Monday, June 3, 2013

Sad SupaGurl Heather....

I am SupaSad .... I will not be making it to UtopYA this year :(  I have the opportunity to take a family vacation with my mom, nieces & newphews (which she adopted just right before new years), my kids and me. As this will be the only time we will ever have the funds to do this we are going. 

Now while this makes me SupaHappy... I'm also SupaSad b/c I will be missing out on the most amazing Con EVER!! UtopYA created by the amazing Janet Wallace was the most fun I've ever had at a con :) I will miss you all greatly this year!!

SupaGurl Books was however nominated for an award ...

Go and VOTE for ALL the amazing people/authors!!! Even if you cannot make it :) 


  1. Hey Lady,

    You will be missed. We all understand these kinds of priorities.

    L. M.

  2. Just think of the amazing vacation and experiences you will have with your family. Btw have a great trip.


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