Sunday, September 9, 2012

Indie Read A Thon *Teaser and Hottie*

So You know I've been participating in this Indie Read A Thon this weekend.. right? RIGHT :)

Our Challenge is : Post a teaser from the book your reading ... Well I'm currently reading:
Cornerstone by : Misty Provencher

Teaser : 

"Don't cry, Nalena." he says. "I know how it seems. I do."

I want to tell him that the last thing I want is to be sitting on his couch sobbing, but my voice is trapped under the dead weight of my own defenses. He rubs a thumb over my cheek, spreading a tear that evaporates instantly from his heat. All I want to do is press my face into his palm, but I stay perfectly still, letting the wave of his electricity burn its way through my skin. His touch could set water on fire.


oh and as an added bonus ... here is a hottie to look at *grins*

Yeah ;) Now.. if you comment I get entries so please comment on either the teaser or well the hottie :) 


  1. I love the teaser and the hottie!!

  2. The book sounds great and I LOVE your illustration!!

  3. How did I miss this?? Thank you for choosing me, Heather! And I love the teaser and the hottie too!!

  4. Loved your teaser and it could also be used to describe your hottie!!

  5. Well the Teaser is HOT...almost as good as the Hottie! :Teehee:

  6. Eeep is right girl! That hottie is certainly h-a-w-t! Love me a well placed tatoo ;)

  7. Absolutely loved this!!!

    Umm.. why does that guy have two watches on? He's super cute but that's bugging me! Maybe he'll take the watches off and while he's at it, maybe the jeans too. LOL :D


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