Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SupaCool Mail Day!

I have a SupaCool somethin somethin I got in the mail today from Author Desiree Deorto 

*happy dance* 

So I have to show you all....

Wanna get a hold of the Amazing Desiree? well here is how you can...

Author Bio:

Desiree DeOrto is the mother of four children who she

calls her evil monkeys. When she's not being 

terrorized by her children, she escapes into her realms 

of fantasy within the pages of her books. She lives in 

Southern Indiana with her children and boyfriend of 7 



  1. Des made me an awesome picture for my book. She is great!

    1. I hope you got it in one piece! <3 looking forward to making more for your books!


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