Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning Review

ebook298 pages
Published October 4th 2011

From Goodreads:

For 17-year-old Seeker, Janie Grey, ridding the Baltimore streets of the undead is an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. Seeker Training Lesson #1: Never trust the undead. After her father’s tragic death, Janie creates her own life lesson: Love isn’t worth the risk. Both lessons are easy to follow until she encounters the flawed Kai Sterdam. At first, she believes he is the hybrid she is trained to hunt. But, when he has human traits, she determines she doesn’t know what he is. As Janie’s intrigue over who Kai is pushes her deeper into his mysterious past, she discovers a shocking truth that is even more harrowing than the evil they are up against. It’s a secret Kai wants to keep hidden, especially from Janie.

Amazing Book Trailer: 

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Review: 5x5 *with some hottie bad boy thrown in*
Where to start? Janie is our awesome kick butt MC. There are so many things that I love about her but I will tell you a few... She is a strong willed *stubborn* girl. She is a seeker and instead of complaining about having to do her job and repeat High School she goes out and looks for the Vampires and Daylighters to kick their BUTTS! She is fun and snarky but she holds herself back from everyone. She lost her dad and doesn't think love is worth the risk. 

Kai....Oh how I fell for this boy from the moment he jumped on the page. All hello, I'm here and look at me cause I'm bada@@! He is amazing considering all he's been through *nope not telling* He is a strong, sexy, snarky and very loveable guy. Some of my fave lines in the book all come from him! I really went all fangirl for him :) 

All the characters are really well written they have depth and are very believable not once did I think, now they wouldn't do/say that! I love when characters are real!

This is a wicked tale! It's original and flows really well. There is great action, mystery, and Romance*yes I ment to capitalize that*. Everything works so well together. Well thought out and you don't have to make yourself believe any of it as your reading ... you just do. Get this AMAZING story NOW!

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  1. I really enjoyed this book. Kai sort of stole the show. What a hottie! Glad you enjoyed it.
    Great review!


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