Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nice Decatur Book Festival Giveaway and Pics!

Ok so here it is as Promised...
Decatur Book Festival Weekend GIVEAWAY from SupaGurl!

Along with some pictures from my fab weekend! just roll with it :) 

So yeah this is how my morning started... Cute but not helping me LEAVE! LOL
Got them in the car to get to school whew!
Why yes... That is a Freakin Wall of Popcorn *Was Yummy* Heather Self and I found this while running around Friday afternoon

Friday Evening: Get together of some Authors of Awesome....

 JL Bryon and Uno *Heather Self*

KA Tucker who flew down from Canada EEEP!

This picture is SupaSpecial!! Ella James Signing my book... Her FIRST EVER signed Book!!

And Saturday was Day one of AWESOME!

Breakfast first...Then...

 Carol and Adam Kunz, Brittni and me



Then Dinner...


This is my Fave Pic! LOL 

So When I got home I had to work and I looked like this all night .... 

Then I got home and hubby had made my purse look THIS AWESOME!

So yeah ... There you have it in Pictures :) 

Now... If you made it this far You can enter the GIVEAWAY!!!

One peep will get : 
HUGE Decatur Book Fest Giveaway, which will include:
Books, Swag, Shirt, Decatur BF Bag

What? you ask will get me an entry ... Well here it is :) 

Comment below with your fave picture from above along with a way to get ahold of you 
*E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Skywriting, etc*


  1. Am I allowed to enter this? Oh well I am...my favorite is a tie between all the ones with me in it and the one of ella james signing her first book :D you know how to get ahold of me :) <3

  2. You know my fav..it's the sad face bc that's what i looked like missing out on all the awesomeness! Loved all the pics and now I see some new books i need too get too! You can tweet me if (and when) I win! Chelemybelles

  3. Haha! Obviously my favorite picture is your pouty face picture! Purple hair, beauty of a goddess! And you can double obviously find me on Twitter. @TheLitkid

  4. My fav pix is when you at the Kissing Booth with the hat on. Love it. Wish I could have went, it looks like you had a blast. :D

    1. I always forget to put my email
      Thanks for this giveaway. :D

  5. I am in love with the wall of popcorn! Lol sorry I heart that stuff. You looked like you had so much fun! And that Isa cute purse. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Cynthia garcia

  6. I love the superwoman purse ...thats my fave :)

  7. I love the JL Bryon and Uno one because she's like hiding behind the book and stuff!!!

    You can get ahold of me at syd1122d@hotmail.com

  8. I'm not entering, but my favorite pix is the one of you pouting, Heather!! That's how I feel since it's over!!! :(

  9. That's my favorite, also. I already miss everyone soooooo much. (this is not an entry either, but I had to share my opinion).

  10. I love the wall of popcorn. It's just epic.

  11. You kid sleeping is precious, your purse is rocking, BUT I have to go with the "I pick Treat" shirt picture! I'm SO JEALOUS of that shirt!! OMG!!!!

  12. All your pictures are Super - SupaGirl!! <3
    I don't know why ... but Kissing Booths are awesomely fun, so
    my favorite pic is first top right one of you grinning your face off :D

    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.
    zenrei57 @ hotmail dot com

  13. I think my favorite is the one of Ella James signing her first book! She looks so excited and it's really cool that you got to be there to get her first signed book! The festival looks like it was awesome, wish I could have gone :0)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. My fav pic is a tie between the one of you pouting and the one of you and someone else acting like your going to attack the author...I wish I could have been there...it looked like a TON of fun

    Andrea Dezan
    andrea.m.dezan@gmail dot com

  15. You know how I feel about my deGraham brudders so MY fave pic is of the MOIN hat : )~ AND the Amy & Georgia sammich you were in...lucky dang ducky you!!!
    look up in the sky right now for a message from me...tee hee hee

  16. I love the one with K. A Tucker and her books! She is awesome! ok so i like all the ones with the authors and there books but I really like the one of Ella signing her first book! Thats a great picture to get!
    nightsky1102 at gmail dot com

  17. I think my two faves are first, the one lableded "Sunday"(I love your hair cut,so cute!) And the second one is the one of you pouting because you had to leave LOL! Looks like a lot of fun!!

    Beth McCraw
    @BethM1974 on Twitter ;)

  18. I think the pics are awesome! I have to say my two favorite ones are the one with you pouting and the one with your little girl and the dog. OMG, that dog is so cute! It's almost like he's upside down looking at the camera saying, "Help me!" lol


  19. LOved the Superwoman Purse. I wish I could have been their. If you saw me right now, I'd be pouting:)


  20. Loved Ella James Signing your book... Congrats on her first singned book!! Here is an awsome book.

  21. I love all yours pics. Looks like you had tons of fun and i have a tie for fav. pic. it is obviously the "Moin" hat and the superman bag. Love it!

  22. The Kissing Booth!


    Looks like a blast!

  23. Pic with KA Tucker is definitely the best!

    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  24. My favorite pic is the one with Ella James signing your book and it was her first ever!!! I just went to my first book signing this year at Pitch Dark, Dark Days tour in St Louis. I met S J Kincaid and she signed Insignia for me and confessed this was her first book signing and I got to tell her it was mine too!!! Thanks for sharing the photos and for the giveaway.

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

  25. I am so jealous , all photos are amazing. I want your Superwoman Purse.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

    (I want to let you know that I am international, in case it is not open to all)

  26. your purse look..:D

  27. Looks like you had tons of fun! My favorite pic is of Ella James signing her first book! That must've been awesome!


  28. My favourite is the Ella James pic! You looks like you had tons of fun!!

  29. I love the picture of you when you had to work after you got home after having so much fun! I know the feeling!


  30. I definitely have to go with the picture of you when you got back! I imagine I'd look something like that if I had to go back to work after a weekend like yours! Looked EPIC! :)


  31. i definatly have to go with the hat!!!! i love wearing hats and that hat is tottaly awsome! i luv brennus *squeak* he is soooooooooooo hot i think i would melt if i ever met him!!! i wish he was moin ;)


  32. I love picture #26 ((:


  33. I have two fave pics from your awesome weekend! The "Pick Treat" shirts cuz...ya he's awesome and the Kissing Booth photo, not something expected at a book fair right?! :-)

  34. All the pictures are great and I'm still jealous because I didn't get to go :) It's hard to pick one but I love the kissing booth with your fabulous hat! Love all three ladies in that pic!

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  36. I love all the pics! Such great memories. Gosh, I miss you guys!


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