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Don't Fear The Reaper by Michelle Muto

SupaGurl is back and the first thing I want to show you and tell you all about.... Don't Fear The Reaper by Michelle Muto!! I am bringing to you the story behind the story.... Such an amazing story so find out now with never before seen info on the Book!!!

Haunted by memories of her murdered twin, Keely Morrison is convinced suicide is her only ticket to eternal peace.

But in death, she discovers the afterlife is nothing like she expected. Instead of peaceful oblivion or a joyful reunion with her sister, Keely is trapped in a netherworld on Earth with only a bounty-hunting reaper and a sarcastic demon to show her the ropes.

When the demon offers Keely her ultimate temptation--revenge on her sister's killer--she must determine who she can trust. Because, as Keely soon learns, the reaper and demon have been keeping secrets and she fears the worst is true--that her every decision changes how, and with whom, she spends eternity.

Tell Me About Heaven – The Story Behind Don't Fear the Reaper

I first came up with the idea for Don't Fear the Reaper after several agents had rejected another novel I’d written and asked if I had anything, darker – more edgy. Oddly, it’s been years, but I still recall coming up with the concept so vividly. 

I was cleaning house and mulling over new ideas when Blue Oyster Cult’s iconic 1976 song, Don't Fear the Reaper, came up on my iPod’s playlist. There were several parts that truly inspired me: “Take my hand,” “40,000 men and women everyday,” “Love of two is one. Here, but now they’re gone,” and “the candles flew and the mist appeared, the curtains blew and then he appeared.” 

From there, it was a matter of ‘What If’s’ that made my idea unique from the song. What if it wasn’t star-crossed lovers? What if it was family? What if the main character met up with a bounty-hunting reaper and a handsome, but sarcastic demon? And what if all the odds were stacked against my main character and yet, she still found hope and help in the most unlikely of fellow characters? What if all it took to save a soul was sacrifice, one born of undying love and devotion? And yet, the price of that salvation comes at a high price? 

I couldn’t wait to write it. What I hadn’t expected was how it’d rip open old wounds, how the pain of writing Keely’s grief meant revisiting my own. I’d lost my grandparents, my parents, my uncles, all my aunts except for one. I’d lost friends and beloved fur babies, all of whom I’d loved with every fiber of my being. I’d witnessed four of their deaths. Held the head of two in my arms as they passed. Two died in the house I currently live in. 

Up to this point, I’d managed my grief. Now, by sitting down to write about love that went beyond death, I was getting ready to stick a hammer and chisel into the wall I’d built and bring the wall down, and with it, all the painful memories I’d carefully placed behind it.

Tell me about Heaven, Dad
I really want to know,
Because ten long years have passed,
And I miss you so…
The above stanza is from a poem I wrote to my father ten years after his death. I cannot begin to describe what it was like to lose my father, whom I loved more than my very being. All these years later, I’ll freely admit it: I’m a Daddy’s girl. We’re so much alike, he and I.  I was robbed of him far too soon by multiple myeloma, a brutal and incurable cancer.
For those who have read Don’t Fear the Reaper, it’s easy to see the real life example I used. It’s easy to spot the grief, the emotion I used for my main character, Keely Morrison. There’s a couple scenes that I drew from real life.
Oh, and about those agents? I had several tell me that the opening was one of the best they’d read in a long time, and that the concept was original. But, in the end, they felt the subject matter was too dark. That’s okay. I’ve chosen to let the reader decide. 

That’s my heart on a sleeve, Dear Reader. The story behind the story. Thanks for reading about the journey.

Haven't read this yet.... Well go hurry and check it out now!

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