Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Masters and Slayers by Bryan Davis

Adrian Masters was taught by his father to always respect women and never raise his sword against them. Marcelle fights with a sword better than most men, she fights with vengeance. The fighting matches are good, and yes, entertaining, especially when she can embarrass her old friend Adrian about his old man’s way of thinking. Chivalry is dead and it doesn’t matter. If chivalry existed her mother would still be alive.

Adrian would be the best swordsman if it weren’t for Marcelle ( True to his honor and upbringing, he always forfeits against her. It never bothered him too much though. These matches were just practice. What he really wanted to do was go out and find the missing. People had been going missing for years, disappearing without a trace. There was one theory though. That they had been enslaved on another world called starlight. Starlight is rumored to be the most dangerous place in any realm, it’s ruled by (mostly) ruthless dragons who will do anything to reap profits. Adrian’s dream comes true when he is allowed to go to starlight, the only problem being his partner is Marcelle. While they both have amazing skills with a sword, Adrian would prefer a stealthy, strategic approach, while hot-headed impulsive Marcelle would rather just go on the attack. Adrian must get to Starlight, keep the two of them out of danger, and save the slaves. With his fierce devotion, Adrian will do anything to get Marcelle and the children off Starlight. Even if it means he has to die.

5X5: that means five stars/hearts, right? I love this book. First of all, I just love Bryan Davis. All his books are fantastic for a lot of reasons. I could blab on and on about them but one of the biggest factors is that his plots are complex and interesting. You have to own a brain to truly get the real message. His books always whisper to me ‘can you handle it?’ I love the challenge and I love his bighearted heroes. Not to mention, I love pretty much any book with a sword in it (one of my more shallow reasons.) It’s not for the weak reader, but I enjoy them immensely. I definitely recommend this book.

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