her government may be keeping.


  • The storyline was pretty unique. I love that the story is looking at the aftermath of the destruction. There was a lot of information about how the society was able to try to rebuild itself, as well as how families were broken apart. 
  • The author was able to give me information about the creation of Partials, past wars, and how the new city was set up without rambling on for pages on end. It was informative and descriptive, yet  not drawn out. 
  • The story also gave a pretty good depiction of what it would be like for children who grew up during this tumultuous time. Kira and her friends were extremely young when the destruction began so they did not remember what society used to be like. However, older members of the government do remember and you can see how their views and decisions reflect these differences. 
  • I felt like some of the characters were flat. They played into very specific roles and rarely deviated from those roles. People are more complicated than that. 
  • It seems very unlikely that a bunch of teenagers were more logical, mature, and compassionate than the adults. I often had to remind myself while reading that Kira is 16. 
  • I feel like I know about Kira and her story, but I don't really know her. I know the book is written in third person but I still wish I could see more into her emotions and inner conflicts. 
Overall, this book was pretty good! I give it 3.5 stars because I liked the storyline, but the flat characters made it hard to connect with the story. I love this storyline though so I will definitely be reading the next one! 

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