Monday, May 13, 2013

Review - "The Unseen Country" by Phillip W. Simpson

Publication Date: January 25,  2013 
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult, Supernatural, Fairies

Two years ago, Tom’s younger brother, Josh was kidnapped. Josh has been missing ever since. Tom saw who took him. Problem is – nobody believes him. In fact, most people think he’s mad. That’s because Josh was taken by creatures who aren’t meant to exist. Creatures from another realm - fairy creatures that only Tom can see.

In the fairy realm known as the Unseen Country, Flynn, an apprentice fairy (who is in danger of failing), stumbles upon a conspiracy that could mean the downfall of both worlds.

Together, the friendless boy and the fairy who can’t fly need to rescue a boy from a fate worse than death. And save both worlds from something even worse.

Cover and Description from :    Goodreads

Tanya's Review:

The book starts out with Tom who’s younger brother was kidnapped right out of their room, no traces of entry and only Tom saw who did it, however no one believes him because he saw someone who isn’t supposed to be real.

Time goes on and Tom finds himself pulled into a the Unseen Country to help Flynn, the fairy assigned to Tom, to figure out what is happening there that could ultimately affect the Real (Earth realm) as well as the Fairy Realm.  While doing this Tom also hopes that he will find his brother who has now been missing for two years. 

Tom learns things that he didn’t know existed except in fairy tales, learns to use his inner strength something he didn’t know he had and making friends along the way.  He learns that he is special but doesn’t understand how but knows he will do whatever it takes to help protect the Real, the fairy realm and his new friends.

I thought the story was good however it bugged me that it a piece of information was held until the end however I know that it couldn’t have been given earlier because if it did, the story line would be totally different.  The story had everything I liked in it, fairies, goblins, trolls and adventure but I don’t think it’s one that I would pick up again to read.  All in all a good story!

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