Monday, April 22, 2013

UtopYA Author Interview *Suzanne Cox*

We've been on a small break but we are back today
with more awesome author interviews for UtopYA

Meet - Suzanne Cox

- What is the one book of yours (if you have more than one) that you would suggest a fan
read before going to UtopYA?

Probably Marked from my werewolf series since the next book Relentless will be out just
before conference. Unless you really are into Atlantis then they might want to read my
sic-fi dystopian Breathe.

Marked (The Pack, #1)

- What is your favorite paranormal element/character to read (angels, vampires,
werewolves, time travel etc.) 

Werewolves!! Umm Alcide anyone?? Just saying'

- How many books do you find yourself getting to read a month? 

It seems I hardly have time to read an actual BOOK anymore between work and writing but I do listen to audiobooks and I do 2 to 3 a month. I have a thirty minute one way drive to work!!

- Do You have an Author you are dying to meet at UtopYA? 

All of them. I couldn't pick one.

- Random question ALERT if you are a coffee drinker what’s your fave flavor/kind? 

Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee for my Keurig

- Random question ALERT part 2, what's your writing snack to have on hand? 

No snacks allowed when writing. You have to stop writing to eat it. LOL!!

- Are you going as a Panelist, an Exhibitor or just as an Author to learn more?

As an author only to learn!! And I know I will learn a lot and of course have a great time.

- Can you give us a small excerpt from one of your books?

She didn’t respond immediately and I met her eyes for as long as I could before I
finally had to stare at the floor.
“You’re probably right about that,” she said at last. “But if a Lycernian is caught
killing humans they’ll be put to death by the council. That’s just the way it is.”
“I understand that.”
“I’m just making sure.”
“Aunt Louise, I wouldn’t kill people.”
She didn’t answer. I turned away until I heard the door to the bedroom click shut so
she couldn’t see my face. For Louise it was all cut and dried, white or black. Life wasn’t
really like that was it? I felt certain there had to be some gray areas in there somewhere.
Eric’s pack attacked and used humans, but that didn’t mean Eric was like that. I forced
myself to let go of the sheet. The door to Louise’s bedroom opened and she slid into the
banquet again. I noticed she’d changed into the long black coat and corset looking top that
made up the fighting suit of the Lycernians.
“Do you want to go out and meet the team coming in from the island with me?”
“The cleaning crew, you mean?’
“Yes that’s what I mean.”
I didn’t answer immediately. Couldn’t really. Did I want to see what had happened to
the people we’d seen in the woods? Louise would tell me when she came back. It was
different that way, just hearing about people being killed. It separated you from the reality
of it. But to actually see the blood or see the people naked and receiving the injections that
would keep them from becoming werewolves, that was something that stuck in your head.
Forever. I chewed my lip as she waited quietly for my response. I’d chosen to do this, to
take on this life. What if one day I was a cleaner? I had no idea what I’d end up doing after
my training. And I guess, inside me, there was the slightest hope that maybe the people
wouldn’t be injured, that the Fenryrians wouldn’t end up being the evil monsters that
Louise kept saying they were. Eric wasn’t a monster, at least no more of one than I was.

-What if we want to stalk you? Where can we do that....

Great meeting Suzanne huh? Now go check out her books on Goodreads HERE

See you next time when we introduce you to another awesome author!


  1. I snicked when I read no snacks. That coffee sounds really good. I haven't had Gloria Jean's coffee in a long time. Great q+a

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me on your site. So nice to see after a long day at work and a great reminder that I have another life out there!!


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