Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chele has a book coming out!!

SupaGurl here .... Oh SupaAwesome Peeps you don't know how happy this makes me!!! Our very own SupaChele has some SupaAmazing News... Take it away gurl!

Happy happy day Supa peeps!

I'm here to pimp my "own" stuff today, cool?  Cool!

So, I wanted to let you all know that I have written my very own shiny YA Fantasy Novel!
I'm still in edits but it is done and I totally love it.  **AHHHHH sorry back to Chele**

I now get to do what we here at SupaGurl Books do so often for others.  I get to 
introduce myself and tell you where you can check me out!  Eeeepppp!

Right now I have two author pages I would LOVE for you to follow
You can also follow me on Twitter and Pinterest
I will be getting my Goodreads page set up soon so keep an eye out for that.

Now, Just for you Supa Gurl followers I have some exclusive "you saw it here first" stuff for you!

How about a little tease?  The "he/him" mentioned below is Xander and you can find another Valentine tease of him on my blog, with pics!

"Then I would be disappointed Skye," he admitted, "I want to go home.
But, if you choose to stay here then I will stay with you."
"You're asking the impossible," I told him as I unbuckled my seat belt and grabbed at the handle to get out, "your tying what I decide to do to your own life. You can't do that!" 
I wailed as I jumped out and slammed the door of the car. Leaning back against the door I willed myself not to cry.

That was SOOO tiny!  But, I promise the Xander scene on my blog is much longer!  You should totally check it out!

Now Teasey teasey number two!!  For the first time in public I am revealing my books title!  Here it is:

*Note from SupaGurl* How Flippin Amazing is that!!

The pictures you see above are all from my inspiration board for the book.  They each represent something in this story.  The brunette is one of two muse's I used for Skye.  Now when you see me tweet NLYF you will know what I am talking about :)

Thanks so much for letting me pimp my book today!  I hope that ya'll will follow me as I keep moving towards my release.  

Thank you Heather for always supporting me too!  
You are a SupaSupa awesome friend whom I adore!

Now... Leave Chele a note below and tell her if you're excited or just bleh, ok don't really tell her bleh because that would just be mean LOL 


  1. BLEH! **SIKE** Just kidding. lolz
    Congrats Chele, that is quite an accomplishment & I am so happy for you. I will buy your "baby" when it hits the shelves :)
    The picture you used has me intrigued. What genre would you say your book falls under? I am going over to your pages to find out more of the deets.
    Again, congrats {{{HUGZ}}}

  2. Thank you <3 It will be YA Fantasy. My MC is 17. I hesitate to call it romance bc there's a much bigger story going on but there is definitely a love story too! I hope you go to the blog and read that much longer tease. So thankful you're checking it out! ~ Michele

  3. Congrats on your book.

    You have now caught my interest.


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