Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who is SupaGurl...

Hi! SupaGurl here or IRL I'm Heather. I started this blog almost a year ago in hopes that I could give some people in my friends circle a place they could see what I was/am reading and tell them what I thought about the books. I am by no means a "professional" reviewer or anything. I just put my honest opinion out there and yes I even get a tad *ok alot* FanGirl most of the time. 

I can't help it books, especially a really great book gets me all EXCITED! I hope I never loose that feeling while reading. While I started out to do just that, I have ended up with my blog doing So Much More! My Reviews are usually not long at all, because I get straight to the point. I am an all in kinda girl, meaning I am either ALL about the book and I love it or I just can't finish it. I did however give one series *adult* 6 books to try and make it better and well that didn't work out, but I know what I like and what I don't. So I know what works for me. If I can care about the characters and the writing is decent...I can usually follow along with any story.

So...You wanna know some random things about me? Well, ok then here ya go: 

  • I have two great kids that I love more than anything who sometimes make me want to run away from home and move to the middle of nowhere....
  • I am really not great at being consistent...with anything! *you will notice that here on the blog*
  • The dark TERRIFIES me! do you know what kinds of things are in the dark that can eat you??? *shudders*
  • I love coffee and drink way too much of it... and Mt. Dew too. 
  • I married my complete opposite in EVERY WAY, but I wouldn't trade him in for anything!
  • I want a Lamborghini so bad *since I was like 5* and I will have one someday *even if I have to live in it for awhile LOL*
  • I don't wear make-up * occasionally eyeliner* never have 
  • Don't wear heels although I would love to cause some are just awesome, but I'm a huge klutz! 

Blogging has led me to meet some of the most awesome people and Authors evarr!! I am a huge stalker on Twitter cause there is so much going on there that I could never keep up. So to all the bloggers and followers I totally heart you guys! To the Authors who are always up for a chat or even just listen to me *squeee* like a little girl, and even the ones I have gotten to meet in person, Thanks You so much! I really am glad that I started this and hope to keep going to well, as long as I'm able to.  

Tell me something about ... YOU! 


  1. Once, when I was little.. I peed my pants. I sat in one of the little springy t cups at the park until it dried... <----- true story.

  2. April... I totally love you! You are too great!!

  3. April is completely bonkers, right?! That was really interesting, Heather. I'm glad I'm getting to know you!


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