Monday, October 17, 2011

My Day @ Southern Festival of Books in Nashville TN

My little guy and I attended on Sat. Oct. 16th 2011 and it was such an amazing day!

First we had to drive the 2 hours to get to Nashville, TN from Crossville, TN where we live. The day started with us trying to navigate one way streets and with a 9 year old worry wart ... it was super fun LOL.  The Festival was held on War Memorial Plaza the whole weekend but we attended on Saturday. There were Publishers, Authors, Illustrators, local book chapters, *way more than I can recall*, and a huge tent for book sales!
We made sure and stop by every tent and we got tons of swag :) They had posters for the festival and we carried it around and had the Authors we met sign it for us *my son loved this*

Throughout the day they held different discussions by over 200 Authors both local and from far away. For the kids we saw characters from Llama,Llama and Little Critters and they each had a birthday party with balloons and cupcakes for everyone attending.

Since I basically drove all that way to get to meet/listen to Myra McEntire and Victoria Schwab I will tell you about my encounters with each :)

Myra McEntire Author of Hourglass

She held a discussion with fellow author Jessica Warman author of Between. Both of them were fabulous! Myra told about her book and some about herself *and let me just say from here on out I'm fangirl Heather* Really she is the funniest person EVARRR! We also got to listen to her read some from the book and LOL they way she read it was exactly the snarky sarcastic way I heard it in my head. I really don't remember much else cause I was giggling about almost everything she said. She did however give some people there really great advice about being professional when looking for agents and the like. After the discussion she signed books and she had POSTERS!!! I got one and it's all shiny and signed *side note my daughter thought she also need to put her signature on it so it also has nice smiley faces and my girlies name :( I was so sad*

Victoria Schwab author of The Near Witch you can read my review HERE

She held a discussion with fellow author Sonia Gensler author of Revenant. Very great discussion! Victoria has a way of speaking that pulls you in *she makes words very pretty!* We got to hear about their books and a background on them. Victoria also read the first chapter of her book and I could really have sat there an listened to her read it all day. No lie the lovely way she speaks the words, sentences makes it like your there if you close your eyes. *Fangirl Heather now* OH OH OH! so on the way I had my son draw her this kick A$$ picture so we could give it to her :) It was awesomesauce! also after her discussion was over and she was headed to sign pretty things, my son says: "Can we just walk up with her?" me: "Maybe....we will have to ask her" he shrugs "ok" so we go about asking her and she is like Sure! I got to talk a bit more with her and yeah *I KNOW A SECRET!!!* and no I will NOT share it :) so anyhooo my son is totally crushin on her.... even still! She signed my book and a shiny bookmark for us.

After all that it was so time to go home! 5 1/2 hours at the festival plus 2 hours there and back home whew! We had a BLAST!! and plan on being there next year too.

I will say there were also in attendance : Jackson Pearce author of Sweetly, Moira Young author of Blood Red Road, and LOADS more but they were all too early for us to attend or get to see *sad face*

I managed to snag some really great books while I was there too!

Great new Steampunk novel Thomas Riley by Nick Valentino. *awesome picture with him at the top with his fiance also an author* Ordered book from Elizabeth Darvill cause she ran out! Also, I would like to point out that they both had the most amazing outfits and I so want one like Elizabeth had.... just sayin.

Scored a signed copy of Blood Red Road since I missed Moira Young that morning YAY!!

Signed copy of God's Eye  with an awesome tote bag and some swag from author A.J. Scudiere. She was so nice, my son and I got to chat with her for a bit.

Now since we had an amazing time I am going to leave you with some random pictures we took :)

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