Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bloodlines Experience Stop!!

Today Author of Bloodlines, Lindsay Anne Kendal is here to tell you all a true personal encounter since it's close to Halloween!

Hey everyone!!

Thank you very much for having me here today. It’s fantastic, and this is my first blog tour, so I’m very excited.

I’ve been asked to write a lot of blog posts lately, and I’ve been worried about what to write. The last thing I want to do is bore people to death... So, I decided, since it’s near Halloween, to share a true personal encounter with you. I’ve had a lot of these and I’ve really enjoyed sharing them with people. They’ve freaked a few people out too lol.

So for this one, I’m going to talk about one of many encounters I had with my partner, Jay, on the North Yorkshire Moors. I spend a lot of time up there as it’s the setting for my new novel ‘Leticia’ (first in a series, coming soon.) It’s beautiful there, and mostly peaceful... Mostly.

We’d been out for hours and it was now close to 9pm. We were hungry and decided it was time to call it a night. On our way home we stopped off for a cigarette and so Jay could have a drink. We parked on the Moors in Greenfield, in a little lay-by close to Dovestones Reservoir. I was busy typing away on my little netbook when Jay shot forward in his seat. He looked puzzled and told me something had poked him in the back of his neck. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.
He didn’t feel it again, and enjoyed his cigarette. When we were about to drive off, I pulled my seatbelt on and just happened to look in the side mirror. What I saw both fascinated me and actually frightened me. The was a full body silhouette stood slightly behind the car. I couldn’t make out any features, because the figure was simply black. But it was so tall, easily around 7ft. I knew wasn’t my eyes playing tricks, it was a clear night, summer – so it was still light out. When I turned around to see if I could see it through the back window it was still there. I could see its arms by its side and long legs. I was instantly filled with a feeling of dread (Something that very rarely happens to me.)
I told Jay to put his foot down and get us the hell out of there. He didn’t need telling twice.

What was worse was that as soon as we started driving, the ‘thing’ chased after us. I was panicking now; the ‘thing’ was so fast. Even when we were doing 30 mph it kept up with us. It was only when we were on a straight stretch of road and Jay could put his foot down, that the thing couldn’t keep up. At this point we were doing almost 60mph.

I’ve encountered the strange shadow twice since that night, and it’s never tried to chase us since. But it was genuinely scary. I do not scare easily, and I don’t take lightly to feeling threatened. So if ever it, whatever ‘it’ is, tries to scare me again, it’s gonna get it and get it good. (I just need to find out how!).

I hope that didn’t freak people out to much, and I can assure you every word is true. It’s a great place to visit if everyone ever gets the chance, just make sure your ready in case you encounter anything strange.

Thanks very much for having me and I hope you all have a great Halloween.


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  1. That's really, really true? What a freaky story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah it's true lol. It happens a lot to me.
    Thanks for having me here.


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