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Destiny Tour Kick-Off When Destiny Strikes by Heather White Review & Giveaway

This tour is for When Destiny Knocks and When Destiny Strikes! I have a review for...

Now that Karlie has received her full powers, things are going to be great... right?

Karlie's number one priority is to kill Serenity - after all she deserves it for trying to kill Alex. Though it isn't as easy as it sounds. Serenity teams up with demons to create an army to destroy Karlie.

On top of that, there are a ton of zombies, everywhere... And a new angel in town, who seems more like a demon... And of course, a shape shifter dragon! It's all weird, even for Karlie.

With friends turning against friends, it seems as though her life got a whole lot more complicated.
About the Author
Hi! I'm Heather M White, a YA Paranormal author. I'm 22 years old and I recently got married. I just moved from Saint Louis, Missouri to a very small town in Arkansas. My passion is: writing. I also like to read, and play guitar. And I love Dr. Pepper!

When Destiny Strikes Review: 
Oh where to even begin? Well lets start with that AWESOME cover? Karlie is looking so bad ass on there!! I love it. I would have picked it up just for that.

In this book of the Destiny Saga you have Major action, Suspense and Love! oh and ZOMBIES!!! How can you go wrong with that combo? The story falls right in with where we left the gang plus the one new witch Serenity. I loved how everything flowed and progressed it was fast paced and exciting! 

Karlie is coming into her powers full force and man can she do some damage! Who can she trust is a factor and man it's hard to know. Shane sticks by her through and through though *sigh* When it looks like he is the only one left that she can count on, he's there.

New friends that come in are so flippin cool!!! I love Hugh and Jessica the most. They are on top of it. Funny and fierce they are written really well and fit in with the story well. This book had everything I wanted and TONS more for the follow up Heather delivered an amazing book and I cannot wait for MORE!!! I totally hit FanGirl Mode when I see soemthing new from Heather. 

Also, the ending is OMG and She did it again.... She has the major endings and this one is no exception to the awesomeness!

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Everyone who Comments will get a e-copy of When Destiny Knocks all you have to do is leave a comment and what format you need and email address!

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  1. Yay! I love the titles! :)

    I have a Kindle app for my computer!
    Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much Heather for this awesome review!!!! :) and for allowing me to be on your site today!!! You rock!!!

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  4. These sound pretty good! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Sounds great, thanks for the giveaway :)


  6. Ooh this looks good!! I have a kindle

    Brianne @ memoriesovertakingme at gmail dot com

  7. OMG! I am joining in on the fangirl mode ;) This installment sounds awesome. I hopped over and checked out your different works and was so appreciative of the pricing and storylines that I just know there are more treats coming to my Kindle. Congratulations on your recent marriage and may you have many wonderful years of joy to share together and super shoutout about the tour wishing you much success! I look forward to reading Destiny Knocks and heading over for Destiny Strikes :) My primary reading device is a Kindle.

  8. This book sounds Awesome. I love angels, shapeshifters and zombies too!!! Thanks for the great giveaways. This tour looks like a great one to follow. I have a Nook & Kindle App for PC so what ever you send is great.

  9. OOOO I would love this for kindle please my email is thank you so much it sound so awesome cant wait to read it.

  10. Would love this for my kindle! Email is myheroin01(at)gmail(dot) com. Thank you so much,and can't wait to read it!

  11. Thanks so much for the giveaway,..:)

  12. And... TIME! all above me Get a copy of When Destiny Knocks!! Heather will be emailing you your copy tomorrow :) Thank you all so much and be sure to follow the rest of the Destiny Tour !

  13. Awesome review chick! Can't wait to see all the great posts at the different tour stops!!

  14. The book sounds good. I would like a PDF copy. Thanks for the giveaway.



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