Monday, October 24, 2011

IMM (#1)

Welcome to my first IMM post :) This MEME was created and is run by The Story Siren you can find out more about it over there.

Let's take a look at what I've gotten IMM over the last week : 
 First I got this awesome book sticker at my kids book fair! cause yeah who doesn't love Zombies *nom nom nom*

I also got Tempest ARC by Julie Cross !! It came from St. Martin's Griffin I was so excited to get it :)

Picked up Impossible by Nancy Werlin at my local book store it looks interesting!

Also picked up Ripple by Mandy Hubbard at my local book store.
I got loads of SWAG this week some of it I already gave away and some is yet to come :) keep a look out for it!! 

Now I know this is not book-related but it's still really cool! Today UPS delivered me and mine Monkey Quest *by Nick* T-shirts, hat and strat guide! My kids were so super excited !!

This is my "office" for blogging *yes I kicked a kid out of his room and gave him a bigger one just so I could have my own office* wanted to show off my getting it arranged...somewhat LOL

*totally took the kitty heather from Paranormal Wasteland guest post of mine*


  1. Oooh Tempest!!! It's on my list! Lucky! Hope you enjoy it!

    New Follower :)

    Jade @ Chasing Empty Pavements

  2. Tempest looks really good. I hope you enjoy it. Cute kids! Thanks for sharing!

  3. looks like alot of your read books are urban fantasy - ever try any sci fi?

  4. I so want that sticker! Lol I keep seeing the Tempest everywhere, I guess that means I need to check it out.

  5. You got Tempest; is in my TBR list.

  6. I love the cover of Tempest! I hope you enjoy your books!


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