Friday, April 5, 2013

**UtopYA Con 2013 Ticket GIVEAWAY** WINNER


Ok so who is excited about this?? oh , We here at SupaGurl Books are so so freakin excited it isn't even funny! SupaGurl Chele, honorary SupaGurl Sarah, Returning SupaGurl Tess and I have something exciting for SupaGurl readers!!!

First off.... here are the deets for this SOLD OUT Convention : 

Taken from the UtopYA site .... 

What: UtopYA Convention
When: June 28-30, 2013
Where: Scarritt-Bennett Center, Nashville, TN
UtopYA Con 2013, is a convention for female authors of paranormal stories involving romance, dystopian futures, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, and demigods,(and everything in between), and the fans who love them.
UtopYA will have fan and author session tracks. So, whether attendees are aspiring or established YA paranormal/fantasy authors or just avid readers of the genre, the panels, filled with experts and authors alike, will have something for everyone. There will also be a game room, book trailer screenings, special signings and meet-and-greet opportunities.

All about this can be found here : UtopYACon 

Now on to the GIVEAWAY portion.... Here at SupaGurl Books we LOVE our book boyfriends *grins* So what we would like for you to do is this... Tell us out of the Authors books that are going to be at the Con, who is your fave book boyfriend .... OH WAIT that is not all we need a pic of how they look to you too! 

We are going to show you our picks ....
First, we need some theme music for this here boy post...

Okay ladies, isn't that better??

SupaGurl Heather : 

I think if you come here at all... you will already know who I'm picking ;) of course it's Brennus from the Premonition Series by Amy Bartol!!!

Why? you ask... Well let me esplain... This is the baddest bad boy around, and I don't mind he is all rebel and such. He is TRULY the BAD GUY! How can I love him so much if he is the bad guy? I honestly don't think I can explain it very well LOL ... He has a way about him that makes you go damn maybe he has a point and his way IS the right way. He loves deeply, and will protect what is his. Family for him is a big thing (YES I promise he really is badass), He doesn't give up for what he knows is HIS, and he is SEXY on a STICK!! 

Here is my version of Brennus ......

**Drools** So... you don't know who Brennus is or *gasp* Amy Bartol and her AMAZING Series? here is where you can find them....

Chele take it away gal....

Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!  

So my book boyfriend?  Well like Heather I am obsessed with an Amy Bartol creation.  However, mine is of the angelic persuasion 

Reed Wellington, be still my heart!  In the year since I "met" Reed I have taken to doing some of these interesting tasks:
1) Taken pictures of feathers around my home (surely he is stopping by when I'm not here!)
2) Secured Twinkies and Cognac (in preparation for when he decides to stop by and not be shy)
3) Taken to threatening Amy if she allows him to go out in public without me. (This is totally normal, right??)

Reed is amazing!  He is a bit cocky- Power Angel, hello?!?  He is protective, fiercely loyal to his friends and forgiving of his very confused love Evie.  He is willing to fight to the death to save his true love (moi???) and has been willing to give her up on occasion if that is what is necessary to protect her.

Add all of that to the bangin list of things this boy can do and places he can go- hello unlimited Black card- and this is one boyfriend you can't pass up ;)

There are some amazing book boyfriends in the books written by Utop Authors and I do need to name a few honorable mentions (because I'm just like that!)
Finn- Daughters of the Sea Series by Kristen Day
Tristan- Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine
Dean- Miss Me Not by Tiffany King

Sarah ..... who do you choose?

Gosh ya'll. You know how much I love me some Brennus. I mean, it's no secret, but I'll refrain from fighting Heather on the playground after school for him because I'm such an awesome friend. This being said, if he happens to bite me, and I have my ways to make this happen, I can't be held responsible. Sorry Heather!! 

Annnnyways, I'll introduce you to my tall, dark haired, blue eyed, and feisty book boyfriend, Ian from Wolf Spell by M.R. Polish! He pretty much jumped the book boyfriend ship and made himself captain after I finished Wolf Spell a few weeks ago. I have a thing for bad boys with soft and squishy hearts and he certainly fits that bill.

First of all, he uses the pet name Princess, which I may be the only one, but a boy with a snarky attitude calling me Princess...where do I sign up for that!? Second, he's a Guardian which means he has some serious muscles and knows how to use his skills to kick some booty! And third, he's willing to fight for his woman! He comes in and battles his brother for a girl like it was no big thang!

Here's what I dream Ian looking like. Enjoy and just excuse me while I sit around and wait for him to come rescue me from some precarious situation I conveniently will find my way into to.

I'm also going to go the honorable mention route, Chele, since this was super hard to narrow down! All these fabulous runner-ups can be found in books by UtopYA authors as well!

Laylen from The Fallen Star/Shattered Promises by Jessica Sorensen
Julian from The Mindjack Trilogy by Susan Kaye Quinn
Caleb from The Gryphon Series by Stacey Rouke

You are up Tess, who is your choice?

Do I have to go last? How do I follow up after all this greatness?!  I mean I am SUPER lame and I haven't read the WHOLE Premonition Series, so should I really have a say in what a REAL book boyfriend is suppose to be?  I also missed out on Wolf Spell train!  I obviously NEED to get to these before June!

My love is contemporary romance, so I'm definitely the odd man out on this post BUT it's just my thing!  I thought I would take my book boyfriend from the recent Bestseller Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates.  You probably know him as Jack Henry.... *sigh* Isn't his name just so Beautiful? You just swoon at the sounds of it! Don't lie I know you sighed too at the mention of his name!

Why is he my book boyfriend of the day, you ask?  Well first of all HE IS SEXY.  Oh? there has to be another reason besides that? Darn!
1. He's a mysterious man.  He won't even tell Laurelyn his name!  This sounds crazy I KNOW but it's SO intriguing.
2. Next, he's protective maybe a little possessive BUT for me that is essential in every book boyfriend.  He better get a little bit jealous when someone else is after his girl!  Jack Henry definitely does!
3. My last reason because there has to be a last and if y'all let me go on forever then I would, IS that he is the SWOON.  Now let me explain,  He just has a way about him that makes you want to melt.  The way he says and does things just makes you putty in his hands!  Oh and it definitely helps that he is RICH so you get everything your heart desires...basically.

Ready to see my Jack Henry?

Isn't he smokin'! I love a guy in a tux! YUMMY :)

Also since Michele AND Sarah cheated and put some of there other book boyfriends,  I thought why can't I so here some other boyfriends of mine

Kayden from The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorensen
Max from Wishing for Someday Soon by Tiffany King
Oscar from Hale Maree by Misty Provencher

To Enter for 1 Ticket to UTopYA & the Awards 

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  1. My book boyfriend would be Connor from R.K.Ryals Redemption and Acropolyis series.
    In a movie version, I would love to see Paul Walker play here's a link to a pic of Paul that portrays Connor so well (he's even wet in it since gargoyles are so comfortable in the water)

    And thanks for such an awesome contest! I'd love to win a ticket to UtopYA for my friend. I already have my ticket but she didn't get hers before they sold out =(

    Kathy Eccleston
    ke717dm [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. SAH WEET!!! Oscar slid in under the fence! YAY!!!! I'll be staring at all the other dudes here for DAYS..

  4. Sorry Heather but my bf/future husband is Brennus as well. I fell in love with him as soon as i heard his voice and that accent, god that accent is sexy! :) what can i say i love me some bad boys but brennus is more than jus that. Hes also a sweetheart in his own kind of way. Theres times in which he shows you glimpses of the man he used to be before turning and it makes you fall deeper. He has a huge heart and when he loves he loves forever and strong. Who whouldnt want that kind of man? Ugh Amy bartol did an exceptional job with a magnificent creature!

    My brennus is Gerald Butler because i am obsessed with him and when j first read the premonition series he is who i envisioned. And he has an accent as well:)<3

    -margarita cantu

    1. Oh... If I could just squeeeze you because you completely understand!!!! eeep

    My book BF is Gabriel from Gabriel's Hope by Lizzy Ford.
    Just look at that wonderful cover! Need I say more?!?

  6. I just found this picture of this guy on the web and think he would be a good fit for Spencer from Games of Fire by Airicka Phoenix....

  7. My pic is of Jeremy Sumpter, he is set to play Caleb (my current book crush) from Shelly Crane's Significance series in the movie adaptation.

  8. I think Jeremy Sumpter will make an awesome Caleb, but I'm going with my dream guy for the role. Jump back ten years and a young Jared Padalecki would have been perfect!,d.aWM&psig=AFQjCNHFm6iteSBwe12kHfjQoul7xcIwpw&ust=1364794787492765

  9. It's so hard to choose, but I'm going to go with Henry from The Goddess Test...


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