Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amazon Testing 'Book Buffet' Program Ahead Of Tablet Launch | Fox News

Ok, so what does everyone think about this? Authors, readers, bloggers... Anyone tell me what you think!

I am not sure about this yet...Although it is for "older" books how would this effect the Authors? Would it cut out profit for them?

Amazon Testing 'Book Buffet' Program Ahead Of Tablet Launch | Fox News: "In another walk-up to the release of its hotly anticipated tablet device, Amazon is in talks with book publishers to launch a digital library for customers, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The service could allow users to gain unlimited access to older digital book content for a single, annual price tag. Putting older books into this program versus newer ones would prevent cannibalization of its highly popular digital books business. This would also more likely appease book publishers who are reluctant to sign onto any “all you can eat” pricing model for content. "

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  1. Interesting. I don't know anything about it other than what you've posted, but I think making reading accessible and affordable is always good business. I always try new authors through my library anyway; if I like their writing, I will probably begin purchasing their books in the future. Making older titles accessible for an affordable rate could potentially boost sales for new releases...

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