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Review - "Tribulation" by Phillip W. Simpson

Tribulation by Phillip W. Simpson

Publication Date: December 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Paranormal

Halfway through the desolate Tribulation, half-demon Samael is still alone, with only his Samurai swords and memories of the dearly departed - especially his beloved Aimi - to sustain him. Fighting for the innocents who remain behind, Sam has thwarted the plans of the Antichrist once before. Now, having already conquered Europe, America remains a thorn in his brother’s side. At the head of a massive invasion fleet, an army of demons, and his sights firmly fixed on New York, he will not be denied again ...

Beset on all sides by adversaries, aided by friends old and new, Sam must stop his brother before America falls. And if that means killing him, then so be it. He failed once before; this time he will succeed - or die trying.

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Tanya's Review:

This is the second book of the series.  It takes place half way through the Tribulation where Sam is still fighting to protect the innocent people left on earth from Satan (his father) and the demons who hunt them.  Oh and I should mention that same is half demon, half human....He struggles all the time with his role in all of this and what will become of him after the Apocalyse when Jesus comes to conquer Earth once again...will he stay on Earth after all the good he has done or will he go to hell where is father and brother will be.

I received this book from the author for my honest opinion and I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  It took me a little bit to remember who the characters where and the story line as it's been almost a year since I read the first book but with that being said it didn't take me long to get caught up in the story again.  I wanted to see how Sam deals with his father and brother as well as seeing if all he does will noticed.

Now I don't know much about the biblical aspect of the story however in my opinion I felt that there was enough information in their to guide the reader along.  One individual that I found myself looking forward to seeing appear through the story was Yeth, a hellhound.  Although one of the more fearsome demons in hell.   I fell that he had an "inner puppy" to him and thought that even though he was helping his master, I believe that he too was doing good for mankind.

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  1. Oh this sounds good! I believe I do have the first book I will have to double check. If not I'll be definitely adding to my TBR.


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