Wednesday, April 4, 2012

IMM # 6

First off yes, I'm a major Dork and just realized Masque of the Read Death does NOT have a book before it grrr I dunno why I thought that so please disregard that part LOL 

The Awesome Marla I spoke of can be found here : Starting the Next Chapter

Thank you to Harper Collins and St. Martin's for the ARCs 

Let me know what you got .... comment and I will come see your IMM! 


  1. The Hex Hall serie is AMAZING <3 <3 Is one of my favourite series ever :) And Illuminate I've heard is so so good! Enjoy your books this week ;) :)

  2. Congrats on ur awesome IMM!!! here's mine;

  3. Wow - I am extremely jealous of ALL your books :P

    I agree about the "fallen" series by Lauren Kate. I read book 1, loved it! So much that I read it twice. And then book 2, I couldn't even get half-way done with it :( FAIL

    1. That was 2 weeks worth... and I bought some so yeah I'm kinda like Woah! LOL

  4. OMG that's a lot of books. Even for 2 weeks worth. I actually didn't really like Fallen, so I never continued on with the series. I got book 2 and 3 for my nook too so it sucks. If they had been physical I would have given them away. Masque was really good. Hope you enjoy all the awesome books you got!!

  5. So damn jealous of Masque! LOL I was supposed to get an arc but never did. Anyways, excellent haul mama enjoy. :)


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